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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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J.G.G.- Irrlichter - 7" - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge No.2 in the CUT SURFACE MINIATURES limited edition singles-series. Barcelona's J.G.G. is a one-man show, with synth/organ and rhythm-machine, delivering elegantly swinging Synth-Pop tunes, purely instrumental, like an electronic surf-sound version of Mr.Quintron...

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JACK TORRANCE- Flickering Lights - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge The band (hailing from the northern part of Bavaria) calls their music "Heartcore", and that fits perfectly well. 9 tracks of raw punching and at the same time melodic Hardcore, somewhere in between the early Dischord Emo-Hardcore and bands like HOT WATER MUSIC. All done and delivered with passion and energy. Limited edition on white vinyl, comes with printed innersleeve and download-code included.
Video-links to listen to:

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies on green vinyl, packed into a silkscreened cardboard-sleeve and with 16-page full-color booklet enclosed. 5 tracks of heavy pounding and raging Hardcore from Austria, that’s at the same time highly complex and with almost jazz-like complicated structures! Hard to categorize or compare, but think of something like BOTCH or DAUGHTERS combined with VICTIMS FAMILY... Highly eclectic, but at the same with a compact sound. Find out more at

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JAN- s/t - CD - TCWTGA

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! Full-length album (12 songs/45 minutes) by the project of Kim Talon. Recorded with John Goodmanson (BLONDE REDHEAD, GOSSIP, SLEATER-KINNEY, etc.). Kinda like DES ARK meets SLEATER-KINNEY, or LANA DEL REY meets the RAVEONETTES, if you will.

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click to enlarge New album by Chicago based musician, previously known as SPA MOANS.
The change of pseudonym also indicates a change of direction: 7 tracks experimenting with influences from Synth-Pop, New Wave and Chicago House, melting it into dreamy Techno-Dance-Pop jams with tenderly breathy vocals.

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JF- My Leben Your Wohnzimmer - CDEP - PAVLEK RECORDS

click to enlarge 5 Songs by german author/lyricist JF alias Johannes Finke (with the help of Daniel Vujanic/STALE). Singer/Songwriter stuff with mostly acoustic-guitar, additional electronics & german lyrics! Sorta like a minimalistic one-man version of SPORTFREUNDE STILLER or TOCOTRONIC...

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click to enlarge 6 songs by Johnny King (singer of the HIGH QUALITY GIRLS and keyboarder with FROEBE). Brilliant Minimal-/Electronica-Pop, reminiscent of german artists like Andreas Dorau or DER PLAN! Don't know much (or anything at all) about John Bruninski, but his 5 tracks on the other side compliment Johnny’s side pretty well!

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JOHN PAUL- Nuts - 12" - IN A CAR

click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies! Following the "Filter" LP on HARBINGER SOUND, here's 3 new and exclusive songs. SLEAFORD MODS fans take note! As Jason Williamson had put it, JOHN PAUL "is the rightful extension of the SLEAFORD MODS idea". Not a rehash, but extended in a UK Garage and/or Dubstep style (...think of Mike Skinner's THE STREETS), with true punk poetry. Proper, mate!

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click to enlarge Musically a pretty unusual release for this label: No noise, but singer/songwriter. A female vocalist accompanied by an acoustic guitar. 10 songs, all sung in English. Quietly and soft, introspective and intimate, reminding me of artists like Mary Lou Lord or Mirah. But at times, the songs get an increasing intensity with additional electronic effects and samples.

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