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New Release! BIKINI KILL- The Singles - 12"+MP3 - BIKINI KILL RECORDS

click to enlarge *release date: 25.09.2018*
For the first time on vinyl! Initially released in 1998 as a CD-only compilation of all of Bikini Kill's 7"s, "New Radio" (1993), "Anti Pleasure Dissertation" (1995), and "I Like Fucking" (1995). 9 tracks in full on vinyl, with download-code included!

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New Release! BUSH TETRAS- Take The Fall - 12"+MP3 - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge The return of the New York No Wave/Post-Punk legend, with their first recordings since more than 10 years. 5 songs going full force in their brandmark sound and style. Kinda funny it's being released on the same label as the records by SEDIMENT CLUB, the band of singer Cynthia Sley's son Austin.

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New Release! CHANNELS, THE- Double Negative - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge Superbly great Post-No Wave album from New Englands THE CHANNELS, featuring ex-members and collaborators of GUERILLA TOSS. Their sound comes from a perfect understanding of combining rhythms with the Punk and Noise experiments as invented by NYC's No Wave groups in the 80s, and channelling it into finely structured and surprisingly accessible songs. Rhythmically pounding, excitingly filled with percussive surprises, and electronical distortion effects... Like a mixture of SPRAY PAINT and the HOUSEWIVES, or like GUERILLA TOSS meeting with MAHJONGG (the sadly underrated great band from Chicago earlier this century).

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New Release! CHILD'S POSE- s/t 4Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Queer/feminist Post-Punk from London/UK, released on NERVOUS ENERGY RECORDS. Caustic Pop, spicey and sharp, with a rollicking punked-up intensity! If you dig bands like the CRUMBS, NACHTHEXEN or STRUCTURE, you should definitely check this out!

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New Release! CLAYFACE- 8-Song E.P. - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Als "Hardcore Punk für die reifere Jugend" bezeichet diese neue Nürnberger Band in selbstironischer Weise ihre Musik. Was nicht heissen soll, dass das nicht ernst zu nehmen wäre. Aber die Einflüsse, die hier zum tragen kommen, lassen sich in den 80ern/90ern datieren. Rasanter und mächtig donnernder Hardcore-Punk à la HAMMERHEAD & Co., von Leuten die wissen wie man so was kompetent und gut macht (denn die Band setzt sich aus altbekannten Gesichtern der Nürnberger Punk Szene zusammen)... und sollte der Bandname eventuell eine Anspielung auf das Label CLAY RECORDS sein?

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New Release! CONSUMER ELECTRONICS- Hostility Blues/The Weight - 7" - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge Brandnew single from this Electronic Noise Punk outfit, including Philip Best (previously also in WHITEHOUSE, SKULLFLOWER and RAMLEH)! "Hostility Blues" is viciously distorted electronics to the savagely raging and hateful vocals, spit out with anger and fury by Sarah Froelich. Alarming and frightening! "The Weight" features dual vocals, Sarah Froelich and Phlip Best shouting and screaming. And actually the single comes across effectively like an Electro-Noise version of NOH MERCY.

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click to enlarge A twopiece from Monterrey/Mexico, drummer Dani and singer/guitarist Violeta (formerly in RATAS DEL VATICANO) delivering a hurricane of 9 highspeed Punk bursts with a fiery rage. Venomous fast and raw and ripping latin-american punk! Comes with (all Spanish) lyricsheet included.

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New Release! DATENIGHT- Comin' Atcha 100mph - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge *Back in stock again!* Wow, what a fucking great record!!! Nashville teenagers DATENIGHT have finally realized their first full-length vinyl album, and it has turned into one of the BEST Punk records in many years!!! 12 no-frills jammers, raunchy rocking, hook-laden, often anthemic! References could be cited from Flying Nun bands like THE CLEAN, to the FEELIES, the early REPLACEMENTS, and as well THE FALL! But what may sound like it could be almost a "compilation of influences", is actually a spirited and inspired, non-stop fully entertaining Post-Punk smasher! Such a young band with a such a convincingly great sound. Almost unbelievable. Limited edition of 200 copies only – and the label was kind enough to send us some of the VERY LAST COPIES!!! Get this absolutely awesome records while you can...

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New Release! ESCAPE-ISM- The Lost Record - CD / LP / LP(COL.) - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge The 2nd solo-album by agent provocateur, revolutionary and entertainer Ian Svenonius! Following the debut "Introduction To...", here's 12 more tracks of his soulful and sophisticated Electro-Rock'n'Roll. Reminiscent of SUICIDE, and not unlike his other project XYZ (with French guitarist Didier Balducci), but more minimalistically stripped down in both sounds and styles.
Available as standard black vinyl version, or limited edition on clear vinyl, both with download-code included, or as a digipak CD.

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New Release! EYES OF LOVE- End Of The Game - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge First idea popping into my mind when listening to this: fIREHOSE! And the EYES OF LOVE surely have a lot of resemblances to the sound of that post-MINUTEMEN outfit. But there's surely more to it, having melancholic moments and beautiful little alternative pop pearls as well. VAMPIRE WEEKEND can serve as a comparison as well. EYES OF LOVE is the project of singer/songwriter Andrea Schiavelli, recorded with the support of other musicians (from PALBERTA, SWEET BABY JESUS, SHIMMER, etc.), and adding strings or piano into the perfectly detailed arrangements of his songs.

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