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click to enlarge *release-date: February 28*
Due to their previous releases, we've had really high expectations with this new LP, and it's all fulfilled. Melting together influences from pagan folklore, latin and middle-eastern inspired polyrhythms and Post-Punk into fresh and juicy arrangements. Bringing to mind aspects of Glenn Branca as much as of LiLiPUT and the SLITS. Groove is the key to MASSICOT's choreograph of a carnival dance like album. LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! LA PLIE- Club Sandwich - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge LA PLIE is a trio including Wilf Plum (DOG FACE HERMANS, ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP) offering 12 instrumental tracks between experimental Free-Rock, playful Minimalism, Post-Punk and Dub. Enjoyable and entertaining with its varied sounds.

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New Release! L'APPEL DU VIDE - Demo 2020 - MC

click to enlarge First release by band formed in Chemnitz/Germany, featuring ex- and current members of DIE TUNNEL, OUT ON A LIMB, etc. Features 4 songs with a full playing-time at around 12 minutes. Dark Post-Punk, with a surf-sound guitar, crunchy driving bass, a noisy edge, and sometimes the use of a synth. Partly reminiscent of bands like FRUSTRATION and DIÄT... Limited edition packaged in a silkscreened cardboard-slipcase.

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New Release! IV/AN- Prvo Lice Mnozine/JRK - 7" - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Third 7"single by Croatian Minimal Synth Pop artist on Austrian label FETTKAKAO. "Prvo lice množine" refers to the dystopian novel "We" by Russian science fiction author Yevgeny Zamyatin, which inspired George Orwell to write "1984". On the flipside, "J.R.K." is dedicated to memory of Josip Reihl-Kir, political activist and peacemaker, assassinated by Croatian fascists in 1991.

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New Release! LIGHTNING BOLT- Ride The Skies - LP / LP(COL.) - THRILL JOCKEY

click to enlarge Reissue of 2nd full album, originally released in 2001 on LOAD RECORDS. Special packaging in a 3-panel fold-out double-sided poster, with vinyl in a shrinkwrapped LP-jacket inside, and download-code included.
Black vinyl edition, or limited edition on babyblue vinyl.

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click to enlarge Kurz nach der neuen PISSE LP schon wieder eine Platte aus deren engerem Umkreis und von ähnlichem Kaliber: Johnny Kurt (u.A. SCHIACH, UNIVERSUM) hat mit der Hühnerficker Kombo (Leute von LÖTFETT und PONYS AUF PUMP) den Soundtrack zu einem imaginären Spaghetti-Western aus dem tiefen Osten eingespielt. Eine Tour de Farce in 12 Kapiteln durch parodistischen Country-Punk, absurdem Pulp Fiction Surf-Trash und asozialem Hühnerkacke Zonen-Folk.

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New Release! PISSE- s/t - LP - PHANTOM

click to enlarge PISSE eröffnen das neue Jahrzehnt mit ihrer zweiten LP! Die 10 Songs der Platte knüpfen nahtlos an die "Hornhaut" EP von 2018 an. Jedes weitere Wort wäre Eulen nach Athen tragen... Selber hören und sehen:

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New Release! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018 - LP(COL.) - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge Now available again, as a limited edition repress on WHITE vinyl! Collecting all the tracks from their previously released and sold-out singles (prior to the "Arterial Movement" EP), including the digital-only debut single "The Mound/Disappear" for the first time put on vinyl. One of the most exciting and most important bands around these days! Believe the hype!

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click to enlarge Debut album by Minimal-Synth Punk duo from Barcelona, Laura Del Vecchio (vocals, bass) and Pedro Keppler (analog synth, programming), both originating from Brazil. Hauntingly beautiful and fascinating in its own way, with it's extremely reduced but captivating sound. They call it dubby fuckwave. Laura was a member of brazilian punk band RAKTA, before moving to Barcelona. (Note: Not to be confused with the American Hardcore-Punk band by the same name!)

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New Release! WARP- Traffic Control - LP - THRILLING LIVING RECORDS

click to enlarge Real fucking Punk from San Francisco. Rude and raw, frenetic and furious, wild and ass-kicking. Fronted by an energetic female singer. Comparisons can be made to VEXX, but there's lots more to it. Reminiscent of the days when Punk was still original, and every band had a distinctly individual sound... Listen to all 10 songs, and be blown away. A just fucking awesome record (with lyric-sheet included).

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