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OBNOX- I'm Bleeding Now - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge The first album, originally released in limited edition of 500 copies in 2011 on SMOG VEIL. Now available again on vinyl (incl. download-code) via 12XU. Rated by many as one of the best albums in 2011, and as the CHICAGO READER has put it: "This incredibly soulful and criminally overlooked release stands on the middle ground between the hyperactive garage punk of Jay Reatard and the blown-out Ohio pop of Guided by Voices." Well, it may as well stand somewhere else, but it definitely stands on its own.

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click to enlarge Full album (released in 2015) by the incredible phenomenon known as OBNOX alias Lamont "Bim" Thomas and friends. Soulful songs packed into dirt-level Garage-Punk, as if a Soul/Gospel singer had been raised on a diet of PAGANS and "Back From The Grave" records. 12 tracks in full, including cover-versions of songs from Ohios Psyche-Rock legend Tommy Jay, canadian Girl-Pop-Punk band CUB, and Bo Diddley's "Powerhouse"!

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click to enlarge Maximum Psyche Punk Power! Shortly released after "Niggative Approach" (2017), another blazing album, featuring 10 tracks of ear-damaging killer Psychedelic Rock, reminiscent of MC5, and giving the term "fuzzy Noise Rock" a whole new dimension. Murder Radio = Killer Rock!

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click to enlarge Despite the releases from EVER/NEVER being extremely high priced (for whatever reasons), we finally decided taking a few copies of this one (as well as some newer releases like SPIRITUAL MAFIA and RIDER/HORSE). The latest album from the genius mastermind of Lamont Thomas aka OBNOX, featuring 20 blistering and blazing tracks of his incredible amalgamation of Punk, Psyche, Noise Rock, Soul and last not least HipHop. Outstanding as always!

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