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click to enlarge Limited edition of 150 copies only on mega-thick vinyl, in handsprayed sleeves on black cardboard, handstamped as well, with insert and download-code included. Already haptically and optically a true gem! And acoustically no less than that as well: A one man LoFi-Electro-Noise-Punk projekt by a guy originating from the legendary black forest (hailing from the same scene as KURT, TEN VOLT SHOCK, YASS, and having played back then in kult-bands like BOHRHOLM and DRECK)... but residing in Berlin since many years now.
The 4 songs (plus intro) on his vinyl-debut sound like whirlwind attacks, combining the early 80s tape-artists (aka Kassettentäter) approach with electronic Breakcore aesthetics, reminiscent of LE SHOK, SCREAMERS, THE INTELLIGENCE and MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT! Yes, pretty unique and fresh, and not only because of the outstanding packaging all worth the high price!

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New Release! CEMENT SHOES- A Peace Product of the USA - 7"+MP3 - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Not peaceful at all, but enormously raging! The debut-single by Richmond's CEMENT SHOES sounds like it could derive from the very first wave of American Hardcore-Punk, with originality and a sense of humor. Each copy comes in a unique, additionally hand-colored sleeve, with insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Debut-LP by power-trio from Austin/Texas. Contains 10 tracks, heavy and melodic, extrapolating influences from SHELLAC, UNWOUND, UNSANE and fellow Texans CHERUBS into their own full-force attacking brand. Noise-Rock in a refreshingly dynamic and pummeling aggressive way! Limited edition of 250 copies only!

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New Release! GEWALT- Kein Mensch/Pawlow - 7"COL. - UNTER SCHAFEN RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl. Contains two new tracks of their BIG BLACK alike sounding Post-Industrial New Wave crush. Btw. "Kein Mensch" is not a coversong of the german NDW classic from 1981, but actually there's quite some similarities with the sound and style of that band!

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click to enlarge The third and undoubtedly best album by this band from New York City. 10 tracks full of rage, aggression and infectiously rousing! Wow, hit after hit! Finally recordings that live up to the bands exciting live-performances.
LP comes in a silkscreened cover, printed innersleeve and with a huge poster included!

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New Release! JON SPENCER- Sings The Hits - LP - IN THE RED

click to enlarge The BLUES EXPLOSION man is back! The collaborator in bands like BOSS HOG, PUSSY GALORE and more, strikes again. Accompanied by two guys on drums and bass, he delivers 12 new tracks of his cut-throat Blues-Punk/Garage-Rock. NOT a collection of old songs, but aptly titled. And thinking of Ian Svenonius, it seems like the veterans of the scene know how to do it best. Nicely packaged in a tip-on style cover, with download-code included.

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New Release! LA MISMA- Negociacoes... - 7" - TOXIC STATE RECORDS

click to enlarge New EP with 5 songs by this all-female Punk band from New York City. Actually singing in Portuguese, and sounding reminiscent of the Spanish ULTIMO RESORTE, but at a faster speed. EP comes with a little 8-page booklet and wraparound obi-strip.

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click to enlarge First album (9 songs) by female trio from Vienna. Limited edition of 300 copies on grey vinyl, download-code included. Somewhere in between Pop, Punk, Indie, Noise, Experimental and Electronica, it's a genre-defying affair, but always maintaining a strong rhythm, song-structured and creating a sound of their own. Inspiration meets joy. Post-Riot Grrl and Post-No Wave. Delicate and direct.

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New Release! MERCURY PROGRAM- A Data Learn The Language - 2XLP - LOVITT

click to enlarge Originally released as CD in 2002 on TIGER STYLE, now officially reissued as a limited edition high-quality pressing Double-LP set on 180g-vinyls in gatefold-cover, with all tracks remastered by Bob Weston. The masterpiece by this band from Gainesville/Florida, that pretty much shaped the "Post-Rock" genre during those days along with bands like TORTOISE and GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR.

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New Release! PIOUS FAULTS- Old Thread - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Don't judge a record by its cover, this is KILLER stuff! The PIOUS FAULTS from Brisbane/Australia come like a sonic whirlwind. Deconstructed and enormously energetic "Hardcore-Punk meet Noise-Punk" blasts, sounding like SACCHARINE TRSUT (or something similar) gone wild and violent. The tension is almost physical while listening to this record. Comes with a 12-page booklet and download-code included.

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