X-MIST distributes not only our own LABEL releases, but as well the releases of associated and befriended labels like BEAU TRAVAIL, CHU CHU RECORDS, IN A CAR, HARBINGER SOUND, and more...

For current list, including wholesale prices, just open up here the attached DISTRIBUTION CATALOG! And there's more records coming in (and going out...) each day, being available for wholesale. So feel free to ask for the current Distro-Newslist via e-mail and to be added to our subscription-file.


November 2021 X-Mist Distribution Catalog

X-MIST RECORDS label releases currently being available, with info details and links for listening:

YC-CY "Every Time I Close My Eyes"
LP (XM-115)
The fourth full album from Swiss Noise-Avant-Rock band (or whatever label you may put onto this genre-defying sound). As with all their (three) previous albums, it's NOT more of the same, but always marking a step into new territories, and exploring new grounds.

This new LP contains 8 tracks - and comes across almost like a concept-album, as a trip into the deepest and darkest hidden spaces of the mind. A soundtrack to the apocalyptic desaster of humanity. A monster in perfection, leaving you speechless.

Limited edition of 200 copies with handstamped and stickered sleeves.

Split-Release with order05records

Release-Date: November 2021



GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS "Arterial Movements"
7" (XM-114)
Limited edition of 500 copies, with previously unreleased tracks from UK's newest Riot-Punk sensation GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS, brought to you as a split-release from IN A CAR and X-MIST. The Arterial Movements EP features brand new music from GiS, following their Pre-Post Collection 2016-2018 LP, and the first teaser of what to expect from their forthcoming debut album due early 2020.

This EP contains three bludgeoning tracks of aggressive drums, fractured guitars and driving bass fighting it out amongst a wall of electronic noises and fevered vocals. The record perfectly captures the sound and intensity of GiS.

Split-Release with IN A CAR

Release-Date: October 2019 SOLD OUT



YC-CY "Beton Brut"
LP (XM-113)
Third LP from Switzerland's premier Noise-Hardcore band! And a third album is always a good indication wether a band has the potential to develop their own sound and style, or will remain in stagnation. YC-CY definitely belong to the ones constantly evolving and progressing.

Actually it was already evident with 2nd LP Todestanz, but with this new third album, they're going even further and deeper into the most extreme post-Industrial sounding territories. An outstanding, incomparable, earbleeding experience, where Hardcore roots meet with Industrial-Noise experiments.

Split-Release with order05records

Release-Date: May 2019



GAD WHIP "Ward 24/Trademark"
7" (XM-112)
One-time pressing of 150 copies only, on thick 180g-vinyl, with two inserts included, feat. photo, lyrics, download-code and indvidually designed collage-art with each one!

Ward 24, still bound to vocalist Pete Davies' semi-spoken psycho-rambling, has a distinctly melodic lilt to its minimal dub-rock underpinning, whilst Trademark is pure and catchy Post-Punk bluster, mainlining straight to the late night dancefloor of a seedy basement club already cracking with the strain of music not especially designed to be danced to... Something like THE FALL meets FUGAZI, eh?! The nods towards subtle experimentation of their longer works may well have been lifted, or abandoned altogether, but GAD WHIP know exactly how to utilise the single format to the best of its potential, with their probably most immediate songs yet.


Release-Date: April 2019



GAD WHIP "Post Internet Blues"
LP (XM-111)
First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS (OBNOX, DAN MELCHIOR, MOSQUITO EGO, etc.)

Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, with the flair of No Wave post-industrialism... or something like that... And if you're in doubt about my words, here's a pretty perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP: WL//WH Video Of The Day : GAD WHIP "Goat Bagi"

Limited edition of 300 vinyls, housed in a reverse-board printed sleeve, with a double-sided insert and download-code included.

