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I KNEW IT: HURRAY!- New Hits: Hurray! - CD

click to enlarge Debut-album by this band from Trier/Germany, featuring ex- and current members of LEWD PRANK, MARV & THE ALABAMA MURDER, PETROGRAD, QUATTRO STAGIONI, and more. They’re from the same city as FUCKUISMYNAME, and their rocking(!) mixture of Independent, Post-Punk und New Wave, sounds somewhat similar to what FUCKUISMYNAME are doing... Nice packagaing, that looks like a 10“record, but contains a CD!

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IAN SWEET- Crush Crusher - LP - HARDLY ART

click to enlarge IAN SWEET is the moniker of singer/songwriter and guitarist Jilian Medford, supported by various musicians for the recordings of these 10 songs on her second album. An expansive and experimental kind of Indie-Rock, bringing together an unconventional assortment of disparate elements from Psyche-Rock, Trip-Hop and Shoegaze. Inspired by BJÖRK, as well as DIRTY PROJECTORS and even DEERHUNTER.

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click to enlarge Debut-EP by this Berlin based multi-national Hardcore band, with members of DIÄT and ORDEN MUNDIAL. The singer's from Italy, the lyrics are Italian, and their sound is like a bastard crosstake of early Italian and American Hardcore! 7 songs on vinyl, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Full album by northgerman band, musically in between Post-Rock and Math-Core!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies, with CDR included, packed in a silkscreened cover. 5 songs of jangly Indie-Pop with a rumbling Punk edge to it, melancholic and minimalistic, by these 3 ladies. One of the has moved away from Vienna, and two of them are now in PLAIDED.

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click to enlarge LIMITED handnumbered edition of 300 copies only!!!
IMMATERIAL is a side-project by VOLT-member FX, along with a singer named Sandrine. Actually the 4 songs here sound almost exactly the same like VOLT do: Raging Synth-Punk with harsh guitars! So in a certain way this EP is kind of a "perfect addition" to the VOLT discography...

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click to enlarge Limited edition cassette release of 100 copies, with download-code included. Contains 7 songs of homerecording Cold Wave inspired Synth-Punk. Actually not from Vienna, two guys from Berlin resp. Graz, but fitting perfectly well into the CUT SURFACE catalog, with a somewhat similar sound and approach like BRUCH...

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INBRED- Legacy Of Fertility Volume One - LP - ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

click to enlarge True CLASSIC from the mid-80s US-Hardcore re-released again!!! Contains their "Reproduction" EP from 1985, and first LP "A Family Affair" from 1986! Limited edition of 1000 copies on red vinyl.

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INBRED- Legacy Of Fertility Volume Two - LP - ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES

click to enlarge True CLASSIC from the mid-80s US-Hardcore re-released again!!! Contains the 2nd LP "Kissin Cousins" from 1988, plus previously 3 unreleased bonus-tracks! Limited edition of 1000 copies on blue vinyl.

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INTELLIGENCE- Boredom And Terror/Let's Toil - 2XLP - IN THE RED

click to enlarge Reissue of two early and rare albums as a double-LP set, packed in a gatefold-cover! "Boredom And Terror" was the first album (13 songs), released in 2004 on Narnack Records. "Let's Toil" (with 12 more tracks) was added back then as a bonus-CD, resp. released on vinyl as a limited edition on Polly Maggoo Records.

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