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New Release! NAKED IN ENGLISH CLASS- Othering - LP

click to enlarge The 2nd full album from swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz, with 13 more songs of their super-cool Minimalist-Mashup-Electro-Punk! Compositions of their own using samples, or re-interpretations, like using the pop-/rock-history, putting into a whole new context, and making something new and an own thing out of it. Great Pop-Art or Art-Pop, reminiscent philosophically of the RESIDENTS or as well YELLO... The LP starts with "Baby I Feel Good", and the album's a feelgood all over. Also including their smash-hit "Whoa Now!" which you can check out here:
LP comes with download-code included!

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click to enlarge New 2nd album by this band from North Carolina. Fast and furious "guitar versus synth" Punk. Abrasive, loud and aggressive, like LE SHOK meeting with DEVO or the SCREAMERS... Not unlike the LOST SOUNDS or AUSMUTEANTS. 11 ripping and raging tracks on vinyl, with download-code included!

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New Release! BUZZ RODEO- Combine - LP(COL.)+CD / LP+CD - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge The 2nd full album from Stuttgart's Noise-Rock trio. Contains 11 tracks, harder and heavier than on their first LP "Sports", but in the same SHELLAC, STNNNG, RYE COALITION and (probably mostly) JESUS LIZARD influenced sound and style! Available on black or limited edition red-black splattered 180g-vinyls, both with CD-version of the album included!

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New Release! GREXITS- s/t - LP - GUTFEELING

click to enlarge The GREXITS are a band from Munich, led by the greek Nikos Papadopoulos. Their music is a combination of Rembetiko (the original Folk-music style of Greece) with Surf-/Post-Punk! Amongst the 10 songs on this LP, there's Rembetiko classics spiced up with Surf-and Punk-elements, as well as their interpretations of songs like "A Hard Days Night" (BEATLES) and "Attitude" (MISFITS). LP comes with printed innersleeve (lyrics & linernotes) and download-code.

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New Release! NON BAND- s/t - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Non was part of the first Japanese Punk generation back in 1978 (not to be confused with Boyd Rice, who also used the pseudonym NON), and in 1979 she formed her NON BAND, being in some ways then Tokyo's equivalent to New York's Lydia Lunch. This was their first studio-release in 1982 on Japanese Label TELEGRAPH RECORDS, now reissued (on german label TAL) for the first time ever on vinyl again! 6 tracks of unique No Wave (in a similar vein like e.g. DNA), with a definite Japanese touch to it! Insert with linernotes and download-code included!

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New Release! GEWALT / OFEN 8- Von Inseln/Zentaurus - 7"

click to enlarge Limitierte Pressung von 400 handnummerierten Exemplaren. Je ein Song von beiden Bands. GEWALT aus Berlin mit ihrem destruktiv intensiven und aggressiven "BIG BLACK meets GODFLESH" Sound – und auf der Rückseite, OFEN 8 aus Hamburg in einem ähnlich gewalttätigen Sound, allerdings mit Schlagzeuger statt Beat-Box.

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click to enlarge Eine TELEVISION PERSONALITIES Tribut-Single, zwei Cover-Versionen mit deutschen Texten! Bei Düsseldorfs KIESGROUP wird aus "Scream Quietly" ein "Wenn Du Leise Schreist", und die Hamburger von der BÜRGERMEISTER DER NACHT interpretieren "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" um zu "Daniel Richters Gartenparty". Coole Idee in einer gelungenen Umsetzung!

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New Release! FUTURE ISLANDS- The Far Field - LP - 4AD

click to enlarge Vinyl incl. download-code, with lyric-sheet and printed innersleeve. Following their commercial break-through album "Singles" from 2014, here's a new album with 12 more of their semi-symphonic ballads between Synth-Pop and Indie-Rock.

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New Release! BUILDINGS- You Are Not One Of Us - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge New full album by this Noise-Rock band from Minneapolis! A dynamic tour de force, attacking with visceral energy and a deep urgency. Aggressive, gut wrenching and absolutely massive! Somewhere in between or along the same lines as the JESUS LIZARD, STNNNG, BIG'N and YOUNG WIDOWS. 11 tracks on vinyl, with lyric-sheet included.

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click to enlarge Their fourth album, ten years after the release of the previous one "Attempted Suicide". Contains 11 tracks of the adrenalin-fuelled total rampage Hardcore-Punk by these guys from Toronto/Canada. Raging killer sound, in the vein of early BLACK FLAG and CIRCLE JERKS. LP comes with full-color innersleeve and download-code included.

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