Release-Date: August 2018



YASS "Night Wire"
LP (XM-110)
The sophomore album by Germany's Noise-Punk sensation, featuring members of KURT and TEN VOLT SHOCK.
A perfectly symbiotic mix of Noise-Rock and Cyber-Punk with pulsating beats. Spectacular and furious! References? BATTLES, LIGHTNING BOLT, FRONT 242, VAZ, (early) DAF, TRANS AM, CHROME... Maybe all of this, yet a sound of its own!

"No other band has sounded like this before!" (OX Fanzine)
"Energetic Noise-Rock, that's not only highly entertaining, but equally as danceable. Both thumbs up!" (polytox.org)

10 tracks on vinyl, with download-code included! A joint effort from -273°C, SALON ALTER HAMMER and X-MIST.

Release-Date: May 2017



YC-CY "Todestanz"
LP (XM-109)
2nd full album from swiss band, and what a blast! A monstrous killer! Their first LP was already a dirty bastard of sounds, reminding of KARP, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, UNSANE and more - and with this new LP they're going one step further, adding a sort of "Industrial" appeal to this LP.

But don't get it wrong, it's not Industrial, or Noise-Rock, or Hardcore, it's an over-the-top intense and brutally nihilistic fusion of sounds known from these styles, and turning it into their own unique totally annihilating inferno.
Desolation, dystopia, despair... and dance of death (what's actually the translation of the german album-title).

Limited edition of 250 copies on heavy 180g-vinyl, with insert and download-code included!

Release-Date: April 2017



YC-CY "s/t (Demo)"
LP (XM-109 ½)
Absolute killer from Switzerland! Nihilist Hardcore with maximum power, combined with thundering Noise-Rock elements, blown out with an excessive energy. At times this brings to mind bands like BORN AGAINST... This is so fucking pissed off, radical and filled with intensity, it's hard to compare this band to anything else (at least not to any band around these days)! 10 songs on vinyl. Definitely one of the BEST European Hardcore/Post-Punk/Noise-Rock records in 2016!

Here's excerpts from the review in german OX Fanzine (#129, December 2016):
Ugh! How to start here? With namedropping? KARP, BUTTHOLE SURFERS, RORSCHACH, BORN AGAINST, KILLDOZER, BIG BLACK, UNSANE, just to mention some of the heavyweights that come to mind... A distorted dirty bastard conjuring a crazy tumor out of all these sounds onto vinyl. A record like a slap into the faces of all those claiming that there can't be any new music coming anymore, and it's all been heard before.

Limited edition 2nd pressing as a split-release from the band and X-Mist Records.


MOD VIGIL "self-titled"
LP (XM-108)
A smasher from down under! The debut recordings by this band from Melbourne/Australia, featuring ex-members of KIDS OF ZOO, BAPTIZM OF UZI and DAMN TERRAN.

Combining blistering and distorted frantic Garage-Rock with highly intense Noise-Punk. This slab could somehow be filed right in between TEN VOLT SHOCK and THEE OH SEES (...or any similarly sounding stuff like that).

12" vinyl with 10 tracks, insert and download-code included. Mastered by Mikey Young - Fans of AUSMUTEANTS, CUNTZ, EDDY CURRENT, UV RACE, etc... take note!!!


TELEMARK "input/out"
LP+CD (XM-107)
New full album from german Post-Punk band!
TELEMARK melden sich zurück. Sieben Jahre nach Informat erscheint nun das neue Album input/out. Besser als je zuvor und genau zum richtigen Zeitpunkt.
In Duisburg, der schönsten grauen Maus des Landes, ist jetzt alles noch einen Hauch luftiger geworden und der Synthesizer hat sich auch ein bisschen mehr Raum genommen. Natürlich ohne dass das zum bandeigenen Kulturgut gehörende Geschrammel, die gedimmten Lichter und der realistische Blick auf die Umgebung verloren gegangen sind. Es noist, post-punked und waved aus allen Rohren - und steht so in der Schrammel-Tradition Telemarks, zunehmend aber an den geschlossenen und treibenden Rhythmen und der zurückgenommenen Vehemenz aus der New Wave-Disco orientiert.
Dazu Texte, die konkret, smart und auch ohne Kryptologie-Studium nachvollziehbar sind. Es darf wieder gemeckert werden im Jammertal. Eine in gewisser Launigkeit daherkommende Verweigerungshaltung und vor allem die Geschlossenheit, mit der sie vorgetragen wird, bleiben die Markenzeichen Telemarks.
input/out besticht nicht nur durch einen fetten Sound, sondern auch durch eigenwilliges "Songwriting": Es rockt mit Wiedererkennungswert, Hit-Faktor galore! Ausgestattet mit spritzigem Verve und frischem Elan. Vergleiche sind nur schwer möglich. TELEMARK besetzen den freien Stuhl zwischen TREND, TEN VOLT SHOCK und den WIPERS - um dann wieder mit Hummeln im Hintern aufzuspringen.


