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click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies on milky-blue vinyl! Features one track each by both: "Tokyo Dance School" by DE!NIAL from Japan, spazzy Synth-Wave in the vein of the legendary Japanese late-70s/early-80s band PLASTICS or like DEVO gone crazy. And "This Is A Caca" by eastern French resp. Belgian Electro-Twist girl Kania Tieffer! and

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KAPUTT- Movement Now/Another War Talk - 7"COL. - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge With ordering the new releases from CLEAR HISTORY and SCREENSAVER, we took the chance getting some copies of this 7"single as well. KAPUTT are a 6-piece band from Glasgow, including dual vocals, two drummers and a saxophonist, delivering two tracks of explosive and vibrant Post-Punk mania! Limited edition on blue vinyl.

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KARMACOPTER- California - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Mit der neuen EP knüpft die Band an ihre letztjährige "Goodbye Haptik" LP an. Stilistisch ist das ähnlich wie auf der besagten LP, also zwischen DACKELBLUT/OMA HANS und NOMEANSNO... Aber hier gehen sie eindeutig deftiger und Hardcore-lastiger zur Sache! Fetter, schneller, mit sperrigen Breaks angereicherter Hardcore-Punk mit Ecken und Kanten. Limitierte Auflage von 500 Stück in verschiedenen(!) Vinylfarben, inklusive mp3-Download.

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KID & KHAN- Bad English - 2XLP / CD - TRANS SOLAR

click to enlarge full album by a collaboration of Kid Congo Powers (ex-CRAMPS, GUN CLUB, BAD SEEDS, etc...) and Electro/Dance-producer Can "Khan" Oral aka CAPTAIN COMATOSE

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KID & KHAN- Washing Machine Remixes - 12" - TRANS SOLAR

click to enlarge features 5 various remixes of songs taken from their "Bad English" album!

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KIESGROUP- Eulen und Meerkatzen - CD / LP - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge Neues Album der eigentümlich eigenwilligen Band aus Düsseldorf! Ein Sammelsurium an Sounds und Klängen, von Avant-Pop über Lounge-Jazz und Minimal-Synth bis zu Chanson-haftem (und allerhand mehr), untermalt die verschroben anarchische Lyrik des Sängers Andreas van der Wingen. Die Platte enthält 14 Songs und ist letztlich stilistisch nicht zu fassen. Vielleicht irgendwo zwischen Andreas Dorau, MUTTER und den GOLDENEN ZITRONEN... Mit Sicherheit lässt sich nur sagen, dass die Platte so seltsam anziehend ist, wie das Cover-Artwork abstossend hässlich ist.

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click to enlarge Eine TELEVISION PERSONALITIES Tribut-Single, zwei Cover-Versionen mit deutschen Texten! Bei Düsseldorfs KIESGROUP wird aus "Scream Quietly" ein "Wenn Du Leise Schreist", und die Hamburger von der BÜRGERMEISTER DER NACHT interpretieren "Salvador Dali's Garden Party" um zu "Daniel Richters Gartenparty". Coole Idee in einer gelungenen Umsetzung!

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KILLERLADY- s/t (aka Martin Kircher/EA80) - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge Limited edition repressing of 100 copies! Originally released in 2013, now available again, the solo-album from EA80 mastermind Martin Kircher aka Junge! Same artwork as with the first pressing: Special die-cut cover with original photo attached on the backside and fullcolor photo-insert. 11 tracks of minimal Electronic, Noise-Pop, Art-Rock and Non-Music, with Martin's charismatic crooner vocals.

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KINDLING- No Generation - 12"+MP3 - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge Limited edition on pink vinyl, with download-code included! This band features ex-members of AMPERE, but going for a totally different sound & style: 6 songs of massively fuzzy Indie-Pop/Shoegaze (with a female singer), influenced by the likes of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, JESUS & MARY CHAIN, TEENAGE FANCLUB and SUPERCHUNK...

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click to enlarge Another outstanding release on Arnold de Boers (ZEA/THE EX) label! A selection of the best songs by KING AYISOBA, previously released on cassettes and CDs, for the first time ever on vinyl! KING AYISOBA is a star in Ghana, but almost unknown in Europe, and the idea for this album came when touring Europe together with ZEA in 2012. Mixing Ghanaian music, played with traditional instruments, with modern elements (like Hip Hop and Dancehall) and electronic beats, bleeps and basses, it's a great document of African traditions being confronted with the influences of western civilization and resulting in new lifestyles.

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