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Newest arrivals

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New Release! MOP BUCKETS- s/t - 12" - ORDER05RECORDS

click to enlarge Los Angeles quartet of underground scene veterans: Michael Crain (DEAD CROSS, CUNTS, RETOX, FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER), Mathew Cronk (CUNTS, QUI) and Kevin Avery (CUNTS, RETOX). So basically it's pretty much the follow-up band to the CUNTS, who released an album on IPECAC in 2019, with the addition of Ryan McGuffin, formerly in OKIE DOKIE, who released a brilliant 10" on AAGOO RECORDS back in 2009. 6 tracks of heavy Hardcore-Thrash. Limited run of 300 copies, one-sided 12"vinyl, etched graphics on the backside, and lyricsheet included.

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New Release! ZAP- #159 - Winter 2022 - A4

click to enlarge Eben gerade eingetroffen, die neue und erste Ausgabe für 2022. 60 bunt bedruckte A4-Seiten auf dem raren Rohstoffmaterial Papier.

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New Release! PURITY- Live In Los Angeles - LP - POST PRESENT MEDIUM

click to enlarge A project featuring members of P22 and BEHAVIOR, in form of a "cover-band". Originally only meant to be a live act, and despite the title, it's studio-recordings. This LP contains interpretations of Punk, Hardcore and New Wave classics in a surprising, confusing and weird way. Total minimalism, repetitive and reduced to the bones. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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click to enlarge New record by this band from Washington State. Contains 8 tracks. A sonic banger of blown-out Hardcore, like fusing the aggression of BLACK FLAG with the fuzzed-out madness of VOID. Comes with poster and lyric-sheet included.

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New Release! SKEEZICKS- Discography 1985-1987 - 2XLP / 2XLP(COL.)

click to enlarge Originally supposed to be coming out in early October on REFUSE RECORDS (with the permission of X-MIST), but after lots of delays, now really and definitely available!
The complete discography (and more) from legendary german Hardcore pioneers SKEEZICKS - along with the SPERMBIRDS and HOSTAGES OF AYATOLLAH, one of the first US-Hardcore influenced bands in Germany... 42 tracks in full, and it comes with a booklet included, featuring photos, flyers, lyrics and linernotes.
Pressing info: 304 copies on yellow vinyls, 366 copies on black vinyls.

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New Release! ALTE SAU- Öl Im Bauch - LP - MAJOR LABEL

click to enlarge Neues Album der anderen aktuellen Band mit Jens Rachut am Gesang. Während es bei MAULGRUPPE eher im Stile des Noise-Rocks Schwarzwälder Prägung (KURT, TEN VOLT SHOCK, YASS) zugeht, bieten ALTE SAU eine Art von "Hamburger Schule" (wenn man so will) zwischen Freak-Wave und Beat-Pop. Geführt von einer Orgel, getrieben von einem Schlagzeug, Rebecca Oehms und Raoul Doré (ex-AMTRAK, DIE CHARTS). Neuerdings (auf dieser LP) auch mit Thomas Wenzel (ehemals DIE STERNE) an der Gitarre. Also genau so wenig geeignet für ANGESCHISSEN/DACKELBLUT/OMA HANS Nostalgiker wie die MAULGRUPPE. Natürlich inklusive Textblatt und Download-Code.

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New Release! CLEAR HISTORY- Bad Advice Good People - 12"+MP3 - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Debut-vinyl with 6 songs by this Post Punk trio from Berlin (incl. the former drummer of DROPOUT PATROL). Actually reminding of the early 80s "Twee Pop" era, with influences from the SLITS and KLEENEX, to SLEATER-KINNEY and FUGAZI. Minimalistically structured, a reduced instrumenation, but on full-energy level, and with polyphonic and harmonic vocals. Pressed on heavy black 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! HIGH QUALITY GIRLS- Kürschnerblüte/Satt Und Schuldig - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge Alle paar Jahre gibt's ein Lebenszeichen der Hamburger Post-Punk/Noise-Rock Band. Dieses Mal in Form einer limitierten Single, verpackt in einem bunten Kartoncover und zwei echten Smashern drauf. Interessanterweise lassen sich da absolut Parallelen ziehen zum Sound und Stil von GEWALT. Allerdings mit etwas mehr nach vorn gehendem Drive und weniger Pathos im Vortrag.

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New Release! KAPUTT- Movement Now/Another War Talk - 7"COL. - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge With ordering the new releases from CLEAR HISTORY and SCREENSAVER, we took the chance getting some copies of this 7"single as well. KAPUTT are a 6-piece band from Glasgow, including dual vocals, two drummers and a saxophonist, delivering two tracks of explosive and vibrant Post-Punk mania! Limited edition on blue vinyl.

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New Release! SCREENSAVER- Expressions Of Interest - LP - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge UK/Euro pressing of the album by this Australian band, including Chris Stephenson, former guitarist of SPRAY PAINT, and Krystal Maynard (ex BAD VISION) on vocals. The 10 tracks are paying homage to the late 70s/early 80s New Wave and dark Post-Punk, taking their inspiration from bands like the BANSHEES, the CURE, and JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER. Gripping vocals, dissonant guitar, melodic basslines, waves of synths and motorik drumming, combined to a dystopian yet danceable sound. Each one out of the ten songs comes with a catchy hit-appeal, and the LP comes with a printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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