STORNO "Wellness"
LP+CD (XM-106)
First full album from new german band featuring members of KURT and TELEMARK.
Bei STORNO handelt es sich um 4 Herren die auch in den Bands KURT und TELEMARK aktiv sind. Einer davon war früher auch mal bei den FLOWERPORNOES und aktuell zusammen mit Knarf Rellöm in dem Projekt SWEAT SHOP, aber das tut hier weniger zur Sache... Wer sich eine Kombination aus TELEMARK und KURT vorstellen mag, der liegt bei STORNO gar nicht so falsch. Auch wenn schon Vergleiche zu hören waren wie z.B. "irgendwo zwischen den FEHLFARBEN (zu ihren Glanzzeiten versteht sich) und den GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, ausgestattet mit dem treibenden Punch einer Noize-Rock Band." Na, wie auch immer, jedenfalls zeitgemässer deutscher Post-Punk mit einer ordentlichen Prise Adrenalin. Fans of DIE NERVEN, LOVE A, HUMAN ABFALL, etc., take this for a better change! LP kommt inkl. der CD-Version als Beilage!


YASS "Things That Might Have Been"
LP (XM-105)
Unique and intense Noise-Rock from this two-piece out of the dark woods of the Black Forest. Markus (TEN VOLT SHOCK) and Frank (KURT, TEN VOLT SHOCK) are combining their driving-blistering guitar sound and their heavy pounding beats with dark and pulsating synthesizer-loops to an energetic and powerful piece of modern Noise-Rock. References if you like: LIGHTNING BOLT meets CHROME meets SIX FINGER SATELLITE... or like BATTLES on speed! But in any case: Totally great and truly fascinating!
This 10-track vinyl debut is a split-release of -273°C / SALON ALTER HAMMER / X-MIST, released in July 2016.


ROOM 101 "Vox Humana"
7" + MP3 (XM-103)
The BUGS The 2nd EP for one-man band ROOM 101 aka Roburt Reynolds from New Orleans! Split-release from X-MIST with BEAU TRAVAIL. Release-date Januar 2015.
A thrilling mixture of music on a tiny piece of vinyl: Thrashing hardcore like with Exterminate Adult Thinking, a both raging and catchy song like Drone Wars, and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song Boiys on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it’s also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in Boiys)... Expect the unexpected. Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.
RIYL: Audacity, Pampers, Buck Biloxi & The Fucks, Mr. Qintron...



SLEAFORD MODS "Bambi/Scenery"
7" (XM-101)
SLEAFORD MODS Here's a single with two new (previously unreleased!) SMASH hits from the SLEAFORD MODS, alias Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn from Nottingham/UK, who stunned the world earlier this year (2013) with their "Austerity Dogs" LP! Rants and raps paired with sparse drum-beats and bass-sounds. As references to their sound, you may cite names like the LAST POETS(!), Gil Scott-Heron or John Cooper Clarke, as well as the SEX PISTOLS, CRASS, THE FALL, or early THE STREETS/Mike Skinner...All of that, and then again now for something completely different. Not to forget their savage poetic knocks (against the music-scene and industry, and all that consumerish crap of today. Kill 'em all!).
"Agit-Punk-Rap'n'Rant" maybe? Punk (as fuck) made with the means of Hip-Hop.
Release-date: December 2013



