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New Release! ON VACATION- URLAUB - n/a

We are currently out of the office and on vacation until 06.JUNE!
We'll get back to you as soon as returning back to work again. Thanks for your patience.
Wir sind bis einschliesslich 6.JUNI im Urlaub.
Anfragen und Bestellungen können wir erst nach unserer Rückkehr bearbeiten... Vielen Dank für eure Geduld!

currently out of stock

New Release! LITHICS- Mating Surfaces - LP - KILL ROCK STARS

click to enlarge ***in stock and available here on JUNE 7 (right after returning from our vacation)***
The highly anticipated second album by this great band from Portland/Oregon. Contains 12 new songs of their nervously funky, energetically intense and danceable No Wave Post-Punk. Stylistically sounding like a tasty melange of the BUSH TETRAS, AU PAIRS and UT...

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New Release! CHANNELS, THE- Double Negative - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge Superbly great Post-No Wave album from New Englands THE CHANNELS, featuring ex-members and collaborators of GUERILLA TOSS. Their sound comes from a perfect understanding of combining rhythms with the Punk and Noise experiments as invented by NYC's No Wave groups in the 80s, and channelling it into finely structured and surprisingly accessible songs. Rhythmically pounding, excitingly filled with percussive surprises, and electronical distortion effects... Like a mixture of SPRAY PAINT and the HOUSEWIVES, or like GUERILLA TOSS meeting with MAHJONGG (the sadly underrated great band from Chicago earlier this century).

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New Release! DATENIGHT- Comin' Atcha 100mph - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge Wow! What a fucking great record! Nashville teenagers DATENIGHT have finally realized their first full-length vinyl album, and it has turned into one of the BEST Punk records in many years!!! 12 no-frills jammers, raunchy rocking, hook-laden, often anthemic! References could be cited from Flying Nun bands like THE CLEAN, to the FEELIES, the early REPLACEMENTS, and as well THE FALL! But what may sound like it could be almost a "compilation of influences", is actually a spirited and inspired, non-stop fully entertaining Post-Punk smasher! Such a young band with a such a convincingly great sound. Almost unbelievable. Limited edition of 200 copies only! Get this absolutely awesome records while you can...

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click to enlarge The third and undoubtedly best album by this band from New York City. 10 tracks full of rage, aggression and infectiously rousing! Wow, hit after hit! Finally recordings that live up to the bands exciting live-performances.
LP comes in a silkscreened cover, printed innersleeve and with a huge poster included!

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New Release! RED HARE- Little Acts Of Destruction - CD / LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The second full-length by RED HARE from Washington DC, who are Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, and Dave Eight - all former members of SWIZ - and drummer Joe Gorelick (ex-GARDEN VARIETY). The record includes 14 songs and was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins. The CD version includes three extra tracks from the band's previously released "Lexicon Mist".

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New Release! DIVISION OF LAURA LEE- Hollow Pricks - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge Limited edition on yellow vinyl, with download-code included. First release for this Swedish band since 2013, and 20 years after their first release on LOVITT, back again on this DC-based label. This single contains one new track, "Hollow Pricks" being a pumping and anthemic Punk Rock song, that somehow reminds of GOVERNMENT ISSUE, and a live-recording of "Three Guitars" (a song from their "Violence Is Timeless" LP, released in 2008).

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click to enlarge Instrumental trio from Washington DC, featuring FUGAZI members Brendan Canty (drums) and Joe Lally (bass), along with guitarist Anthony Pirog, who’s coming from a Jazz/Experimental background. Their debut album contains 9 songs, recorded live and mostly without overdubs. Progressive Rock, with lots of guitar soloing and improvisation, based on a strong rhythm section.

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New Release! DOG CHOCOLATE- Moody Balloon Baby - LP - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Following their "Snack Fans" LP, here's the second album by this London based band, and it's equally action packed! 13 tracks of wild, frantic, sharp and silly Weirdo-Noise-Punk! Absolutely crazy, a total blast, and total fun!

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New Release! AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS- Big Attraction/Giddy Up - LP(COL.) - DAMAGED GOODS

click to enlarge Previously released in Australia on HOMELESS RECORDS, and now available again as a UK-pressing. Limited edition of 500 copies on "black in blue" splattered vinyl.

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