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N.R.F.B.- Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb - CD / LP - MAJOR LABEL

click to enlarge A collaboration of Jens Rachut (KOMMANDO SONNENMILCH), Frankie Stubbs (LEATHERFACE), Meense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN), and Thomas Wenzel (DIE STERNE). Kinda similar in its non-conventional and genre-defying approach to early KOMMANDO SONNENMILCH albums: From Punk-Rock over bizarrely weird ballads to Electro-Clash. 7 songs, 2 sung in english, and 5 with german lyrics.

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click to enlarge New EP by this all girl Post-Punk quartet from Sheffield/UK! With 4 new songs (and as far as I'm concerned their best to date) of their raging Synth-Punk sound with danceable flavour of Disco filtered thru' 80s Post-Punk. Pressed on red vinyl, with insert included.

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click to enlarge All female band from Sheffield/UK! This 10"vinyl contains the 4 tracks from their sold out first 7", plus additionally 4 tracks from "The Other" cassette released in 2015. Synth-Punk with an urgent intensity and rage! Check it out:
Comes with lyric-sheet included.

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NAILHOUSE- s/t 3Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies! The band comes from Newcastle/Australia, and for sure a big influence from Australias best band ever, the BIRTHDAY PARTY, can be traced in their sound. But they're not just imitating the BIRTHDAY PARTY style, putting it into a creepy SWANS-like crushing noise-sound, adding flavors of No Wave and Art-Punk (like NO TREND) to it. More impressive stuff from down under for music-connaisseurs! This EP contains 3 songs taken from the sold-out cassette, released in 2015.

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NAKED IN ENGLISH CLASS- Counterfactuals - LP

click to enlarge Supercool and awesome! Swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz re-interpreting classics in a minimalist punk style! With the use of guitar, beats, loops and samples, they are taking songs from the Stooges, Prince, Ian Dury, Wanda Jackson, T-Bone Burnett, and more, changing it and making their own new toys out of these! Actually more like "stealing" the songs, and giving them a whole new modern Electro-Punk face. LP with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Early-80s style Hardcore from Germany - raw, basic and simple... kinda "anachronistic" (but what isn't these days?)

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click to enlarge Back in stock again! Not a woman, but the name of a band from Bavaria/Germany, existing for almost 15 years but only now with the first record out. Punchy Noise-Rock, that has eaten up influences from various Chicago-bands (think of SHELLAC, JESUS LIZARD, the early years of SKIN GRAFT!), and sounds comparable to other german bands like PARTY DIKTATOR, TELEMARK and TEN VOLT SHOCK!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on orange vinyl, with great cover-artwork by Paul Costuros. Side A features "The Prince, The Queen, The Corpse", a lengthy opus, basically a minimalistic folk-song, but with harsh grind-metal interruptions, inspired by Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet. And side B contains a live-recording of Swan Lake at Graz Opera House, mixed with additional noises.

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click to enlarge Solo-album by the singer of English band LAKE ME! 10 songs (with 36 minutes playing-time), mostly minimally instrumented, sometimes with vocals and acoustic guitar only looped and layered. Singer/songwriter music in a very intimate style and with gentle beauty!

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NATION OF ULYSSES- 13 Point Program - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge First album by this highly influential band from DC! Pre-MAKE-UP!!! LP-vinyl remastered, and with download-coupon included!

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