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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS/SUDDEN INFANT- You're Brave/Fat Nipple Upright - 7" - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge 2nd edition of this tour-single! Features a track taken from SLEAFORD MODS "Divide And Exit" album. And an exclusive recording by swiss-expatriate and Berlin-located noise artists SUDDEN INFANT.

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New Release! GRAMMAR WANKER- Jason Williamson / SLEAFORD MODS 2007-2014 - BOOK

click to enlarge Reprinted! This book collects the lyrics to almost 60 songs, incl. selected early material, alongside the lyrics from "Austerity Dogs", "Divide And Exit", and all the singles up to the "Tiswas" EP. Standard hardback edition, 208 pages, published by Bracketpress.

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click to enlarge New full album! Now finally available and in stock!!!
What can be said, that hasn't been said already a hundred times? Unless you're living on the dark side of the moon, you must have heard about them by now... and after all, they're still the freshest and most exciting thing going on these days in pop-culture, and this new album is just another proof for it. Maybe they're by now as well the most controversial thing going on, but controversy is not a sin... or as Steve Underwood of HARBINGER SOUND has put it so perfectly: "You don't like it? Don't care. Busting more doors open for weirdos and shit than you'll ever dream of doing. Simple as that."

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New Release! SEDIMENT CLUB- Psychosymplastic - LP - CHU CHU RECORDS

click to enlarge 2nd full album, featuring 12 new tracks from this band. Like a super-intense, frenetic detonation of New York No Wave! Their sound brings to mind TEENAGE JESUS & THE JERKS, CONTORTIONS or MARS, early HALF JAPANESE, even the POP GROUP or the MINUTEMEN... And the best thing is, they don't really sound like any of those, but got their own exciting thing going on! Cover with silkscreening – and what we got here, is the CHU CHU edition, limited to 111 handnumbered copies!

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New Release! SNAKE- Sea Of Love/Haunted - 7"+MP3 - SOUNDS OF SUBTERRANIA

click to enlarge First vinyl-release for this swedish female trio including Mia Johannsson, former singer of MEINE KLEINE DEUTSCHE. Good Punk-Rock with a decent Power-Pop appeal... Nothing spectacular, but pretty nice.

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New Release! STRANGE WILDS- Subjective Concepts - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge First full album (11 songs) by this Neo-Grunge band from Olympia/Washington. Black vinyl, printed innersleeve, download-code and mega-huge poster included! If you need references, think of TAD, a bit of JESUS LIZARD, and of course NIRVANA... A good companion to their label-mates METZ, but more on the heavy rockin' side!

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click to enlarge The 2nd compilation featuring Post-Punk and New Wave from France 1978-1983. Contains 13 tracks, including ADN'CKRYSTALL, X RAY POP, ELLI & JACNO, KAS PRODUCT, and more!

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New Release! GUERRE FROIDE- s/t 4Song-EP - 12" - BORN BAD RECORDS

click to enlarge Vinyl reissue of French Cold-Wave/Minimal Synth classic, originally released in 1981.

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New Release! CORNA KRUSWA- s/t - 7" - PHANTOM

click to enlarge PRE-ORDER: Lieferbar ab dem 31.07.!
Erste 4Song-EP der "sorbischen WIPERS"...

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New Release! PISSE- Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM

click to enlarge *PRE-ORDER: Zweite Pressung lieferbar ab dem 31.07.2015!*
Nach dem sensationellen Erfolg der Debut-EP, hier nun die erste Langspielplatte der sympathischen Ostzonen-Punks! 13 Stücke ihrer rotzfrech unverschämten Neo-Neo-Punk Musik, verpackt einer sehr schönen LP-Hülle, mit Textheft und Sticker als Beilagen!

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