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ZEA- Moarn Gean Ik Dea - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album (10 songs) from ZEA alias Arnold De Boer, who's also singer/guitarist for THE EX. Between singer/songwriter, alternative Folk and Punk, with a reduced equipment (guitar and electronics) in a minimalistic sound, lyrics sung in Frisian (with English translations provided on the enclosed lyric-sheet). Intimate, atmospheric, deeply emotional, diversified, at times even hymnic. Overall an exciting and beautiful album! Can't come up with any more original comparison, but it's meant honestly: "Like a Frisian Elliott Smith".

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click to enlarge Limited split-single featuring a joyfully swinging and bouncing ditty called "Exploding Head Syndrome" from ZEA. A catchy pop-tune with guitar, electronis, and vocals, and it's almost a Dancefloor smasher! On the B-side "Electric Clavichord" is an experminental noise-track recorded by Oscar Jan Hoogland with (as the title suggests) an electric clavichord.

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ZEA- The Beginner - n/a - MAKKUM RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album by the solo-project of Arnold de Boer, now also a member of legendary dutch band THE EX! 15 tracks, where fancy and bouncing electro-vibes meet with Post-Punk and Afro-Pop influences. Helluva fun, filled with tons of ideas, being excellently smart and having a sense of humor.

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ZEA- Today I Forgot To Complain - LP - TCWTGA

click to enlarge 2nd album by this duo from Amsterdam! Facts: Two dutch guys, playing guitar, singing, and using electronics.
References: AUTECHRE, NOTWIST, MR.BUNGLE, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, POLYSICS, SMOG, PIXIES, BUZZCOCKS... All of this, or maybe none of it at all.
Result: Absolutely original and pretty crazed-out Electro-Pop!

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