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click to enlarge Originally released on TENZENMEN, now repressed again, the 2nd album from this band out of Sydney/Australia. Really awesome Noise-Punk-Rock, like a raucous version of the JESUS LIZARD, or a Garage-rockin' type SWANS, and in some ways reminiscent of the A FRAMES as well, maybe even like an angry version of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE... Or as some journalist has put it so perfectly: "A nasty mess of angst, grind, sweat and shred!" Comes with poster-sized lyricsheet and download-code included! Black vinyl edition, limited to 400 copies.

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click to enlarge New full album with 11 more fierce and raging tracks from this Australian band. Equally as impressive as their previous album "Mission Bulb". Maybe even a bit more into the feverishly aggressive Noise-Rock vein here! Limited edition of 400 copies on black vinyl, with poster-sized lyricsheet and download-code included!

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YIKES- Whoa Comas Blood Bombs - CDEP - KILL SHAMAN

click to enlarge New band of John Dwyer (ex-COACHWHIPS, PINK AND BROWN), and fuck yeah, this is pretty awesome: Think of the dirty COACHWHIPS-alike Garage-Rock combined with the crazy heaviness of PINK AND BROWN. Features 7 songs, playing-time of 15 minutes!

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YO LA TENGO- Stuff Like That There - LP+CD - MATADOR

click to enlarge 25 years after the release of "Fakebook", YO LA TENGO did it again: An album filled with acoustic ("unplugged") cover-versions of songs from the CURE, HANK WILLIAMS, LOVIN' SPOONFUL, and more! Plus three re-intepretations of older songs of their own, and two previously unreleased new songs. 14 tracks in full, and the LP comes with the CD-version of the album included!

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YOUNG GOVERNOR- Where It's Qiet - 10"+MP3

click to enlarge Newest EP by Ben Cook (FUCKED UP, MARVELOUS DARLINGS, BITTERS), released on 12XU RECORDS. 4 songs, sounding not as homemade as on his previous releases. Actually reminding me of the late-period REPLACEMENTS, and even of Bruce Springsteen at some parts...

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click to enlarge First EP by Frankfurt-based band. Spheric Dream-Pop and melancholic Tropical sounds. 4 tracks as a one-sided pressing on heavy colored 180g-vinyl, limited handnumbered edition of 250 copies, and with a download-code included.

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click to enlarge Contains 4 tracks by YOUNG HARE from Frankfurt. Dreamy and spheric Tropical-Pop, similar to PTTRNS but with a more relaxed, almost ambientesque sound, and with female vocals. Other side features 3 tracks by BDYBLDNG from Berlin (ex-members of FUCKUISMYNAME, PLOKK, VOM SEGELN), actually Tropical-Post-Punk that could be compared to PTTRNS as well, but contrary to YOUNG HARE, going for a punchy and frantic groove. Limited edition of 300 copies on 180g-vinyl, with download-code included. and

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YOUNG OFFENDERS- Kids On Fire - 7"

click to enlarge The latest EP by this band from San Francisco. Features 4 songs of their wavish Power-Pop infused Post-Punk. Fast, energetic and catchy. Limited edition release as Vol.3 in Razorcake's sister series.

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YOUNG OFFENDERS- Leader Of The Followers - LP - DERANGED

click to enlarge First full-length album by this band from San Francisco! Contains 8 tracks of their enormously catchy, fast and forcefully driving Punk-Rock. Reminds me of early YELLOW PRESS, like MISSION OF BURMA on hispeed, or like classic US-Punk as NAKED RAYGUN played with the speed and sound of AIR MIAMI... or anything that sounds as cool as that. Punk's not completely dead yet, as long as it can sound as fresh as these guys do.

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YOUNG OFFENDERS- Saints/Big Man Small House - 7" - DERANGED

click to enlarge Single by this brilliant band from San Francisco, combining angular and energetic Post-Punk with Power-Pop hooks!

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