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New Release! EFFECTS- Eyes To The Light - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Debut-album by new trio from DC, featuring Devin Ocampo on vocals and guitar. He used to be in bands like FARAQUET, MEDICATIONS and SMART WENT CRAZY, and with all this namedropping you'll get an idea where the sound of the EFFECTS is coming from and going to... LP with 9 songs, produced by J. Robbins, with download-code included.

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New Release! ESCAPE-ISM / LIGHT BEAMS- Split - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge ESCAPE-ISM is none other than Ian Svenonius. His new Electronica-Solo-Project is not unlike what he did with XYZ in 2015, resp. similar sounding to SUICIDE... The LIGHT BEAMS are a new trio with Justin Moyer, playing polyrhythmic and adventurous Dance-Funk-Punk. Mega-cool!
One song each on vinyl, and the download-code offers one more song from both.

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New Release! PREENING- Beeters - 7" - DIGITAL REGRESS

click to enlarge What do you get from a trio with a saxophone, bass and drums? For sure something that sounds like BLURT! But PREENING from Oakland/California are not only sounding pretty much like BLURT, but with a joyful rage giving it their own identity. 4 genuinely original and oh-so-fucking-cool songs of No Wave passion. And if you look at Punk as being an inspirational source (not only as a genre or style), then this is VERY MUCH PUNK!!!

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click to enlarge Following their brilliant "Stunrise" LP, here's four more songs by this band from Chicago. The EP starts with a SHELLAC-esque kind of sound, then breaks into massive sounding NAKED RAYGUN-alike scorcher, resp. like a faster punk-rocking version of the JESUS LIZARD. With these references, you'll have an idea... and it's "only" four songs, but all blistering, rocking and catchy.

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click to enlarge SNAIL MAIL is the band of 17 year old singer & guitarist Lindsey Jordan, and she's a great songwriter as well! Her heartfelt and well-constructed Indie-Folk-Rock stands in line with the finest female artists in this genre. Another stand-out release on the PRIESTS' label SISTER POLYGON.

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click to enlarge Total madhouse from Finland! Strangely raging Noise-Rock, that could've been the missing link between ALICE DONUT and the COWS. Harsh guitars, close to feedbacking, tight pounding rhythms, and a crazed-out animalistic singer spewing out the melodies. And all that splattered all over with electronic noise junk.

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