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New Release! ATLANTIKSCHWIMMER- s/t (ZickZack) - 12" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Reissue of the 12" originally released in 1985 on ZICK ZACK. Following their KASSETTO FIX tape, the 6 songs on this 12" were going even more for a cold, dark and depressive Wave-Sound, similar to bands like the CURE, COMSAT ANGELS or THE SOUND. A special element on these recordings was the use of an accordion.

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New Release! ATTWENGER- Drum - CD / LP(COL.) - TRIKONT

click to enlarge Sieben Jahre ist es her, daß das supergeniale Album "Spot" erschien. Drum wurd's Zeit für ein Neues. Für manche (wie uns) sind ATTWENGER eine der besten Bands der Welt, im deutschsprachigen Raum sowieso. Andere können damit gar nix anfangen. Vielleicht liegt's an der Sprachbarriere? Aber sei's DRUM. Hier attwengert es wieder vom Feinsten! 15 neue Stücke mit allem Drum und Dran, als LP (inklusive Download-Code) in limitierter Auflage auf orange-farbenem Vinyl, oder als CD.

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New Release! BLACK PUS- All Aboard The Magic Pus - LP - LIMITED APPEAL RECORDS

click to enlarge BLACK PUS = Brian Chippendale of LIGHTNING BOLT. Originally released in 2008 as CD-only, now finally also available VINYL. Heavily rhythmical, coming across with the same visceral force and intensitiy as LIGHTNING BOLT, but replacing the bass mostly with electronics, and even a bit more melody-oriented song structures. Heavy Industrial Noise-Pop? At times, and then again way more than that. Creativity is the keyword to this album – and that goes for the very special and pretty cool packaging as well, making each copy at uniqe item!

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click to enlarge First album by band from Philadelphia. Coming from a Hardcore background (members having been in bands like SALVATION , CULT RITUAL and MERCHANDISE), but progressing into a Post-Rock vein, this band is capturing both: The intensity and fury of Hardcore, combining it with a complex virtuosity. Sometimes like a Hardcore variant of NOMEANSNO and VICTIMS FAMILY, or even SLINT and TORTOISE, and for sure they're reminding me of HELL NO! Definitely an unconventional, challenging and highly recommendable album!
Pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet included.

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New Release! CHILD'S POSE- Eyes To The Right - 7" - THRILLING LIVING RECORDS

click to enlarge 2nd EP with 4 new songs by this London-based band, featuring members of SARCASM, SAUNA YOUTH, and fronted by singer Sop(hie). Evoking the spirit of bands like the AU PAIRS and DELTA 5, spicy and sharp Post-Punk, sounding like a rollicking and more punked-up version of bands like NACHTHEXEN or SHOPPING. Released in a limited edition of 400 copies, full-color sleeve and risograph-print lyricsheet.

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New Release! COLLATE- Medicine/Genesis Fatigue - 7"+MP3 - DOMESTIC DEPARTURE

click to enlarge Second 7" by this band from Portland/Oregon. A hit-single with two razorsharp, angular and abrasive No Wave/Post-Punk bangers. If you dig bands like the LITHICS or NEUTRALS, then this perfect match! Released in a limited edition of 500 copies, with two-color risographed cover, insert and download-code included.

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New Release! DAS DAS- s/t - LP - DETRITI RECORDS

click to enlarge Released last year digitally and as cassettes, and now we got as well some copies of the vinyl in stock here! Contains 9 songs by this duo from Berlin, an exceptionally great and fascinating mixture of Minimal-Synth and Electro-Garage-Trash-Punk. LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! DRY CLEANING- New Long Leg - CD - 4AD

click to enlarge *LP currently out of stock - repress expected late MAY!*
The highly anticipated first full album by this band from London. Another Avant-Post-Punk band, but an outstanding one, sounding like no others. It's feverish and dry cold at the same time. The AU PAIRS may come to mind as a reference (or "Songs Of The Free" period GANG OF FOUR, and a touch of G.vs.B.), but there's more to DRY CLEANING, with a sound, style and charm of their own.

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New Release! FUGAZI- s/t - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Their CLASSIC first mini-album (7 songs)! Remastered and with download-code included!
Current repress on RED VINYL!

currently out of stock

New Release! GRÜNER STAR- Hauptsache Es Bleibt Friedlich - LP - DIAN

click to enlarge Zweite LP der Hamburger "All-Star Band" (ex-SCHNELLER AUTOS ORG, DIE CHARTS, GRAF ZAHL, etc.). 12 neue Songs, treibend und harmonisch, zwischen Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk und Hamburger Schule. Perfekt in Szene von Mense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN, u.v.m.). LP-Pressung auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, inklusive einem super-stylish chicen 24-seitigen Booklet (im Format 23x23cm) mit Texten und Artwork. Gratis-Download gibt's auch.

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