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New Release! 100BLUMEN- Oktober/Fences - 7"+MP3 - PLASTIC BOMB

click to enlarge Neue Single der Düsseldorfer Drum-And-Bass Electro-Punk Band. Vergleichbar mit EGOTRONIC, allerdings nicht ganz so "vordergründig plakativ" und mit erhöhtem Punk-Smasher Faktor! Inklusive Download-Code, mit dem man noch 3 weitere Stücke als Bonus runterladen kann.

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New Release! ALL DIESE GEWALT!- Kein Punkt Wird Mehr Fixiert - LP - TREIBENDER TEPPICH RECORDS

click to enlarge Nachpressung des ersten Solo-Albums von Max Rieger (DIE NERVEN).

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New Release! API UIZ- Peplum - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Experimental Post-Punk from Bordeaux/France, in a similar vein as bands like the EX, DOG FACED HERMANS and ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP. 7 tracks, all purely instrumental but with lots of variation, inventiveness and a colourful Punk spirit. Energy, joy and tension.

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New Release! CHAIN AND THE GANG- Experimental Music - LP - RADICAL ELITE RECORDS

click to enlarge Brandnew & brilliant(!) album by Ian Svenonius and the gang, here consisting of an all-star cast featuring ex- and current members of TYVEK, the GORIES, and more. And this new one is going competely opposite to the previous albums: No more minimum Rock’n’Roll in sound, but big, fat, bright and pounding. And don't get puzzled by the title of the album, actually it's more like a direct answer to experimental music and putting an end to it. And overall it's FUCKING GREAT!!!(LP with download-code included)

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New Release! COOLHAVEN- Rode Pruik - 10" - RED WIG

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies, 10"vinyl combined with a 24-page comicbook, featuring artwork by Johannes van de Weert, former singer of RONDOS. Rotterdam's COOLHAVEN performing cover-versions of the RONDOS and TANDSTICKORSHOCKS, combining the minimal Punk style of the late 70s with Gabber-Hardcore-Beat, typical for Rotterdam in the 90s. And it works brilliantly! Not only a great tribute resp. homage to their hometown, doing more than justice to the originals. Couldn't find a link to listen to, so you just have to believe me, it's not only an enormously enjoyable record, but also highly educational!

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New Release! DUDS- Of A Nature Or Degree - LP - CASTLE FACE RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut album from Manchester Post-Punk band DUDS. Actually sounding like they could've been an early 80s band from either Edinburgh or Bristol as well... That means: Their sound is reminiscent of bands like the FIRE ENGINES and JOSEF K, but as well of MAXIMUM JOY and ELECTRIC GUITARS. But with an inventive approach and variation, being experimental (in the widest and best sense) in similar veins as the MEKONS, THE EX or XTC.

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New Release! ESCAPE-ISM- Introduction To - LP - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge The ultimate Ian Svenonius album! Known from NATION OF ULYSSES, the MAKE-UP, CHAIN AND THE GANG, and lots more, here's (one of) the greatest performers of our times in all his ingenious purity. 9 songs recorded with guitar, drum-box, tape-recorder only, and of course his incomparable voice. It's as spartanic as it is spectacular, as much stupid nonsense as sophisticated elaboration, as brilliant as lunatic. Maybe as much and in a comparable vein controversial as SUICIDE were in 1977, but by no means nostalgic or retrospective!

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New Release! FLUID TO GAS- On Air - 7"+MP3 - F-SPIN

click to enlarge New EP by this band from Bonn/Germany, existing since the mid-90s, 11 years after their latest release ("Lemons For Lunch" CD). Here's now 4 new songs in their Dischord-influenced style, most notably FUGAZI, SOULSIDE and GvsB... ex-capitol city dusters, I'm tempted to say ;-) Exquisitely styled packaging, incl. insert, stickers and download-code.

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click to enlarge Their new third full album, subtitled on the frontcover as "The Nietzschean Supermen of Dustbin Rock", and that's exactly what you get! A totally cool and truly ingenious punk-as-fuck smasher! 13 tracks of pure fucking madness. And it should be mentioned that each of their three LPs stands on its own, each one being a masterpiece in its own standards! This new one no less than the other two before! Cover with golden print, and golden vinyl as well!

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click to enlarge The Everything Sucks Music Label surely has a knack for great and catchy sounding female-fronted Pop-Punk bands, and the JUST BLANKETS from Brighton/UK are just another perfect proof! EP with 4 captivating tunes, reminiscent of the PRETENDERS, or the happy days of bands like GIRLS AT OUR BEST and ALTERED IMAGES. Limited edition of 300 on opaque-blue vinyl, with download-code included.

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