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click to enlarge Third album by Ian Svenonius, expanded from his solo-project into a twopiece, with Alexandra Cabral playing various instruments. A declaration of a new underground, revolting against the corporate conformity and control in the new digital world (and I'd like to add: FUCK your Spotify playlists!). A commitment to minimalism, impertinence and obscurity.

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New Release! ALIEN NOSEJOB- Paint It Clear - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album from the solo-project of Australian Jake Robertson (member of AUSMUTEANTS, and more). While his previous album ("Once Again The Present...") was a Hardcore-Punk inspired album, this one goes now into the New Wave direction. The CURE, B-52's, DEVO, and mid-80s UK Wave-Pop can serve here as references. 11 tracks pressed on black vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! GOOD LOOKING SON - Fantasy Weekend - 12"+MP3 - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut of Keith Harman, singer of THE COWBOYS, and excellent songwriter (in the vein of Ray Davies or Brian Wilson)! The record contains 7 songs of catchy, late 60s/early 70s inspired Garage-Pop-Rock, recorded with the help of fellow COWYBOYS drummer Jordan Tarantino, and other friends from Cincinatti, Ohio. Comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Zwei frische und freche Punk Bands aus Leipzig auf einer LP. Die Platte enthält 8 Stücke von DISPO, wesentlich überzeugender als auf der vorherigen "Rauchen" Cassette. Gerade raus, räudig und krachig, volle Power! Bei TELESATAN scheint wohl ein Mitglied der famosen LASSIE mitzuwirken (soweit ich das verstanden hab). Die bezeichnen ihre Musik selbst (ironisch) als "Schweine-Rock". Primitiv und unpoliert, dreckig und deftig.

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New Release! NOWAVES- Odd Secrets - LP - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album by this band from Dresden/Germany. Features 10 tracks of their odd and unique sounding Post-Punk/Wave songs, with some kind of a Surf-Pop flair, a bittersweet and melancholic (but not depressing) atmosphere.

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New Release! COSEY MUELLER- Interior Escapes - MC

click to enlarge Some more copies of this brilliant cassette, second edition released in France on URTICARIA (and sold out with this label as well already!). Solo-recordings (8 tracks) by the singer of DAS DAS. Crisp and crunchy Minimal-Synth, with an ice-cold dystopian atmosphere. Reminiscent of german classics like LIAISONS DANGEREUSES or MALARIA! Or more recently, similarities to the sounds of ANA THREAT, THE BOILER, etc. Excellent regarding the qualities of both, songs and sound!

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New Release! BALLOND'OR- s/t - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Supercatchy Japanese style Pop-Punk, taking you away from the very first second. A killer album raging thru' 14 songs. I'm not an expert in the "Pop-Punk" genre, but this one's pretty cool, sounding to me like a japanese modified frantic Whirlwind-Hardcore version of the TOY DOLLS. Limited edition on blue vinyl.

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New Release! DOUBLE JOB- Ohne Tanzen Planen - LP - MANGEL RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge From Leipzig/Germany, featuring members of MARAUDEUR and others. Features 10 tracks of funky No Wave meeting early 80s tape-artist DaDa experimentation. Dissonant and grooving with a high-energy level at the same time. Lyrics sung in french and german, sometimes reminiscent of STEREO TOTAL, but with a crazier sound. Pretty unique and stimulating!

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New Release! J.G.G.- Temps Mort - LP(COL.) - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge New full album by this Electronica artist from Barcelona (with lots of releases, incl. a previous 7" on CUT SURFACE as well). This LP is filled with 13 tracks to listen, relax and enjoy. Minimal Synth pearls with latin and tropical feelings, and lots of playful sounds added. Limited edition pressing of 200 copies on transparent vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! LE SINGE BLANC- Gol-Goth Attack 3 - 2XLP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this band from Metz/France comes as double-vinyl set, featuring 9 extensive tracks recorded in collaboration with lots of friends. Their Avant-DaDa-Noise-Rock is experimental in a non-pretentious style, bizarre in a charming way. Something in between PRIMUS and the RESIDENTS.

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