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click to enlarge Some remnaints of this 4Song-EP, released for Record Store Day in 2018, in a limited edition of 500 copies on grey vinyl! “Dark Places” is the newest EP by this legendary group, featuring founder, songwriter and agitator Mark Perry (author of SNIFFIN GLUE fanzine in 1977). Four songs cascading from rocking Post-Punk to abstract minimalist electronic approaches. Featuring as well the guest appearance of another legendary figure, Vic Godard on guitar on one track.

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New Release! BRAINIAC- Electro-Shock For President - LP(COL.) - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Reissue! Limited edition of 1000 copies on white vinyl, with download-code included. Originally released in 1997, this was the final EP (6 songs) by this Electro-Noise-Rock band from Dayton/Ohio, recorded shortly before the tragic death of singer Tim Taylor.

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click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 100 copies, stickered cover, with insert and download-code included. Contains 6 new tracks by BUNKER CITY, a married couple from Oldenburg/Germany, offering variations of Post-Punk sounds and styles. And 10 minutes of noise by Carsten Vollmer, reminiscent of turning the knobs on an old broken shortwave radio.

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New Release! CHROME JACKSON- Invertebrate Waltz - LP

click to enlarge CHROME JACKSON is Stephen Mattos (guitarist in DOOMSDAY STUDENT, ARAB ON RADAR and ATHLETIC AUTOMATON), and this is the new, second and self-released full album of his solo-/side-project. Instrumental soundscapes, reminiscent of the bands he is/was playing in, but with a more experimental and avantagardistic approach. Limited edition of 250 copies!

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New Release! COATHANGERS- The Devil You Know - LP(COL.) - SUICIDE SQUEEZE

click to enlarge Limited edition on green-splattered vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included. New full album with 11 songs of bittersweet rocking Pop-Punk tunes by this girl trio from Atlanta/Georgia.

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New Release! COLLATE- Communcation/Selective Memory - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge New single by this band from Portland/Oregon, released on MARKET SQUARE in a limited edition of 300 copies with risograph-printed sleeve, insert and download-code included. Their jagged, disjointed and aggressive sound will surely appeal to fans of classic Post-Punk, No Wave and Mutant Funk. In a similar vein as their hometown colleagues the LITHICS, somewhere in between DELTA 5, PYLON, and very early the FALL, the PRATS or JOSEF K, with a hard and raunchy edge to it.

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New Release! GAD WHIP- Post Internet Blues - CD - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS

click to enlarge Now also available as a CD, including the full album, and as bonus-tracks the 4 songs previously released on the "In A Room" 12".
GAD WHIP blend avantgarde sensibilities with a contemporary take on the place where D.I.Y. culture meets Post-Punk, hints of deconstructed Garage Rock and interstellar voyaging through sweat-drenched waking dreams. Immediate, powerful, confounding and kept in place by wry, sometimes observational, semi-spoken vocals that recall Jason Williamson and the late Mark E. Smith, this is music primed perfect for any 21st century meltdown in a suburban sprawl.

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click to enlarge Ein neues Album, ein Rundumschlag der GOLDENEN ZITRONEN zur aktuellen Situation von Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur. In den 11 Songs dieses neuen Albums sparen sie nicht mit Kritik und ätzendem Spott und teilen aus nach rechts (gegen die AfD) wie links (gegen den schwarzen Block)...

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New Release! HARNRÖHRER- s/t 4Song-EP - 7" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Originalgetreue Nachpressung des deutschen Punk-Klassiker von 1982! Damals erschienen auf POGAR, dem Label des Berliner VINYL BOOGIE Ladens und Mailorders - die Band selbst kam aber aus Freiburg.

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click to enlarge Das dritte Album der Hamburger Post-Punk Band (die beiden Vorgänger erschienen bei FIDEL BASTRO) als limitierte Pressung von 200 Exemplaren. Gitarre, Bass, Gesang und Drum-Computer lassen auf eine BIG BLACK Prägung oder einen GEWALT Vergleich schliessen (gesungen wird bei den HIGH QUALITY GIRLS auch auf deutsch). Bis zu einem gewissen Grad passt das auch. Aber bei den HQG kommt auch noch ein Schuß "Hamburger Schule" mit ins Spiel... und teilweise hat das einen FLIPPER oder KILLDOZER trifft auf die GOLDENEN ZITRONEN Charakter.

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