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click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies on milky-blue vinyl! Features one track each by both: "Tokyo Dance School" by DE!NIAL from Japan, spazzy Synth-Wave in the vein of the legendary Japanese late-70s/early-80s band PLASTICS or like DEVO gone crazy. And "This Is A Caca" by eastern French resp. Belgian Electro-Twist girl Kania Tieffer! and

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KARMACOPTER- California - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Mit der neuen EP knüpft die Band an ihre letztjährige "Goodbye Haptik" LP an. Stilistisch ist das ähnlich wie auf der besagten LP, also zwischen DACKELBLUT/OMA HANS und NOMEANSNO... Aber hier gehen sie eindeutig deftiger und Hardcore-lastiger zur Sache! Fetter, schneller, mit sperrigen Breaks angereicherter Hardcore-Punk mit Ecken und Kanten. Limitierte Auflage von 500 Stück in verschiedenen(!) Vinylfarben, inklusive mp3-Download.

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KELVIN- Aluminium-cover split with SPEEDY PEONES - 10" - MACINA DISCHI

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on blue vinyl, packed into a silkscreened aluminium-cover! Both bands are from Padova. SPEEDY PEONES deliver 3 tracks as well, nice New-Wave-Pop songs, spiced up with lots of weird little effects and breaks. Their main influences seem to be ROXY MUSIC and DEVO. KELVIN is a guitar-drums-duo, citing amongst their influences like MELVINS, KARP, UNWOUND and JESUS LIZARD, as well KURT and TEN VOLT SHOCK... Now that's nice! One of their 3 tracks is a rowdy and noise-soaked version of the MELVINS' "If I Had An Exorcism". And additionally both bands combined deliver a cool version of the MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT song "My Body Is A Jerk"!

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KID & KHAN- Bad English - 2XLP / CD - TRANS SOLAR

click to enlarge full album by a collaboration of Kid Congo Powers (ex-CRAMPS, GUN CLUB, BAD SEEDS, etc...) and Electro/Dance-producer Can "Khan" Oral aka CAPTAIN COMATOSE

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KID & KHAN- Washing Machine Remixes - 12" - TRANS SOLAR

click to enlarge features 5 various remixes of songs taken from their "Bad English" album!

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click to enlarge 12 tracks by KID CONGO POWERS (ex-CRAMPS, GUN CLUB, BAD SEEDS, etc.) and his new band

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KIDS OF ZOO- Everythings Cool - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies, with download-code included! First LP by this band from Melbourne/Australia. Somewhere in between garagey Post-Punk like WIRE, SWELL MAPS and rocking Noise-Punk à la MONORCHID, SKULL KONTROL and the likes. Actually this band could be compared to UV RACE, but they got cooler songs and more punch and drive!

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click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 900 copies on green vinyl. 13 songs of futuristically deranged and distorted, rhythm heavy and highly percussive Industrial-Post-Punk, sounding like a crossbreed of SAVAGE REPUBLIC with GANG OF FOUR, paired with the best moments of the LIARS!

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click to enlarge Nach der KILLERLADY Single, nun der zweite Streich, diesmal als Split mit je einem exklusiven Stück des anderen Solo-Projektes von EA80 Sänger Junge mit der Grind-Death-Punk Kult-Band JAPANISCHE KAMPFHÖRSPIELE! Hier lässt der KILLER mit "Dis-something" DISCHARGE mit dem Jazz-Besen exotherm reagieren. Distorted and pissed in weniger als zwei Minuten. JAKA zelebrieren auf ihrer Seite mit "Die Zombies Kommen" nichts Geringeres als das erste sozialkritische Grindmusical. Oder die Dekonstruktion des Metalmarktes? Über fünf Minuten. Da stimmt aber auch alles.
Limitierte Auflage von 480 Exemplaren im 4farbigen Karton-Faltcover, beidseitig bedruckt. Jeweils 240 Exexmplare mit der glatten KILLER-Seite aussen, bzw. mit der rauhen JAKA-Seite aussen. Dazu eine schwarze Banderole mit schwarzem Aufdruck, 4farbigen Label-Etiketten, inklusive Inlet, sowie ein Siebdruckkarton/Siebdruckaufkleber.

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KILLERLADY- s/t (aka Martin Kircher/EA80) - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies with special die-cut cover, original photo glued on backside, and photo-insert included. The first full album, with 11 tracks by Martin Kirchers (aka Junge of EA80 fame) solo-project. Minimal Electronic, Noise-Pop, Art-Rock and Non-Music. This LP does not only look exquisitely good, it's musically an outstanding experience as well. Noise (aka Industrial sounds) meeting with Pop-structures (or vice versa) in the truest sense of the words. Even within the deepest and harshest sounds and effects, combined with the haunting vocals of Martin alias Junge alias Killer alias Killerlady, anthemic song-pearls come unearthed. Intriguingly dark Industrial-Pop. Check out this link featuring a video for the opening track of the LP:

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