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Newest arrivals

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click to enlarge New band, but no newcomers: It's Kathy Foster and Westin Glass of the THERMALS, and Maggie Vail (BANGS, BONNOT GANG). You get to hear traces of BIKINI KILL, of the GUN CLUB, DRIVE LIKE JEHU riffage, DC-Posthardcore, and Garage-Punk... And as unlikely as it may seem, it works and rocks in a truly non-pretentious and fun-filled way! They're not necessarily re-inventing the wheel (no bands needs to do that!), but they surely know how to pick up influences and create something with an identity of their own. 9 songs on white vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies, download-code included. Couldn't find a website or anything, but at least this facebook-thang here:
And since you can't listen to it, and don't feel like believing me, then maybe this perfectly written review may convince you:

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New Release! BIG CRUX- We Got A Jam - MC

click to enlarge Limited edition cassette on NOT NORMAL TAPES collecting the bands early and sold-out stuff: "Big Crux Is A Big Funk" (3Song-7", IRON LUNG), "Nature Cruising" 12"EP (5 Songs), the song from the split 7" with CRIMINAL CODE, the track from "Welcome to 2013" comp.LP, and an unreleased bonus (cover of "In the Wait" by the PLUGZ) with a full playing-time of 24 minutes.
And of course we took the chance, and re-ordered more copies again of their fucking fantastic LP!

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New Release! LOUD BOYZ- Tough Love, Hard Feelings - LP - CRICKET CEMETERY

click to enlarge First album, limited vinyl edition of 500 copies, with download-code included. Washington DC's noisiest punks raging through 11 songs. Full-on kicking and blasting with a razorsharp sound, and bringing to mind the best aspects of bands like CIRCLE JERKS (and making look OFF! like the lame rehash they actually are) combined with the sheer intensity of early DC-Hardcore, and the rocking power of BULLET LAVOLTA...

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New Release! WOLF MOUNTAINS- Birthday Songs For Paul - LP

click to enlarge Garage-Rock/LoFi-Trash-Punk band from Stuttgart, featuring members of DIE NERVEN, MOSQUITO EGO, KARIES and LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY. 13 Songs in the tradition of artists like LINK WRAY, CRAMPS, and the likes... Recorded, produced and mastered by Max Rieger and Ralf Milberg (DIE NERVEN, HUMAN ABFALL, etc.!). Previously released as a cassette in 2014, now available as limited edition on green vinyl.

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New Release! HAMMERHEAD (US)- New Directionz - LP

click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies on white vinyl, full-color cover and innersleeve, with download-code included! Following the "Global Despresion" 12", here's now the 2nd release with 6 more (pretty long) tracks from reformed Midwest-USA Noise-Rock legend! Released on their own label BLACK WALL RECORDS.
Due to the extremely limited supply, ONLY ONE COPY per order possible!

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New Release! SHIT AND SHINE- Chakin' - 2XLP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge New album (previously released as a limited cassette on MONOFONUS PRESS) with 8 tracks on double-LP, limited edition of 400 copies. Multicolored vinyls, download-code included, in gatefold-sleeves silkscreened with different colors (green, yellow or grey), making each copy almost look like a unique item!

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New Release! STRIGGLES- Bilb - 2XLP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Limited edition of 199 copies on black vinyls in gatefold-sleeve, download-code included, and as special gimmick it comes with a 3-D printed and handpainted little "Bilb" toy-figure. But it's not "only" a collectors item, it's as well a really interesting musical affair! Covering a wide spectrum, from experimental Noise-Rock, over funky No Wave, to rocking Post-Punk, Lounge, and more. Genre-defying, inventive and original. Be sure to check it out here:

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New Release! ZOMES- Near Unison - LP

click to enlarge New self-released album from Baltimore/Stockholm duo, Asa Osborne (ex-LUNGFISH) and Swedish musician Hanna Olivegren). The 13 songs on this LP are like an intimate, almost ethereal continuation of the LUNGFISH sound. Think of a stripped-down, simple and more keyboards-centered version of LUNGFISH with the angelic vocals of Hanna.

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New Release! OBNIII'S- Worth A Lot Of Money - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge Latest full album (10 tracks) by these obnoxious rockers from Austin/Texas. Relentlessly hard rockin', somewhere in between Punk-Rock la D.O.A., GOVERNMENT ISSUE, TOXIC REASONS and the STOOGES, with pretty obvious nods to bands like THIN LIZZY or BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE. LP including download-code!

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New Release! BANNED IN DC- Photos And Anecdotes From The DC Punk Underground 79-85 - BOOK

click to enlarge After nearly 10 years out of production, this classic great and inspiring book is finally back in print again! Including a new afterword by Cynthia Connolly.

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