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click to enlarge The SLEAFORD MODS have parted their ways with ROUGH TRADE, and their fifth studio-album (12 new tracks) is now released on their own newly founded EXTREME EATING label. Comes with download-code included!

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Eton Alive (german version) - LP(COL.) - EXTREME EATING

click to enlarge The only difference to the english version are the tracklist and credits written in german on the back-cover... and yes, it's pressed on pink vinyl.

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New Release! CHROME JACKSON- Invertebrate Waltz - LP

click to enlarge CHROME JACKSON is Stephen Mattos (guitarist in DOOMSDAY STUDENT, ARAB ON RADAR and ATHLETIC AUTOMATON), and this is the new, second and self-released full album of his solo-/side-project. Instrumental soundscapes, reminiscent of the bands he is/was playing in, but with a more experimental and avantagardistic approach. Limited edition of 250 copies!

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click to enlarge Debut album by THE COLUMN aka Reuben Sawyer, a.o. projects also working with singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe. His solo-album contains 8 tracks of dark Dream-Pop alike Post-Punk/New Wave, retro sounding like it could be from the mid-80s, very much in a similar vein as bands like the COMSAT ANGELS and THE SOUND used to be. Limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl.

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New Release! DEATH BELLS- Echoes/Move Me Through - 7" - FUNERAL PARTY RECORDS

click to enlarge Post-Punk from Sydney/Australia, with a Shoegaze/New Wave appeal. Limited edition single featuring the bands newest songs. "Echoes" has a melancholic ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN feel to it (ha!), while "Move Me Through" is a more upbeat danceable New Wave tune.

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New Release! JENNY PULSE- Marmalade - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge New album by Chicago based musician, previously known as SPA MOANS.
The change of pseudonym also indicates a change of direction: 7 tracks experimenting with influences from Synth-Pop, New Wave and Chicago House, melting it into dreamy Techno-Dance-Pop jams with tenderly breathy vocals.

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click to enlarge New record from this Belgian trio with 5 tracks of their Synth-Punk. No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals. Same line-up as the YOUNG GODS, but definitely more in a punk-rocking style, maybe comparable to bands like the SCREAMERS or UNITS...

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New Release! LANDOWNER- Impressive Almanac - MC+MP3

click to enlarge The "Blatant" LP was undoubtedly one of the best Post-Punk related albums on 2018, and here's now finally with us as well, the previously released cassette! 15 songs on this tape, adding up to exactly what the title suggests: An impressive almanac of excellent modern Post-Punk! And it comes with a download-code included as well!

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New Release! LE SINGE BLANC- Arrebato - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this noisy experimental trio (two basses, one drummer/singer) from Metz/France. 10 tracks of avantgardist Weirdo-DaDa-Prog-Rock. Psychic and bouncy. Almost impossible to describe... Take a listen here:

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New Release! MURDERER- I Did It All For You - LP - TOXIC STATE RECORDS

click to enlarge First full-length album by this trio from New York City, including Hank Wood (of the HAMMERHEADS) on guitar/vocals. It's Punk in its purest form, at times sounding like early WIRE with the atmosphere of the WIPERS, filled with hooks and chanted choruses, almost reminiscent of early Oi! Street-Punk stuff. The LP contains 15 tracks, and comes exquisitely packaged in a silkscreened cover, with silkscreened innersleeve(!), and poster included!

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