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VAZ- Dying To Meet You - LP - X-MIST

click to enlarge Limited repressing of 110 copies on black vinyl! The fucking fantastic 2nd full album, featuring 14 tracks, recorded in 2003.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on splattered multi-colored vinyl, with download-code included! Recorded already in 2006, as a follow-up to "The Lie That Matches...", but NARNACK RECORDS never released it. Now almost 9 years later, finally available thru' LEARNING CURVE!

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VAZ- Split-Single with DEAD - 7"+MP3 - WÄNTAGE USA / WE EMPTY ROOMS

click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 313 copies, exquisitely styled packaging in specially made jackets with screenprint and letterpress, plus two-color screenprinted inserts, and download-code included! Features one exclusive track each by American Noise-Rock legends VAZ, and the equally minded resp. sounding Australian DEAD. Perfect match!

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click to enlarge 6 new tracks by LILLAYELL from Italy - excellent Post-Noise-Rock, technically high-standard value, and delivered with punch and energy! And 6 tracks as well by VELMA from Lausanne/Switzerland. Avantgardistic Post-Rock with a more psychedelic, ambientesque approach and sound. The CD has a full playing-time of almost 62 minutes!

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VENOM P. STINGER- Meet My Friend Venom - LP - DRAG CITY

click to enlarge Re-issue of the CLASSIC first album by Noise-Rock and Scum-Punk legends from Australia! Contains 10 tracks, originally released in 1986.

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VENOM P. STINGER- Waiting Room - 12" - DRAG CITY

click to enlarge First time ever vinyl of 4Song-EP by Noise-Rock and Scum-Punk legends from Australia – originally released as a CDep on AU GO GO in 1991!

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VENOM P. STINGER- What's Yours Is Mine - LP - DRAG CITY

click to enlarge Re-issue of the 2nd album by Noise-Rock and Scum-Punk legends from Australia! Contains 14 tracks, originally released in 1990 on ABERRANT RECORDS.

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click to enlarge Repress of this awesome Punk record, originally released in small edition of only 250 copies on GRAZER. Totally intense whirlwind Punk from Olympia, Washington. Like an explosive Hardcore-version of bands like the AVENGERS, X or LEGAL WEAPON. Blazing through 8 raging songs with a fury and vitality rarely seen and heard these days!

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New Release! VHS- Gift Of Life - LP - SUICIDE SQUEEZE

click to enlarge First album by VHS (alias VIOLENT HUMAN SYSTEM) from Seattle. A Post-Punk melange, that seems to be influenced by WIRE and FUGAZI, with nods to bands like the early CURE or CHRISTIAN DEATH, and sometimes with a sharp sound reminiscent of BIG BLACK. LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge 2nd EP by this Hardcore band from Columbus/Ohio. Aggressively thrashing and manically bursting in hi-speed. Packed in a classic old-school single-cover on thick cardboard, with insert and pressed on dark-red vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

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