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New Release! IDLES- Brutalism - LP

click to enlarge Now in stock here! The debut album from this highly praised and critically acclaimed british band. Pissed off and polemic rants ( la SLEAFORD MODS...) to savagely raging sounds of Noise-Rock and (Post-)Punk. 13 tracks on vinyl, packed into a gatefold-cover, with download-code included, released on BALLEY RECORDS/UK!

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New Release! YC-CY- Todestanz - LP - X-MIST

click to enlarge New 2nd full album from swiss band, and what a blast! A monstrous killer! Their first LP was already a dirty bastard of sounds, reminding of KARP, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, UNSANE, and more and with this new LP they're going one step further, adding a sort of "Industrial" appeal to this LP. But don't get it wrong, it's not Industrial, or Noise-Rock, or Hardcore, it's an over-the-top intense and brutally nihilistic fusion of sounds known from these styles, and turning it into their own unique totally annihilating inferno.
Desolation, dystopia, despair... and dance of death (what's actually the translation of the german album-title). Limited edition of 250 copies on heavy 180g-vinyl, with insert and download-code included!

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New Release! YASS- Night Wire - LP - -273C / SALON ALTER HAMMER / X-MIST

click to enlarge The sophomore album from Germany's fantastic "Cyber-Punk meets Noise-Rock" twopiece! Their first one was already widely praised and acclaimed as a step forward into the future of Noise-Rock. Now on this new album, YASS sound even more compact, urgent, solid and diverse. With lesser parallels in sound to TEN VOLT SHOCK/KURT, and a definite step into their own spheres! Killer riffage, forceful and captivating tunes, powerfully driving drums and beats, combined to pure tension and dynamic tightness!
10 songs pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, with download-code included!

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New Release! TICS- s/t - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge Great debut album by new band from Cologne/Germany! Non-pretentious and non-conventional twisted Post-Punk, in the spirit of the MINUTEMEN, URINALS aka 100 FLOWERS, and sometimes with the psychic flair of early british Post-Punk bands like the SWELL MAPS. LP with 14 songs, fullcolor print innersleeve, lyric-sheet (in English), sticker and download-code! Value for money!

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New Release! GEWALT- So Soll Es Sein - 7"

click to enlarge Now also available here from us! Their third single, released as a limited edition on Berlin based label SNOWHITE. Features one new and exclusive original, plus the extended RYT remix of the same track.

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New Release! COATHANGERS- Parasite - 12"+MP3 - SUICIDE SQUEEZE

click to enlarge More Garage-Pop-Punk by these three ladies from Atlanta/Georgia. Limited edition on "sea-green" vinyl, one-sided pressing with 5 new songs, and etched graphics on backside, incl. download-code!

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New Release! TERRY- Remember - LP - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge New 2nd full-length album (10 songs) by this Australian band! Cute pop-songs with a touch of weirdness. A perfect companion for a chilling summer. Check out these videos for a good impression: and

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New Release! USA NAILS- Shame Spiral - LP - BIGOUT RECORDS

click to enlarge New album by London based Noise-Punk band! A twisted and dark affair, in between Noise-Rock and Post-Punk, with an energetic and heavily rhythmic intensity. Reminiscent of some of the early bands on GSL like THE VSS, DEAD AND GONE, etc., with some more heavy noise action added to this sound! Limited edition of 300 copies, 10 tracks on vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Full album by this (self-described) "Anti-Punk music" band from Atlanta/Georgia, named after French philosopher Georges Bataille. A dark nihilistic blast! Abrasive, grim, harsh, violent, eccentric, confrontational, rude and rebellious! Not unlike YC-CY on their first LP... Comes with printed innersleeve and download-code.

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click to enlarge Full album by this short-lived "all star band", made up of Sydney scenesters. Stripped down lo-fi Garage- resp. Post-Punk, in the vein of The FALL or CELIBATE RIFLES, kinda similar to UV RACE... 7 songs recorded in 2014, mastered by Mikey Young and now released on vinyl in a limited edtion of 500 copies, download-code included.

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