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Newest arrivals

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New Release! CASTRO- The River Need - LP+CD - BOSS TUNEAGE

click to enlarge Limited colored vinyl edition, with CD-version included! First album from these veterans of the Norwegian Hardcore/Punk-scene. Features ex-members of ANGOR WAT and ISRAELVIS, with former LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? singer Katja on vocals. "Adult-Punk" with a hard rocking touch. 11 songs on vinyl, and in addition the CD-version also contains the tracks from the previously released "Hidden Agenda" EP.

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New Release! BUNKER CITY- Sinn-Container - LP+CD

click to enlarge Following the mini-LP, here's the first full-length album (with 9 songs) by this german couple from Oldenburg. Limited edition of 100 copies, nice individual covers (stamped and handprinted), 8-page booklet and CDR-version of the album included. Post-Punk/WAVE, stylistically in between bands like SOFAHEAD and FLIEHENDE STÜRME, with a good portion of a JAWBOX influence. Lyrics partly in English and german, female and male vocals.

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New Release! OBNOX- The Juke That Sat By The Door - 12"+MP3 - CHUNKLET

click to enlarge Limited edition of 450 copies on CLEAR vinyl, with download-code included! Contains 7 new basement-recordings from the highly-talented Lamont "Bim" Thomas. Noisey Garage-Soul-Punk.

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click to enlarge Die etwas andere Variante des beliebten Gesellschaftsspiel... Ein Block mit 50 bedruckten Blättern im A4-Format, 8 Kategorien (Band, Song, Genre, Konzertladen, etc.).

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New Release! FUGAZI- First Demo - CD / LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge For the first time officially available! 11 songs recorded in January 1988 at Inner Ear studio, shortly after Guy Picciotto had joined the band. Most of these songs were later released in different(!) versions, but presented here in their originally fresh and energetic forms. The only song formally released from this demo was 2In Defense Of Humans" on the State Of The Union compilation. And this record contains one song ("Turn Off Your Guns") that wasn't included on the original demo-cassette! LP-version comes with download-code included.

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New Release! HAMMERHEAD (US)- Global Depression - 12"+MP3 - LEARNING CURVE RECORDS

click to enlarge Not to be confused with the german Hardcore-Punk band, it's the reformed Noise-Rock band (with various releaseas on AMPHETAMINE REPTILE) that split up in 1996 and two members forming VAZ then. Reunited they pick up where they had left off. Contains 6 new songs, pressed on black vinyl, and with download-code included.

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New Release! WEDDING DRESS- Desperate Glow - LP - LOVITT

click to enlarge First full album by this band from Chicago, featuring members of MAPS&ATLASES, SUNS and JOAN OF ARC. But the music here is distinctly different from those other bands: 11 songs of beautifully sparse and fresh, and hard to categorize modern-type Pop-Rock. If you dig bands like TV ON THE RADIO, be sure to check this out! LP comes with a download-code included.

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New Release! SLANT 6- Soda Pop Rip Off - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Remastered reissue of this LP, having been out of print for at least two decades. The debut-album from this girl-trio, including Christina Billotte (later in QUIX*O*TIC), recorded in 1993. Pressed on RED vinyl, with download-code included for the 13 album tracks plus the 3 songs from the "What Kind Of Monster" EP.

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New Release! ROLLINS BAND- Life Time - LP - 21361 RECORDS

click to enlarge Originally released in 1987 on Texas Hotel, "Life Time" is the full-length debut by the ROLLINS BAND. 9 tracks recorded in Leeds/UK, and produced by Ian MacKaye. Long out of print on LP, this reissue has been remastered, and pressed on grey-colored vinyl! The record contains a complimentary download-coupon for the album tracks, plus 5 songs recorded live in Kortrijk/Belgium in 1987.

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New Release! BAD BRAINS- Pay To Cum/Stay Close To Me - 7"

click to enlarge Legitimite reissue of classic piece of Punk history! Recorded in 1979, and originally released on the bands own Bad Brains Records.

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