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New Release! GAD WHIP- Fanimal Arms - LP

click to enlarge *In stock again! The VERY LAST copies available!*
The self-released new album from England's GAD WHIP. Limited edition to 100 copies only(!), in fully crafted sleeves with tipped-on front-cover featuring individual collage artwork, and printed on the backside. So EACH copy is almost like an unique item! Get it while you can, since it's musically brilliant as well. Even though I hate to admit, it's even better than "Post Internet Blues" on X-Mist...
Listen here and check out what others have to say (with some reviews featured there as well): - or enjoy this video:

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click to enlarge Following the "Match Game" EP, here's the second full album by John Toohill's solo-project (member of ALPHA HOPPER, SPIT KINK). Full-on ferocious and frenetic, wild and catchy, distorted and kicking Trash-Punk attacks.
First pressing of 500 copies comes with poster, download-code, and a bonus flexi-single containing one more exclusive song.

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New Release! SOULSIDE- This Ship - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The band's first new music since 1989, recorded during their European reunion shows in late 2019 at Jamor Studio in Prague. Coming almost exactly 30 years after their final testament, the "Bass/103" single, this one picks up exactly where they had left off.

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New Release! MINOR THREAT- s/t (Singles) - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge *In stock again!* The latest edition of this LP combining their orginal 7"s from 1981. Blue cover, lyric-sheet and download-code included, pressed on blue vinyl! DC-Hardcore CLASSICS!

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New Release! SLOW WORRIES- Careful Climb - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge First full abum (10 songs) by this band from Amsterdam. Their line-up with three girls and one boy is reminiscent of BIKINI KILL, but their sound is closer to the post-punkish Indie-Rock of bands like the BREEDERS, PLACEBO, HELIUM or SLEATER-KINNEY...

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New Release! CLIQUEY BITCHES- Scorpio Scorpio - 12"+MP3 - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Los Angeles based punky-pop (or Pop-Punk) supergroup, featuring Allison Wolfe (BRATMOBILE) on vocals, Alice Bag (THE BAGS) on keyboards/vocals, and Seth Bogart (GRAVY TRAIN, HUNX AND HIS PUNX) on guitar, beats and vocals. And the 6 songs are fully delivering what you'd expect from such a line-up! Comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included. Reference coming to mind: LE TIGRE

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New Release! CRACK CLOUD- Pain Olympics - LP - MEAT MACHINE

click to enlarge The first full album by this amazing multi-media collective from Vancouver/Canada. A psychic trip with 8 tracks crossing through all kinds of modern pop styles, from Post-Punk over Afro-Beat to Hip-Hop, and all the more. A utopian post-everything affair.

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New Release! USA NAILS- Character Stop - LP(COL.) - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge The new and 5th album from London-based Noise-Rock/Post-Punk band. Contains 11 more tracks of their rousing and raging, rumbling and noisy distorted songs. More of a dystopian feel to it than on the predecessor "Life Cinema", partly reminding of the BIRTHDAY PARTY (meeting with METZ and GAD WHIP, eheh). Limited edition on green-transparent colored vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! BETON COMBO- Perfektion Ist Sache Der Götter - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Reissue of the Wall City Punk album, originally released in 1981 on AGGRESSIVE ROCKPRODUKTIONEN. Remastered, and the original artwork complemented with a 20-page booklet, including lyrics, photos, collages and documents from the band's archive.

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New Release! DIE LETZTEN ECKEN- s/t - 12" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Music from Berlin-based Allee Der Kosmonauten camp, what means this trio features members of AUS, PIGEON, GESTURE, etc. Vinyl contains 6 songs of dark, ice-cold and repetitive Synth-Wave, inspired by bands such as LIAISONS DANGEREUSES, DAF and X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND. It's from 2020, but could be as well directly from 1980.

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