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Newest arrivals

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New Release! MOON DUO- Shadow Of The Sun - LP+7" - SACRED BONES RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album. First pressing as limited vinyl-edition of 1000 copies including bonus-single!

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New Release! NEW TONGUES- Suite - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Follow-up release to their fantastic "We Are The Ones..." LP, one of the best Noise-Rock album of the last few years! This new one here is equally as impressive. It's intensely rocking, heavy pulsating, almost with a tribal mantra appeal to it, and there's more inspiration and excitement in one track here than on the whole new SHELLAC album... Awesome!

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New Release! VAZ- Pink Confetti - LP - LEARNING CURVE RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on splattered multi-colored vinyl, with download-code included! Recorded already in 2006, as a follow-up to "The Lie That Matches...", but NARNACK RECORDS never released it. Now almost 9 years later, finally available thru' LEARNING CURVE!

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New Release! BIG CRUX- Ponchito - LP

click to enlarge Fuck yeah!!! How often do you get to hear a band these days that picks up the tradition of bands like the BIG BOYS, MINUTEMEN, the DICKS or MISSION OF BURMA, and does it REAL real good, with conviction, smartness, humor and heart, and generally totally cool? Rarely, almost never. But here you got it!
Self-released by the band, with download-code included!

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click to enlarge Contains 4 more tracks by Post-Punk duo LOOKS LIKE MIAOU from Belgium, a lot more Industrial-Synth resp. Dark-Wave influenced than on their "Handbrake" LP. Slow and haunting, intriguing and pretty impressive. On the other side 3 songs from New Zealands GIRLS PISSING ON... with a noisier and heavier approach. Sounds like a "Noise-Rock version of CLOCK DVA" or something like that. Limited edition of 300 copies with silkscreened sleeves on TENDRESSE RECORDS!

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New Release! KEINE ZÄHNE IM MAUL ABER LA PALOMA PFEIFEN- Die Biellmann Pirouette - LP

click to enlarge Das zweite Album des Kieler Wave-Punk Trios. 12 Songs, weisses Vinyl, farbige Innenhülle, Download-Code, Sticker und Poster! Auf dem Cover prangt dann noch ein "INTRO empfielt" Sticker – und so klingt das dann auch... Also eher Grand Hotel van Cleef als PISSE, eher LOVE A als HUMAN ABFALL. Aber schon irgendwo zwischen all diesen angesiedelt.

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New Release! POP GROUP- Citizen Zombie - 2XCD - FREAKS R US

click to enlarge Limited deluxe-edition box, including bonus-CDep (containing alternate mixes of 4 album-songs), 3 art-cards, badge and patch.

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New Release! POP GROUP- Citizen Zombie - LP - FREAKS R US

click to enlarge Limited edition 180g-vinyl, including download-code and poster. The return of the Post-Punk legend, with their first new album since 1980. 11 new tracks from one the of the most influential bands of the last century. Now reformed with original members only.

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New Release! FAMILIE HESSELBACH- Froh Zu Sein - 2XLP - WSDP / X-MIST

click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 180 Exemplaren! Zwei LP-Scheiben, mit drei bespielten Seiten, im Siebdruck-Cover! Der Tape-Klassiker von 1982 erstmals auf Vinyl, inklusive 3 Bonus-Songs. Insgesamt 27 Stücke der Tübinger Post-Punk/New Wave Band. Die Songs überschneiden sich grösstenteils mit denen der LP von 1983, sind aber in der Form hier noch ungestümer und frischer als dann bei den LP-Aufnahmen. Daher entsprechen sie auch mehr den schweisstreibenden Konzerten der FAMILIE HESSELBACH, den wilden Tanzparties die sie zu einer der bedeutendsten deutschen Live-Bands der frühen 80er Jahre machten!

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- A Little Ditty/I'm Shit At It - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition release on US-label EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. "A Little Ditty" is another outtake from the "Divide And Exit" album, but "I'm Shit At It" is a brandnew track! Pressed on colored vinyl, comes with lotsa inserts, including lyric-sheet, postcard, photo, and download-code.

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