12" (XM-100)
HAPPY EVER AFTER Limited edition of 150 handnumbered copies with two-color screenprinted sleeves!
Features all the recorded material by this short-living but truly amazing band. Both tracks from their 7"Single, the song from the split-7" with 2BAD, the song from the "X-PRESS" compilation LP, all released during 1989/1990 - and as a special bonus, one previously unreleased track! Insert with linernotes and photos included.
So who was this band anyway? It was Andy (drums) and Armin (bass), formerly in SKEEZICKS, Ute (guitar) formerly in APES OF WRATH, and Jason Honea, former singer with SOCIAL UNREST. But their sound was completely different to any of those bands. Maybe and mostly influenced by SONIC YOUTH, STEEL POLE BATH TUB, and the GERMS...
They existed just for about a year, played a few shows, and recorded these songs, before Jason went back to the US again. And most of all, they were ahead of their times! So then, 25 years later, this very special reissue comes right in time - and it's definitely worth being our 100th anniversary release!
Release-date: January 2014



BUCK GOOTER "Witch Molecules"
LP (XM-099)
BUCK GOOTER Primal Industrial Blues, nihilist Punk, minimalist Noise-Rock. Recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, DC. Cover-artwork by Asa Osbourne (LUNGFISH, ZOMES). LP-vinyl, glossy full-color cover, insert with lyrics. Full album by this furious duo from Harrisonsburg, Virginia. And it is another challenging masterpiece! Minimal and nightmarish sounds, mixed up with alienated references of blues and rock patterns. Rough and nihilistic, sick sounds for the very few who did not become mad of this world.
Think of Sam McPheeters meeting Killdozer after a Wolf Eyes concert. Or Black Flag meets Merzbow. Chrome meets Flipper. Black Humor meets Young Gods. Cramps meet Shorty. Dan Melchior meets Savage Republic. Urinals meet Throbbing Gristle. Arab on Radar meet Abner Jay. No Trend meet Ty Segall? Who knows.
Or just citing MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: You haven't heard anything that sounds like BUCK GOOTER in a long time!
Whatever. It is nothing less than outstanding contemporary music.
Release-Date: December 2012



HIKING "Trenches/Bikini Atol"
7'' + MP3 (XM-098)
TEN VOLT SHOCK First release by this new band from Los Angeles, with 2 exclusive songs recorded at Big Fish Studios, San Diego. Features ex- and current members of the BAD DUDES, BIPOLAR BEAR aka TURRKS, and SILVER DAGGERS. Maybe they sound anything like these, or maybe not... Our initial thought was it sounds like "STEEL POLE BATH TUB meets LES SAVY FAV". Someone else said it's like "a LES SAVY FAV song interpreted by KARP". And another one claimed it's reminiscent of SUPERCONDUCTOR (as on "Hit Songs For Girls"). If you're unfamiliar with any of these references, then you may think as well of something like being stuck in between DEERHOOF and DEERHUNTER...
Limited edition of 500 copies on vinyl, with a free mp3-download included!
Release date 31.03.2011



TELEMARK "Informat"
LP (+DC) / CD(XM-096)
TELEMARK The sophomore album by TELEMARK! 11 tracks of SMART german Post-Whatever-Punk, with misanthropic lyrics, in a better-than-ever-before sound! 
Das nunmehr dritte Album von Telemark. Mit altbewährter Schubkraft und neu gewonnener Transparenz kommt INFORMAT zum Punkt. Entschlackte Völlerei!
Entstanden sind so 11 treibende Postpunk-was-auch-immer- Perlen, die mit rockender Noise-Schlagseite äußerst druckvoll und knackig daherkommen. Neu im Telemark-Vehikel ist der vereinzelt eingesetzte Synthie, der dem Ganzen klanglich entgegenzuhalten weiß. Doch keine Angst, wir befinden uns hier nicht im New-Wave-Retro-Wahn, vielmehr lärmt sich der MS20-Sound im Hier und Jetzt ab.
INFORMAT rockt gewaltig und macht darüber hinaus noch Laune, denn mit den (durchwegs deutschen) Texten bekommt man noch das humorvoll intelligente Sahnehäubchen obendrauf! Hier wird nicht vorgegaukelt, Dein bester Freund sein zu wollen.
Schuhe an und mitgewippt!

