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click to enlarge New EP by this band from Zaragoza/Spain, featuring 4 originals and a cover-version of the WIPERS' "Window Shop For Love". Melodic Hardcore-Punk in the late 80s style, influenced by bands such as DAG NASTY, FREEZE, ADOLESCENTS and ALL.

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click to enlarge Features members of AEROSOLS, SUBURBANITE, and other bands. 10 tracks of heavily crushing and totally intense D-Beat Hardcore, that will appeal to fans of TRAGEDY (but a dozen times better than their latest album "Darker Days Ahead")! Recorded at DEAD AIR studio by Will Killingsworth, released as a limited one-time pressing of 300 copies on colored vinyl, with download included offering the entire WASTELAND discography.

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WATTS ENSEMBLE- Two Suites For Crime & Time - CD - KILL SHAMAN

click to enlarge The WATTS ENSEMBLE from Los Angeles actually really is an ensemble, or even an orchestra, with a total of 24 musicians (lots of saxes, trumpets, violins and more)! The CD features two suites, with a full playing-time of 45 minutes. Jazz and progressive Rock influenced music, arranged and played in a classical style. Or as they call it: Jazzical.

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WE ARE- Forestal Phonemes - CD / LP+CD - HAMMERSTATT

click to enlarge A band from the black forest, whose 9 songs here could be described as being somewhere in between that Indie-Emo-Rock type of thing as known from labels like SADDLE CREEK, and the Post-Punk rockiness of the THERMALS. Indie-Rock with a steady drive, melodies and a touch of melancholy. Could be also called the southgerman answer to bands like THE NATIONAL, KINGS OF LEON, etc... LP comes with CD-version included, but the CD can be bought alone as well (to whomever this may make sense).

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click to enlarge Following the "Forestal Phonemes" LP from 2010, here's 3 new songs (with a full playing-time of 14 minutes) by this Post-Punk band from the black forest. Indie/Alternative Rock with a dynamic drive, not unlike bands such as the THERMALS... and partly it also reminds me of BIG COUNTRY. Vinyl comes with the CD-version included!

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WEDDING DRESS- Desperate Glow - n/a - LOVITT

click to enlarge First full album by this band from Chicago, featuring members of MAPS&ATLASES, SUNS and JOAN OF ARC. But the music here is distinctly different from those other bands: 11 songs of beautifully sparse and fresh, and hard to categorize modern-type Pop-Rock. If you dig bands like TV ON THE RADIO, be sure to check this out! LP comes with a download-code included.

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WEDDING DRESS- Loom/Heavy Earth - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge From Chicago, featuring members of MAPS & ATLASES, SUNS, LOVE OF EVERYTHING, JOAN OF ARC... Atmospherically lush songs, harmonic vocals, with ambient guitar overlays. Reminds me a bit of the softer and more introspective moments of Neil Young...

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click to enlarge Following their "Sports" album, 5 new songs on vinyl including mp3-download or as CD. Spacey Shoegazer-Indie-Pop, influenced by JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and JOY DIVISION.

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click to enlarge Limited edition double-vinyl including download-code! Not to be confused with the 80s-band by the same name (with Alison Statton of the YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS), but three guys from San Francisco. A mixture of noisy distorted and feedbacking guitars, pounding rhythms and driving bass-lines. Elements of dark Post-Punk vibes la KILLING JOKE, rocking No Wave like SONIC YOUTH, spacey Shoegaze like MY BLOODY VALENTINE, and Noise-Pop drones similar to NO AGE.

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click to enlarge From the same label that surprised us with the PREGNANT LP comes this equally as amazing 12"! 4 songs by these Mutant-Punks, with a sound that contains BIG BLACK's steely drive, FEAR's fiery Rock, and a deranged Synth-Punk attack la SCREAMERS. Musically similar to bands like POP.1280, but with a rowdier and snottier Punk-as-Fuck attitude. Sounds awesome, and looks awesome with a die-cut insert in the shape of a wolf's head, and the bandname cut-out in the middle of the record (never seen any record like this before)! And it comes with a download-code included.

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