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Newest arrivals

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New Release! TUNIC- Complexion - LP(COL.) - SELF SABOTAGE RECORDS

click to enlarge Exceptionally and outstandingly great Canadian Noise-Rock/Post-Punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In a similar vein as the EXHALANTS or PINKO from the same label, these guys deliver a full-force attacking brand of Noise-Rock, combined with a Now Wave complexity (remember early Skin Graft releases) and the sheer power of early US-Hardcore. Most probably (or definitely?) the best band to come out of Winnipeg since the days of the STRETCH MARKS and PERSONALITY CRISIS... Limited edition on pink-marble-colored vinyl!

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click to enlarge Following their brilliant LP, the EXHALANTS from Austin/Texas deliver again! Aggressively attacking Noise-Rock thunder! And who the fuck are PINKO? Wow! Surprise, surprise! Never heard of this killer band before. Totally damaging Noise-fucking-Punk-Rock madness from San Antonio/Texas. Perfectly matching bands for a split, with two songs each from both.

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New Release! JOSEF K- The Only Fun In Town/Peel Session - 2XLP - LES DISQUES DU CREPUSCULE

click to enlarge Repress of the legendary classic album, originally released in 1981 on POSTCARD. Plus singles tracks and John Peel session added! Limited edition of 500 copies, double-LP in gatefold-cover, with 19 tracks in full, split on two platters, on black resp. golden vinyl.

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New Release! MEKONS 77 - It Is Twice Blessed - LP

click to enlarge The MEKONS are not only one of the most outstanding and exceptionally respectable bands in the history of Pop-/Rock-music, but as well one of the very first Punk bands, founded 1977 in Leeds. Naturally during all the decades, there were changes in line-up. But for this special album, all of the original members from 1977 re-united and recorded 12 new tracks. Amazingly enough, they are picking up the style of their early days, but sounding nonetheless up-to-date and contemporary. Great!
And another fun-fact: The label name SLOW THINGS and its logo is a pun on FAST PRODUCT, the legendary label that had released their first recordings.

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click to enlarge Following the LANDOWNER and DROOL LPs, here's the third strike from BORN YESTERDAY RECORDS: The first full album by GLUED from St.Louis/Missouri. The 8 songs on this LP are like an eclectic collection/combination of American Indie-Rock, but always maintaining a coherently dense and tight atmosphere thoughout the full album. References could be cited from POLVO and SUPERCHUNK to DEERHOOF, and in some ways similar to bands like NEGATIVE SCANNER or LITHICS... Another excellent album from this great new label! LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! GVLLS- s/t - 12"+MP3 - FLIGHT 13 / MY RUIN

click to enlarge A band (say "gulls") from Muenster/Germany, but very british sounding. Post-Punk with a dark and cold atmosphere, but always energetically forward driving. A sure treat for fans of BAUHAUS, KILLING JOKE, and the likes. Seems like one of the guys also plays in MESSER (not sure about it?), but the record was recorded and co-produced by their bassplayer Pogo McCartney. 6 songs on milky-clear vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! FRIED EGG- Square One - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Raging Hardcore-Punk blasts from Richmond, Virginia. A total thrasher where early American Hardcore (think of JERRY’S KIDS, NEGATIVE APPROACH, NECROS, THE MAD, etc.) meets with an angry discordant Noise-Rock influence (à la PISSED JEANS). One of the most vital and hardest hitting Hardcore records these days (and no fucking Metal damage here)! Initial pressing of 200 copies, comes with a printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! PREENING- Gang Laughter - LP - DIGITAL REGRESS

click to enlarge Following three 7"s, here's their first vinyl album. Oakland three-piece PREENING is Max Nordile (saxophone & vocals), Alejandra Alcala (bass &vocals), and Sam Lefebvre (drums). Their sound is a stripped-down but energetic, confrontational and DaDaistic No Wave version, reminiscent of the BLURT, CONTORTIONS, and very early HALF JAPANESE. LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! BAUS- Songs To Snake To - LP - DIGITAL REGRESS

click to enlarge Latest release by trio from Oakland/California, with a sound in between catchy Post-Punk à la DELTA 5 or KLEENEX and off-kilter No Wave like MARS or ESG. Noisy pop-song with a definite punk edge, and with experimental variation, making this an exceptionally cool and fun listening pleasure. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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New Release! AUTOCLAVE- s/t - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge For the first time on vinyl, the complete recordings by this female quartet from Washington DC, active during 1990/91. After their split, Christina Billotte formed SLANT 6, and Mary Timony played in various bands/projects, including HELIUM and currently in EX HEX.
10 songs in full, remastered from the original tapes.

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