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Newest arrivals

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New Release! STORNO.- Wellness - LP+CD - SALON ALTER HAMMER / X-MIST

click to enlarge Bei STORNO handelt es sich um 4 Herren, die auch in den Bands KURT und TELEMARK aktiv sind, bzw. einer davon war früher auch mal bei den FLOWERPORNOES und aktuell zusammen mit Knarf Rellöm in dem Projekt SWEAT SHOP, aber das tut hier weniger zur Sache... STORNO sehen sich in keiner Tradition, sind aber bestimmt einer verpflichtet. STORNO sehen sich nicht wirklich in einer Schublade, stecken aber sicher tief in einer drin. STORNO wünschen sich Souveränität, Gelassenheit und routinierte Ausstrahlung, allein: Es klappt nicht. Stattdessen: Erstauntes Wundern, feinstes Scheitern, mit Spass in den Backen und Frust in der Rübe. Eher Wipers als Adorno.
Musikalisch verpackt ist das Ganze in einen treibenden Mix aus Post-Punk, Noise Rock und vielem anderen, was sich geschmackssichere Menschen auf die Fahne schreiben. Absolut auf der Höhe der Zeit und daher ein definitiver TIPP auch für Fans und Freunde von Bands wie LOVE A, MESSER, HUMAN ABFALL, etc...
LP auf 180g-Vinyl inklusive der CD-Version als Beilage!

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New Release! BELLS OF- 00/85 - LP

click to enlarge Never before officially released recordings (7 songs) from this DC-band, formed in 1985. Back then, young kids inspired by the "revolution summer" and bands like SWIZ, GRAY MATTER. Limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl, with printed innersleeve, booklet with linernotes, history and photos, and download-code included!

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New Release! CHERUBS- Fist In The Air - 2X7" - BRUTAL PANDA RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their comeback-album "2 Ynfynyty", here's a double-EP featuring three brandnew songs from Texas Noise-Rock band, plus two remixes of the title-tracks from Tim Harrinton (LES SAVY FAV) and Craig Clouse (SHIT&SHINE). Limited edition of 450 copies on clear vinyls!

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click to enlarge Not really new (from 2014), but we did get a few copies along with the FAR CORNERS 12"s. 4 tracks of really fascinating "Weirdo-Folk" by BAD HISTORY MONTH, who are driving introspective lo-fi moments into intensely crushing noise blasts with Industrial sounding effects. 5 songs by DUST FROM 100 YEARS, more on the Folk-Rock side, and actually reminding me a whole lot of Neil Young. Limited pressing of 300 copies in silkscreened cover, with two inserts, and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 214 handnumbered copies on black or red-colored vinyl, 5 songs on one side, and the backside of the vinyl being individually spray-paint stencilled! Smashing Proto-Punk right in between the A FRAMES and the ELECTRIC EELS. A real cool blast! For those who know the band already: Better than ever before!

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New Release! HOWIE REEVE- Smaller, Now - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album (14 songs) from Glasgow based musician (ex-TATTIE TOES), who recently released a single as a duo with Mike Watt. With his acoustic bass-guitar, simple percussions and vocals, he's making songs that somehow combine the music of Elliott Smith and Mike Watt... Limited edition of 300 copies in hand-screened cardboard-sleeve!

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New Release! HYPERCULTE- s/t - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Duo from Geneva/Switzerland: Simone Aubert (also in MASSICOT) on drums, guitar and vocals, and Vincent Bertholet (also in ORCHESTRE T.P.M.D.) on contra-bass and vocals. Calling their music "minimalist transpop pre-kraut post-disco", you get to hear an extraordinarily fascinating sound somewhere in between LIQUID LIQUID, A CERTAIN RATIO and NEU!/CAN... 9 songs recorded and produced by Tobias Levin.

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New Release! MERCURY PROGRAM- New Myths - LP - LOVITT

click to enlarge New album from American Post-Rock band. Entirely instrumental music. Intricately nuanced, swinging grooves led, with hazy and hypnotic atmospheres, led by guitar, piano or vibraphones. LP comes with download-code included!

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New Release! METZ & SWAMI JOHN REIS- Let It Rust/Caught Up - 7"+MP3 - SWAMI

click to enlarge Limited edition on golden-brown vinyl, with download-code included! A collaboration of SWAMI mastermind John Reis with METZ, recorded in San Diego during a break in their US-tour.

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New Release! MRS MAGICIAN- Bermuda - LP - SWAMI

click to enlarge New full album by this Surf-Punk band from San Diego. A catchy combination of Punk, Rock'n'Roll and classic 60s-Pop. Produced by John Reis, and it's on SWAMI, but not only because of that there's certain resemblances to ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT in their sound. First pressing golden-brown swirled vinyl, including download-code.

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