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ZATH- Shitpig/Unborn Opppressor - 7" - CAPTCHA RECORDS

click to enlarge First single by this threepiece from Chicago, with members of CACAW, GA'AN and CAVE. It's progressive Metal, but furiously and wild, like savagely thrashing it and turning it upside down.

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click to enlarge Limited split-single featuring a joyfully swinging and bouncing ditty called "Exploding Head Syndrome" from ZEA. A catchy pop-tune with guitar, electronis, and vocals, and it's almost a Dancefloor smasher! On the B-side "Electric Clavichord" is an experminental noise-track recorded by Oscar Jan Hoogland with (as the title suggests) an electric clavichord.

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ZEA- Today I Forgot To Complain - LP - TCWTGA

click to enlarge 2nd album by this duo from Amsterdam! Facts: Two dutch guys, playing guitar, singing, and using electronics.
References: AUTECHRE, NOTWIST, MR.BUNGLE, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, POLYSICS, SMOG, PIXIES, BUZZCOCKS... All of this, or maybe none of it at all.
Result: Absolutely original and pretty crazed-out Electro-Pop!

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click to enlarge After more than a decade, this obscure woman comes back with a new album. Some of her previous albums had been released on SKIN GRAFT, and it was some of the strangest stuff even to the standards of that label. This new album is like an Avantgarde-Electro-No Wave opera, recorded with the assistance of 7 more musicians, adding horns, percussions, and more to the sound. Could be compared to GOAT, but without that Hippie-flair, and way more interesting and challenging. But of course, LAURIE ANDERSON is a better reference.

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ZITS- Back In Blackhead - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Rare 1981 Teen Punk from Virginia/USA. THE ZITS had released just one single in 1981, "Sick On You" that became a Killed By Death/Bloodstains cult classic. This LP contains the tracks from the single, plus 7 more songs (previously unreleased, due to band's split soon after). Includes an UNDERTONES cover-version, and that band was pretty obviously one of their main influences. Pressed on black vinyl, comes with full-color innersleeve, sticker and download-code included.

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click to enlarge The latest project by former THE EX singer G.W. Sok. This LP contains 14 tracks, recorded along with cellist Nina Hitz, guitarist Lukas Simonis (COOLHAVEN, former member of MORZELPRONK, DULL SCHICKSAL, a.o.), and drummer Cor Hoogerdijk (ex TRESPASSERS W). Progressive Avant-Punk (or whatever label you may attach to this). Fans of THE EX, MEKONS and the likes won't be disappointed here. Comes with download-code included.

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ZOMES- Near Unison - LP

click to enlarge New self-released album from Baltimore/Stockholm duo, Asa Osborne (ex-LUNGFISH) and Swedish musician Hanna Olivegren). The 13 songs on this LP are like an intimate, almost ethereal continuation of the LUNGFISH sound. Think of a stripped-down, simple and more keyboards-centered version of LUNGFISH with the angelic vocals of Hanna.

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click to enlarge First vinyl-release (full album with 10 tracks) for this young artist from Harrisonburg, Virginia. A kaleidoscope of styles and sounds: Trip-Hop, Post-Punk, Lounge-Pop, Electronica, all melted into it. Avoiding any easy categorization, and despite this eclectic approach, the album comes as an homogenous piece of modern art. As experimental as song-oriented. Bizarre samples channelled into mesmerizing songs. Could this guy be the Brian Wilson of the digital age, and "Neck Out" the Pet Sounds of contemporary times?
Superbly packaged in a colourfully printed thick cardboard cover, including an insert with flashing artwork, and the CD-version of the album as well! An explosion in sounds and art!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 333 handnumbered copies. Experimental Musique Concrete and electroncially manipulated Industrial drones from Barcelona, with additional vocals sung in spanish (english translations provided on the lyricsheet). Dark, oppressive, nightmarish. For fans of COIL and NURSE WITH WOUND.

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