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OBITS- Bed & Bugs - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge Limited edition on blue colored vinyl! The new 3rd full album (13 songs) from this band fronted by Rick Froberg (ex-DRIVE LIKE JEHU and HOT SNAKES). Download-code for the album-tracks included as well.

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OBITS- I Blame You - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge First album by the bew band of Rick Froberg, ex-singer for the HOT SNAKES and DRIVE LIKE JEHU! But except for his vocals, things are a bit different here: The OBITS are more like a Rock-band with Blues and 60's-Psychedelia influences. Comparable to the STOOGES, MUDHONEY, and stuff like that! LP comes with a download-coupon included! CD is NEW/MINT, but at CHEAP sell-out price!

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OBNIII'S- Worth A Lot Of Money - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge Latest full album (10 tracks) by these obnoxious rockers from Austin/Texas. Relentlessly hard rockin', somewhere in between Punk-Rock la D.O.A., GOVERNMENT ISSUE, TOXIC REASONS and the STOOGES, with pretty obvious nods to bands like THIN LIZZY or BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE. LP including download-code!

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OBNOX- Bougaloo Reed - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge Back in stock! Full-length album (and maybe the best?!) by the non-stoppable music machine that is OBNOX alias Lamont "Bim" Thomas and his friends! Full-on raging, totally blown- & spaced-out, soulful(!) Punk-Rock. 15 tracks, all killer, no filler. LP with download-code included.

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OBNOX- I'm Bleeding Now - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge The first album, originally released in limited edition of 500 copies in 2011 on SMOG VEIL. Now available again on vinyl (incl. download-code) via 12XU. Rated by many as one of the best albums in 2011, and as the CHICAGO READER has put it: "This incredibly soulful and criminally overlooked release stands on the middle ground between the hyperactive garage punk of Jay Reatard and the blown-out Ohio pop of Guided by Voices." Well, it may as well stand somewhere else, but it definitely stands on its own.

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OBNOX- Know America - LP

click to enlarge Already another new full album (released on EVER/NEVER label from NYC) by the incredible phenomenon known as OBNOX alias Lamont "Bim" Thomas and friends. Soulful songs packed into dirt-level Garage-Punk, as if a Soul/Gospel singer had been raised on a diet of PAGANS and "Back From The Grave" records. 12 tracks in full, including cover-versions of songs from Ohios Psyche-Rock legend Tommy Jay, canadian Girl-Pop-Punk band CUB, and Bo Diddley's "Powerhouse"!

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OBNOX- Louder Space - n/a - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge Full album by Lamont Thomas and friends, and the first one recorded in a real studio! But that didn't detract from his gritty, fuzzy, dirty and rusty sound. It's just getting better. If you haven't ckecked out the gloriously blazing OBNOX fusion of Soul, Punk, Noise, and Anti-Funk, then now's the time. Contains 12 great new songs.

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OBNOX- The Juke That Sat By The Door - 12"+MP3 - CHUNKLET

click to enlarge Limited edition of 450 copies on CLEAR vinyl, with download-code included! Contains 7 new basement-recordings from the highly-talented Lamont "Bim" Thomas. Noisey Garage-Soul-Punk.

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OBNOX- Wiglet - LP

click to enlarge Following "Know America" here's already the next full album from the non-stoppable music machine OBNOX on EVER/NEVER RECORDS! Contains 12 more incredible thunderous, noise-soaked Soul-Punk crushers. In a world better than the one we live in, OBNOX alias Lamont Thomas would get way more recognition, and being a massively "hyped"...

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click to enlarge Post-Punk from Warsaw/Poland, with lyrics sung in English. Musically influenced by bands such as DRIVE LIKE JEHU, HOT SNAKES and OBITS.

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