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C4SERVICE- First Burst - CDEP

click to enlarge First release on a "vinyl-looking" CD in a gatefold-cover. 6 songs, incl. a cover-version of "Chunks", originally from Boston Hardcore band LAST RIGHTS in 1984.

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C4SERVICE- un/stable - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Pressed on 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download included. First vinyl-release by this band from Münster/Germany on their own label POWER SHED RECORDS. Old School Hardcore-Punk, with a sound of its own, energetic and melodic, and female singer Verena got a truly remarkable voice! English lyrics dealing with political and socio-critical issues.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on red vinyl! The 2nd release on new Berlin-based label ANKER, following the "Retweeted" 2xLP by SLEAFORD MODS. CANDIDATE DEMO is a twopiece from Virginia/USA, featuring Billy of BUCK GOOTER with guitarist John Sgroi. And it's a total killer! Electronica-Guitar-Post-Punk with a sinister touch. 9 tracks that can be aptly described as "BIG BLACK meets with JOY DIVISION", or like a Dark-Punk version of MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT. And in contrast to BUCK GOOTER, instead of screaming and yelling, Billy's actually singing and he's good at it! Yeah, as said before: KILLER!

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CANDIES- Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider - CD - NOISEDELUXE

click to enlarge Italian band playing Indie/Noise-Post-Punk that could be easily filed next to all those THE bands (like Strokes, Vines, etc...), but these 3 guys have also eaten up a good portion of DC-influences (being comparable to Q AND NOT U) and have surely heard of the PIXIES as well!

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click to enlarge New record by this irish band who released their stunning debut "Not Not Is Fine" EP in 2006. Here they return with a new song called "We Are Men" that tops all of their previous stuff! This 4-track EP opens with the original version of the song, an uptempo No-Wave hit in the vein of bands like DELTA 5, AU PAIRS or PYLON, based on a big, fat pulsating funk-bass riff! Additionally on this 12" are 3 remix-versions of this song then: An electro-pop remix by JAPE with bouncing drum-machines and looped vocals, THAT BOY TIM adds funky guitar-sounds to his remix, and DECAL remixes the song into a heavy and dark industrial space-rock sounding thing, kinda like "GODFLESH on Punk"! Limited edition of 500 copies on black premium 150g-vinyl with full-color sleeves!

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CARETTA CARETTA- We Can Not Speak This Language - CD / LP - CORAILLE

click to enlarge New band from Wuerzburg/Germany, including the guitarist of SHOKEI. 6 tracks (37 minutes playing-time) of purely instrumental-music in the vein of bands like DIANOGAH, DON CABALLERO or TRISTEZA. Slightly jazzy Post-Rock, always keeping a swinging groove! LP on thick 180g-vinyl, CD in a digipak, and both formats with silkscreened covers.

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click to enlarge Debut-EP by this band from Manchester/UK, with convincing and strong Hardcore-Punk! Reminiscent of 90s bands like FABRIC or THATCHER ON ACID, this band offers a sound that could be described as being equally influenced by the early MINUTEMEN, the FREEZE and LEATHERFACE – but delivered with a lot more energy than what LEATHERFACE had been coming up with lately!

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click to enlarge Limited colored vinyl edition, with CD-version included! First album from these veterans of the Norwegian Hardcore/Punk-scene. Features ex-members of ANGOR WAT and ISRAELVIS, with former LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? singer Katja on vocals. "Adult-Punk" with a hard rocking touch. 11 songs on vinyl, and in addition the CD-version also contains the tracks from the previously released "Hidden Agenda" EP.

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click to enlarge 2nd album by this band from Orange County. 11 tracks, incl. a cover-version of the WIPERS's "Tragedy". New Wave/Post-Punk like back in the 80s, mostly comparable to bands like the COMSAT ANGELS or early SIMPLE MINDS. Actually I don't really understand all the fuzz and hype about this band. Their music sounds just exactly the same like a thousand others from the early 80s. And they're not even good at it: The sound is thin and flat, missing volume and punch, the songs are unmemorable, and the vocals are horribly lame.

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CELLULAR CHAOS- Diamond Teeth Clenched - LP - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Second album from New Yorks CELLULAR CHAOS, incl. the omnipresent Weasel Walter. As on their fucking great (and now sold-out) debut LP, here's 12 more tracks of their outrageously blasting No Wave Art-Punk attacks! Impressive and fascinating! Pressed on violet marble-colored vinyl, with poster-sized insert included.

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