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N.R.F.B.- Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb - CD / LP - MAJOR LABEL

click to enlarge A collaboration of Jens Rachut (KOMMANDO SONNENMILCH), Frankie Stubbs (LEATHERFACE), Meense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN), and Thomas Wenzel (DIE STERNE). Kinda similar in its non-conventional and genre-defying approach to early KOMMANDO SONNENMILCH albums: From Punk-Rock over bizarrely weird ballads to Electro-Clash. 7 songs, 2 sung in english, and 5 with german lyrics.

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click to enlarge New EP by this all girl Post-Punk quartet from Sheffield/UK! With 4 new songs (and as far as I'm concerned their best to date) of their raging Synth-Punk sound with danceable flavour of Disco filtered thru' 80s Post-Punk. Pressed on red vinyl, with insert included.

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click to enlarge All female band from Sheffield/UK! This 10"vinyl contains the 4 tracks from their sold out first 7", plus additionally 4 tracks from "The Other" cassette released in 2015. Synth-Punk with an urgent intensity and rage! Check it out:
Comes with lyric-sheet included.

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NAILHOUSE- s/t 3Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies! The band comes from Newcastle/Australia, and for sure a big influence from Australias best band ever, the BIRTHDAY PARTY, can be traced in their sound. But they're not just imitating the BIRTHDAY PARTY style, putting it into a creepy SWANS-like crushing noise-sound, adding flavors of No Wave and Art-Punk (like NO TREND) to it. More impressive stuff from down under for music-connaisseurs! This EP contains 3 songs taken from the sold-out cassette, released in 2015.

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NAKED IN ENGLISH CLASS- Counterfactuals - LP

click to enlarge Supercool and awesome! Swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz re-interpreting classics in a minimalist punk style! With the use of guitar, beats, loops and samples, they are taking songs from the Stooges, Prince, Ian Dury, Wanda Jackson, T-Bone Burnett, and more, changing it and making their own new toys out of these! Actually more like "stealing" the songs, and giving them a whole new modern Electro-Punk face. LP with download-code included.

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click to enlarge New 3rd full album from swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz. Pretty astonishing, keeping up such a high level with three albums in just two years, and on this new one they're actually better than ever before! Amongst the 12 tracks on this album you'll find songs originally from 50's Country legend Leon Payne, the B-52s, Vince Taylor's classic "Brand New Cadillac", Billy Childish, the SONICS, Chris Spedding, the STOOGES, and more obscure pearls unearthed. All reworked and re-arranged in their own crushing "Electro-Beat-Garage-Punk" way. Retrospective, but no way nostalgic! This really got class and style!
At first sight, this may look to be pretty expensive, but remember it's coming from Switzerland (...different rates than in the rest of the poor world). And then again you'll get two things in one: A lesson in pop-music history, and great entertainment. The perfect summer-hit album!br>Have fun with cool video: - or check out the full album here:

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click to enlarge Early-80s style Hardcore from Germany - raw, basic and simple... kinda "anachronistic" (but what isn't these days?)

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click to enlarge Back in stock again! Not a woman, but the name of a band from Bavaria/Germany, existing for almost 15 years but only now with the first record out. Punchy Noise-Rock, that has eaten up influences from various Chicago-bands (think of SHELLAC, JESUS LIZARD, the early years of SKIN GRAFT!), and sounds comparable to other german bands like PARTY DIKTATOR, TELEMARK and TEN VOLT SHOCK!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on orange vinyl, with great cover-artwork by Paul Costuros. Side A features "The Prince, The Queen, The Corpse", a lengthy opus, basically a minimalistic folk-song, but with harsh grind-metal interruptions, inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet. And side B contains a live-recording of Swan Lake at Graz Opera House, mixed with additional noises.

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click to enlarge Solo-album by the singer of English band LAKE ME! 10 songs (with 36 minutes playing-time), mostly minimally instrumented, sometimes with vocals and acoustic guitar only looped and layered. Singer/songwriter music in a very intimate style and with gentle beauty!

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