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click to enlarge Beautiful single featuring one exclusive new track by both these Post-Punk bands from Cologne/Germany! Great rocking songs comparable to resp. in the same vein as bands like LES SAVY FAV, Q AND NOT U, etc. And just as it should be with a really good split-single, both songs represent the bands at their best!

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PUCKER UP- Utopia/Is What It Is - 7"+MP3 - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge No Wave Noise twopiece hailing from the same Bostonian scene like GUERILLA TOSS, PALBERTA, FAT HISTORY MONTH and DOG. This fantastic single contains two long tracks, both running over 5 minutes. It's like a nuts combination of PERE UBU and HALF JAPANESE... and overall it's strange but supercool fun!

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click to enlarge New band from DC formed by Justin Moyer (E.D.Sedgwick) and Mike Andre, who played togther already in ANTELOPE, with Amanda Huron, who was also in VERTREBRATES before with Mike. As PUFF PIECES they are playing catchy Post-Punk songs with nice melodies mixed with a nervous dissonance.

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PUFF PIECES- Bland In D.C. - n/a - LOVITT

click to enlarge First full album from this trio, incl. Justin Moyer. Minimalistic Post-Punk tunes. Underground-Pop in a nervously dissonant style. All three of them have been longtime active in various DC-bands, like ANTELOPE, VERTEBRATES, EL GUAPO, SUPERSYSTEM and EDIE SEDGWICK. Limited edition of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, download included.

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PUFF PIECES- Born 2 Die/Born 2 Cry - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge New single and third release from DC Art-Punk band, featuring ex-members of EL GUAPO, EDIE SEDGWICK, VERTEBRATES, ANTELOPE... Recorded and produced by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at legendary INNER EAR studio.

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PUPILLE- Himnos Olimpicos - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Instrumental Post-Rock in the vein of SLINT, etc... 6 extensively long tracks with a full playing-time of 41 minutes by this band from Barcelona/Spain

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click to enlarge One-off side-project Polandís Post-Punk/No Wave band KURWS with vocalist Maciek Salamon. 8 songs recorded in 2012, previously only on cassette, now as limited edition vinyl (400 copies) as a split-release from SWEET ROT RECORDS with french label POUET! SCHALLPLATTEN. A crude minimalistic, but totally shredding No Wave Punk sound. Intense, loud, noisy and hysteric, spiced up with harsh electronics. Somehow in between the A FRAMES and the EX MODELS...

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