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New Release! U-NIX- Nuke Portland - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their 7" on LUMPY resp. cassette on DROP MEDIUM, the first longplayer (8 tracks) by this furious band from Portland, incl. John Cardwell of NASA SPACE UNIVERSE. A manically psychotic Hardcore attack, raging at full speed. Comes with insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Repress on red 180g-vinyl with CD-version included. First LP by band from Wroclaw/Poland. Post-Punk with a touch of Cold Wave in their style, sharp sounds and rhythmic structures. Influenced by WIRE and GANG OF FOUR.

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UNBROKEN- And/Fall On Proverb - 7" - THREE ONE G

click to enlarge FINAL single by this californian emo-hardcore band!

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UNHOLD- Digital 1997-1994 - CD - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge Contains all 18 tracks recorded by this Post-Rock band from Hamburg/Germany, that played music similar to and influenced by bands such as BLIND IDIOT GOD, SACCHARINE TRUST, SLINT or TORTOISE... And actually back in the 90s, they were ahead of their times!

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UNHOLY TWO- Talk About Hardcore - n/a - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album by this trio(!) from Columbus/Ohio. Furiously blown-out, feedback-soaked and nasty Noise-Dirge-Rock (such as BRAINBOMBS, HARRY PUSSY, or some early AMREP bands), going for the total sonic destruction. 10 tracks, including a cover-version of NON's "Total War". LP comes with download-code included!

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UNITED SONS OF TOIL- Hope Is Not A Strategy - CD

click to enlarge The first album by this Noise-Rock band, 8 songs, released in 2007, now also in stock here!

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click to enlarge New full album by this trio from Madison/Wisconsin, bringing back the finest moments of cassic midwestern Noise-Rock (such as SHELLAC, TAR, MELVINS or KARP), but as well the angular Post-Hardcore of bands like UNWOUND, and creating a massively blasting and full-on rocking sound! A total killer, not only for nostalgic Noise-Rock fans! 8 songs, full playing-time of 31 minutes. Check out their cool website:

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 333 handnumbered copies on deep-red vinyl!!! USoT from Wisconsin delivering a totally cool and crushing Noise-Rock killer-song! LBL from Hamburg, featuring the USoT-singer on vocals, are no less impressive, actually a touch more anthemic!

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UNITED SONS OF TOIL- When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful - LP

click to enlarge New 3rd full album, as a limited edition on multi-colored vinyl, with download and super-cool 12-page A4-size booklet (featuring lyrics and manifesto) included. Classic Midwest-US Noise-Rock and Post-Hardcore, in the tradition of TAR, KILLDOZER, SHELLAC or KARP...

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UNSTERN BEDROHT- Fields Of Rain And Snow - 10" - RETINASCAN

click to enlarge sound-architects from Cologne/Germany combining the atmospheric ambient-walls from the likes of MOGWAI with the epicness of GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR... 4 extensive instrumental-tracks on the 10", and one more on the enclosed CD!

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