Der Vinyl-Version liegt ein Gratis-MP3-Downloadcoupon bei.


Double-LP + DVD + Download-Coupon (XM-095)
HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH The anthology by the HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH, one of FIRST german Hardcore-bands, along with the SPERMBIRDS and SKEEZICKS, influenced by the US/Skate&Thrash-Punk! Timeless classic stuff, that’s still amazing and thrilling to listen to after more than 20 years! The HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH came from Velbert and took the german scene by storm with their self-released and self-titled 7”EP in 1985 (later repressed on WESER LABEL). All of the tracks from this legendary classic EP, and the songs from the following “Kaaba Kaaba Hey” split-LP MANSON YOUTH (released in 1986 on ZORO RECORDS) are included on this re-issue! Both records are extremely rare and highly-sought after collectible items!!! Fantastically great songs, and in our humble opinion some of the BEST stuff to come out of Germany EVER!
Furthermore there are previously unreleased tracks taken from early demo-tapes on this double-vinyl, and additionally to that, the best songs taken from their LP “Simply Too Much Nothing” recorded and released in 1988, shortly before they broke up. Guitarist Jacho aka Johnny Bottrop then moved to Berlin, and later played in a not-so-unknown band called TERRORGRUPPE...
As a bonus addition to this double-LP (featuring 32 songs in full!) comes a DVD enclosed, containing videos, live-material and excerpts from the obscure, never finished and never released “Farmer Punks In Love” movie by famous photographer Ar/Gee Gleim!
Added as well, a booklet with lyrics, photos and linernotes on 8 pages in LP-size format! And on top of all that, with the first 500 copies there’s a coupon included for a free mp3-download of the entire album!


THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY "It Takes A Nation Of Assholes To Hold Us Back"
THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY The 2nd complete full-length album by this awesome band from Cleveland/Ohio – Featuring 14 songs recorded by STEVE ALBINI at Electric Audio Studio in Chicago! Released exclusively worldwide on VINYL via X-MIST RECORDS (CD released on COLD SWEAT RECORDS in the USA)! THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY includes ex-members of NEON KING KONG, CHARGERS STREET GANG and BASSHOLES – and the band has previously released records on labels like EXIT STENCIL RECORDINGS, VERSION CITY, and GOLD STANDARD LABORATORIES!!! For those unfamiliar, THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY are a welcome addition to the legendary musical lineage of their home state of Ohio (PAGANS, DEVO, DEAD BOYS, ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS), filling a void in the sound and subject matter sorely missed in contemporary culture. Sonically traversing territories blazed by BAD BRAINS, the MONORCHID, LE SHOK or PERE UBU, while lyrically challenging social and political norms with the wit and insight of such greats as BLACK FLAG or PUBLIC ENEMY. This LP comes with very special artwork, including a printed innersleeve, and a peel-off sticker on the cover (just like back then Andy Warthol’s banana on the legendary first VELVET UNDERGROUND LP...)

TEN VOLT SHOCK  "6 Null 3"
LP/CD (XM-091/LABIL-002)
6Null3 6 Null 3 Plug in, and get the FULL POWER! The 2nd full album by this Emo-Noise-Rock trio from Freiburg/Germany, with 10 electroshock-blizzards to thrill your ears, shake your bodies and rock your socks off. Feel the high-energy voltage of this electrifying album, that sounds like a combination of BIG BLACK's darkness with the intensity of HAMMERHEAD (US) and the emotion of RITES OF SPRING!
More infos, including songs to check out and listen to at


TREND "Patientenverfügung/Was Dran Liegt"
7"Single (XM-086)
TREND Patientenverfügung Hot on the heels of their 2nd album "Navigator" in 2005, came this single featuring two brilliant songs exclusively on this 7"! Rocking Post-Punk from Germany at it's BEST!!! LIMITED edition of 500 copies, in deluxe-styled packaging with a screenprinted booklet sleeve by internationally renowned graphic-artists BON GOUT!

