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New Release! ALPHA HOPPER- Alpha Hex Index - CD / LP(COL.) - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Highly anticipated third album by this amazing band from Buffalo, New York. Contains 12 new tracks, blending the best aspects of Art-Punk, Hardcore, Noise-Rock and No Wave into their own frenetic style. A blazing wall-of-sound, vigorous and catchy, fronted by brilliant singer Irene. LP comes as limited edition, pressed on gold-haze vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! DUMP- Hypocrite Dance - LP - FONORADAR

click to enlarge Reissue and for the first time on vinyl, early Noise-Rock pioneers from Poland, originally released on tape in 1994. DUMP were the "house-band" of the OUTside label, which licensed cassette-versions of releases from Sub Pop, AmRep and Glitterhouse in the early 90ies. And this will give you an idea by which sound and style DUMP were influenced...

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New Release! FAMILIE HESSELBACH / DIE SACHE- Transmission - MC

click to enlarge Eine C90-Cassette mit den Mitschnitten des Doppelkonzertes zu Ehren und als Hommage an den verstorbenen Handke Hesselbach, Gründungsmitglied der Kult-Band und Tübinger Szene-Ikone. Auf der A-Seite die FAMILIE HESSELBACH, logischerweise ohne Handke (ersetzt durch Le Marquis/die Sache). Auf der B-Seite die mit den Hesselbachs in vielerlei Hinsicht und von Anfang an verbundene und verbandelte Tübinger Beat-Band die Sache. Alles in erstklassiger Soundboard-Qualität.

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New Release! FREAK GENES- Power Station - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Latest full-length album by this British duo. With the 12 tracks on this new LP, they're delving even more into New Wave Synth-Pop territory than on their three previous albums. A retro-futuristic sound and style, reminiscent of GARY NUMAN, FLYING LIZARDS, and a touch of DEVO in some songs. Nicely packaged in a colourful sleeve with relief-print, insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge *Repressed and back in stock now again!* The superb new album by this band from Massachusetts, whose "Blatant" LP was one of best punk-related albums in 2018 (and many years). A highly political album reflecting the recent state of the USA and world. The worst times often result into the most innovative artistic expressions, and here's one of the finest evidences for this thesis! Lots of references and comparisons could be drawn while listening to this album, from MINUTEMEN to the VAN PELT, from SWELL MAPS and the FALL to LUNGFISH and SHELLAC or MY DISCO...
But overall and in the end, this is an unique and mesmerizing album that stands on its own. Comes with two inserts (lyrics & graphic art) and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Cassette version of the third album by this Austrian trio. 8 new tracks of their fuzz-thundered wall-of-noise Rock. Equally for fans of PISSED JEANS, METZ or SONIC YOUTH and NIRVANA.

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click to enlarge The 2nd album from this Leipzig-Vienna connection. Following their amazing first LP, here's 9 more tracks of their truly bizarre Post-Punk madness. Electronically infused Mutant-Punk, with lyrics sung in Austrian dialect (and English translations provided). Limited edition packaged in a silkscreened sleeve.

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New Release! SCHUBSEN- Sprachfetzen - 12"+MP3 - SWING DELUXE

click to enlarge Neue Mini-LP (6 Songs) der Band aus Nürnberg. Knackig treibender Post-Punk/Indie-Rock, musikalisch zwischen der alten Hamburger Schule (in der Tradition von OZSWMK und KOLOSSALE JUGEND) und Bands wie KARIES und DIE NERVEN. Auch textlich "Diskurspop", denn alle 6 Songs behandeln in wohlformulierter Weise das Thema Sprache, deren Wirkung und Macht, speziell in Zeiten von Social Media.
Einen Song (bisher) kann man hier hören:

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click to enlarge Latest project of Ian Teeple (a.o. WARM BODIES) from Kansas City, going for a minimalist late 70s punk-sound, but with an eclectic approach. Comparisons with bands like DEAD MILKMEN, DEVO or DOW JONES & THE INDUSTRIALS may come to mind, but also references to the WIPERS and RED KROSS can be heard. Entertaining and fun. 13 songs on vinyl, with insert and download-coded included.

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New Release! SMARTS- Who Needs Smarts Anyway? - LP(COL.) - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge *Repress on orange-colored vinyl, limited to only 100 copies!*
Stunning debut-album by this band from Melbourne/Australia. They’re like easily bridging the gap between quirky American New Wave (like DEVO or GEZA X) and rapidly fast-paced and frantic Punk (think of ANGRY SAMOANS). Maybe in a similar vein to what's being called "Egg Punk" (from labels like LUMPY RECORDS, TOTAL PUNK, etc.), but lot more refreshing, and with an original extension to that style and sound. LP comes with insert and download-code included. The SMARTS are playful, frenetic and fun, smart and a class of their own.

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