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C4 SERVICE- First Burst - CDEP

click to enlarge First release on a "vinyl-looking" CD in a gatefold-cover. 6 songs, incl. a cover-version of "Chunks", originally from Boston Hardcore band LAST RIGHTS in 1984.

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C4 SERVICE- Me First Society - CD / LP(COL.)

click to enlarge New full album by female-fronted Hardcore Punk band from Münster/Germany, six years after the release of their "un/stable" 12". Their energetic, fast and raging sound shows parallels (or influences) to bands like JINGO DE LUNCH or POISON IDEA, and a little bit to BULLET LAVOLTA or MOTÖRHEAD... LP limited to 200 copies on marble-colored vinyl. CD contains the 6 songs from "un/stable" EP as bonus.

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C4 SERVICE- un/stable - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Pressed on 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download included. First vinyl-release by this band from Münster/Germany on their own label POWER SHED RECORDS. Old School Hardcore-Punk, with a sound of its own, energetic and melodic, and female singer Verena got a truly remarkable voice! English lyrics dealing with political and socio-critical issues.

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CA DE BESTIAR- Chicos Salvajes - 12"+MP3 - MAGIA ROJA

click to enlarge From Barcelona, sounding like a bastard child of LIAISONS DANGEREUSES, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, PARALISIS PERMANTE, SUICIDE and KILLING JOKE. Synth-Punk with pumping basslines and bouncing rhythmic noises, making it sweaty affair for the underground disco. 6 songs on vinyl, limited edition of 320 copies in silkscreened cover, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge CAFE RACER is a band from Chicago, playing a profound and sensitive kind of Indie-Rock. Influences drifting from fuzzed-out Post-Punk à la early SONIC YOUTH to Shoegazer style sounds, with lots of inspiration and songwriting qualities. Another excellent(!) release from Born Yesterday Records. LP comes with lyric-sheet insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Reissue of german No Wave/Noise Trash classic, originally released in 1985 on their own SCHMOKSTAIJN label. First album by the band that has later turned into MUTTER, of course including famous singer Max Müller. Comes with 20page photo-booklet included!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on red vinyl! The 2nd release on new Berlin-based label ANKER, following the "Retweeted" 2xLP by SLEAFORD MODS. CANDIDATE DEMO is a twopiece from Virginia/USA, featuring Billy of BUCK GOOTER with guitarist John Sgroi. And it's a total killer! Electronica-Guitar-Post-Punk with a sinister touch. 9 tracks that can be aptly described as "BIG BLACK meets with JOY DIVISION", or like a Dark-Punk version of MEN'S RECOVERY PROJECT. And in contrast to BUCK GOOTER, instead of screaming and yelling, Billy's actually singing and he's good at it! Yeah, as said before: KILLER!

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CANDIES- Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider - CD - NOISEDELUXE

click to enlarge Italian band playing Indie/Noise-Post-Punk that could be easily filed next to all those THE bands (like Strokes, Vines, etc...), but these 3 guys have also eaten up a good portion of DC-influences (being comparable to Q AND NOT U) and have surely heard of the PIXIES as well!

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click to enlarge New record by this irish band who released their stunning debut "Not Not Is Fine" EP in 2006. Here they return with a new song called "We Are Men" that tops all of their previous stuff! This 4-track EP opens with the original version of the song, an uptempo No-Wave hit in the vein of bands like DELTA 5, AU PAIRS or PYLON, based on a big, fat pulsating funk-bass riff! Additionally on this 12" are 3 remix-versions of this song then: An electro-pop remix by JAPE with bouncing drum-machines and looped vocals, THAT BOY TIM adds funky guitar-sounds to his remix, and DECAL remixes the song into a heavy and dark industrial space-rock sounding thing, kinda like "GODFLESH on Punk"! Limited edition of 500 copies on black premium 150g-vinyl with full-color sleeves!

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CAPAJE- Redox - LP

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! Power-trio from Valencia/Spain. This LP (11 songs) almost feels like a trip back into the early 90s when a term like "Emo-Hardcore" wasn't a totally lame fad, but sometimes meant to be overtly intense and emotionally raging Hardcore. CAPAJE are also influenced by Post- and Noise-Rock of that period, and with some songs even SUPERCONDUCTOR or KURT come to mind as fitting comparisons! Limited edition of 300 copies, with insert included, lyrics sung in Spanish.

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