BIG BOYS  "Lullabies Help The Brain Grow/No Matter How Long..."
BIG BOYS X-Mist celebrates its 20-year-anniversary of existence with the re-release of the rare records by the one band that had the biggest influence on our own attitude and ideas! The BEST 2 LPs by the Texas-Punk legends BIG BOYS, including Tim Kerr on guitar (later in bands like JACK O'FIRE, LORD HIGH FIXERS, NOW-TIME DELEGATION and more, currently involved in the TOTAL SOUND GROUP) - And even though the music was recorded more than 20 years ago, it still sounds today as fresh, energetic, inspiring and original as it did back then - one of the VERY RARE things in life that can stand the test of time! TRUE CLASSICS!!! Both LPs, originally released in 1983 resp. 1984, had being sold-out since many years, and now for the FIRST TIME officially(!) available again - packed into one full-color gatefold-sleeve(!) with the original artwork from both LPs, plus a poster-like insert including all the lyrics & photos from the original inserts, plus liner-notes!


12" (XM-084)

This 12" contains the songs "We Want Royals" and "Rat", both previously released on the Split-7" with the POPULAR SHAPES - but completely remixed and remastered with a way better sound (since the band was not happy with the sound on the 7"...)!!! Well, since the 7" was limited to 500 copies and is totally sold-out by now, this makes surely sense! On the backside you’ll get 4 "real" remix-versions: "Black Cat" and "Tricks On Dancing" (from the "La Guard" LP) as BAM BAM BABYLON BAJASCH-remixes, also then "Black Cat" and "Royals" as ENDO-remix-versions! The cover comes with an extra-screenprint on front- and backside, and this record is limited as well to 500 copies!!!


TELEMARK  "Viva Suicide"
LP/CD (XM-083)
Viva Suicide

The first full album by this great band from Duisburg/Germany!!! Features 9 new tracks, picking up just where they had left off with their amazing debut Mini-LP (self- released back in 2002)! Amazing Noise-HC-Punk, that rocks like hell. File next to bands like KURT and ENIAC - with an additional Punk-approach as bands like DACKELBLUT or MONORCHID!



VAZ  "Demonstrations In Micronesia"
VAZ Demonstrations In Micronesia

The vinyl-reissue of their fantastic debut-album again! Originally released in 2000 on THIN THE HERD RECORDS, and sold-out since then (being only available as a CD on LOAD RECORDS)! A split-release by X-MIST and THE COMPANY WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, packed in fine silkscreened covers!!!


ENIAC  "Oh?"
CD (XM-079)

The 2nd full album by these guys from Hamburg/Germany! With a better sound than ever before, full-on energetic and kicking, but with more though-out production and filled with catchy hooks! Even the hardcore-nerds of Heartattack fanzine liked their sound (quote: "Moving forward all the time, like a tractor in heat, this really ROCKS!") To me it sounds like the drive and power of KURT meeting the songwriting of LES SAVY FAV - and a combination of two of my favorite bands, what more could we ask for?
The 12" was released on NOVA RECORDINGS containing 8 songs, while the CD released on X-MIST, features as bonus two more tracks taken from their SOLD-OUT single, but as remastered versions!



