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I KNEW IT: HURRAY!- New Hits: Hurray! - CD

click to enlarge Debut-album by this band from Trier/Germany, featuring ex- and current members of LEWD PRANK, MARV & THE ALABAMA MURDER, PETROGRAD, QUATTRO STAGIONI, and more. They’re from the same city as FUCKUISMYNAME, and their rocking(!) mixture of Independent, Post-Punk und New Wave, sounds somewhat similar to what FUCKUISMYNAME are doing... Nice packagaing, that looks like a 10“record, but contains a CD!

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ICE NINE- Nobody's Son - 7" - PRANK RECORDS

click to enlarge ICE NINE from Indianapolis were one of the most impressive Hardcore bands in the early 90s! A totally frenetic and intensely pulverizing sound, like being in between HIS HERO IS GONE and IN/HUMANITY. The band reunited in 2009, and here's the first 3 songs recorded, picking up exactly where they had left off. Manic Power-Hardcore!

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click to enlarge Full album by northgerman band, musically in between Post-Rock and Math-Core!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies, with CDR included, packed in a silkscreened cover. 5 songs of jangly Indie-Pop with a rumbling Punk edge to it, melancholic and minimalistic, by these 3 ladies. One of the has moved away from Vienna, and two of them are now in PLAIDED.

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click to enlarge LIMITED handnumbered edition of 300 copies only!!!
IMMATERIAL is a side-project by VOLT-member FX, along with a singer named Sandrine. Actually the 4 songs here sound almost exactly the same like VOLT do: Raging Synth-Punk with harsh guitars! So in a certain way this EP is kind of a "perfect addition" to the VOLT discography...

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click to enlarge 2nd EP by this Parisian duo, featuring VOLT-member FX and singer Sandrine. 3 tracks of LoFi-Electro-Punk (aka French Glue Wave), in a similar vein as VOLT, but even more distorted, fuzzy, and blown-out! Blazing!!!

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click to enlarge Demos recorded in 2001, re-mastered in 2010, and available now on vinyl for the first time, as a limited edition of 295 copies in silkscreened sleeves. 17 tracks by these weirdos from New Orleans, sounding way more punk than on their later releases. Raw, but fun. Think of something in between FLIPPER and early HALF JAPANESE...

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INBRED- Legacy Of Fertility Volume One - LP - ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

click to enlarge True CLASSIC from the mid-80s US-Hardcore re-released again!!! Contains their "Reproduction" EP from 1985, and first LP "A Family Affair" from 1986! Limited edition of 1000 copies on red vinyl.

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INBRED- Legacy Of Fertility Volume Two - LP - ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

click to enlarge True CLASSIC from the mid-80s US-Hardcore re-released again!!! Contains the 2nd LP "Kissin Cousins" from 1988, plus previously 3 unreleased bonus-tracks! Limited edition of 1000 copies on blue vinyl.

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INSERTS- Komm Her! - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Four ladies from Berlin playing Punk-Rock. True to the original late 70s/early 80s style, with nods to New Wave and Power-Pop. Reminiscent of bands like HANS-A-PLAST and NEON BABIES, and it sounds as if it could actually be from way back then... Two songs in german, two songs in English, and with download-code included, released on HUNDEMANN RECORDS.

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