12" (XM-078/CR-09)

The YELLOW PRESS from San Francisco formed in early 2003, featuring ex-members of TORCHES TO ROME and HOUSEBOY, and with a mixed bag of hardcore and new wave influences, banged their way into every warehouse-space and art gallery in the city, while touring extensively and releasing two CDep's on their own label SILVER SKATE RECORDINGS.
Not since Brooklyn introduced LIARS or LES SAVY FAV have so many kids caught on word-of-mouth to how ridiculously fun a YELLOW PRESS live-performance can be. Built around a solid rhythm-section and grounded in a grumbling bass that might actually get physical, the boys add a swirling keyboard and stabbing guitar lines to create short, punchy songs without the gimmicks employed by most post-punk bands today. Danceable and melodic, yet wholly unique in style and approach!
The YELLOW PRESS are YéYé-Punk!!
This 12", a split-release by CHRISTOPHERS RECORDS and X-MIST, contains all 9 songs from both their (now sold-out!) CDep's, for the first time & exclusively available on vinyl!



7" EP (XM-077)

Debut by new german band (from Trier and Cologne) with 4 songs that sound like... well, maybe like LES SAVY FAV as on their 7"s, and with an organ added? Or like the PANTHERS, but less noisey and more melodic? Something like this - but whatever, definitely as cool as the band-name (and we think the name is pretty cool!). Features ex-members of the OLIVER TWIST, PHILLIPPE and MARV & THE ALABAMA MURDER.


Split-7" (XM-071)

Features 2 songs each by both these New-York-Now-Wave bands! More of the hectic & spastic Neo-Punk blasts by the SECONDS, and the EX MODELS sounding like "the missing link" between the JESUS LIZARD and ARAB ON RADAR! Originally released as a CD on MY PAL GOD RECORDS, now put onto vinyl exclusively by X-MIST!



TEN VOLT SHOCK "First EP plus Bonus"
CD (XM-066)

Great new Noise-Hardcore-Punk band from Germany, incl. Frank of KURT on guitars and vocals... so similarities to KURT are undeniable - but TEN VOLT SHOCK have a straighter and more "punk-sounding" style! The 3Song-7" (with special spray-painted covers) is SOLD-OUT!!! But the CD-version features additionally the songs from their split-7" with NEIGHBOUR ROSICKY (on KOPIST-PLATTEN) plus 5 previously unreleased tracks!


HELL NO  "Adios Armageddon"
CD (XM-051)
Adios Armageddon

The 2nd full album by this highly underrated hardcore-band from New York (feat. ex-members of CITIZENS ARREST)! Psychotic, heavy and mind-boggling! CD-version contains the songs off the "Superstar Chop 7" (XM-044) as bonus-tracks!


Hammerhead "Stay Where The Pepper Grows"
LP (XM-041)
Current vinyl-repress as a collaboration of the band’s own HEADBERT label and X-MIST. German Hardcore-Punk classic from 1993. True to the original version, with 8-page booklet in LP-sized format, and additional (german) linernotes.


All other catalog-numbers are SOLD-OUT! -


GASOLINE BOOST label releases still being available:

V/A "AC/DC SIDES 11-14"
Double-7" (GB-15)

Limited edition 2x7" set, pressed on marble-colored vinyls, and packed into a 20-page comicbook sleeve! Features exclusively recorded interpretations of AC/DC songs by PRE ("Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"), YOWIE ("Dundertruck"), COLOSSAMITE ("Anti-Christ Devil Child"), and with "Have A Drink On Me" the last recording ever by legendary Touch&Go artists MULE!



V/A "AC/DC SIDES 7-10"
Double-7" (GB-14)

Featuring AC/DC-cover-versions by DENISON KIMBALL TRIO, ZEEK SHECK, MOUNT SHASTA and KILLDOZER! The first two installments of this series, Double-7” "SIDES 1-4" resp. "SIDES 5&6" 7"Single are COMPLETELY sold-out!!!



MEDFIELD,MA "Drowning In Fire"
CDep (GB-05)

5 songs by this northgerman band playing anthemic indie-rock a la MOVING TARGETS! released in 1992


SOLVENT DRAG "Insentient"
CD (GB-04)

Indie-/Alternative-Rock from Germany, actually produced at Butch Vig's(!) SMART STUDIOS in Madison/Wisconsin back in 1992!