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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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click to enlarge Latest full-length album by Mr. Childish and his Garage-Punk band. Contains 12 new tracks.

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WIPES- Making Friends - CD / LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Back in stock! Not to be confused with the WIPERS, this is the the WIPES from Pennsylvania. Any other similarities between the two? Not really, since the the WIPES are heavy rocking Noise-Rock trio in the vein of KARP. But there's moRe to them, since you can trace as well references to BLACK FLAG, PISSED JEANS and even PIXIES in their song- and soundstructures. Limited edition on PINK vinyl!

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WIPES / DAYJOB- Split Cassette - n/a - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited to 100 copies, cassette with three exclusive songs from both bands. DAY JOB ARE a new band from Alabama, featuring ex-members of NULL.

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WIRE- 10:20 - LP - PINK FLAG

click to enlarge Features 8 previously unreleased studio-recordings from the last decade (hence the title 10:20). Originally supposed to be a RSD release, but now officially available.

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WIRE- Mind Hive - CD / LP - PINK FLAG

click to enlarge Full new album from the ultimate Post-Punk band, another masterpiece with 9 new songs. Like (almost) no others, WIRE can look back on a lifetime career, having a sound and style of their own, but always constantly evolving it, creating exciting new songs with it. The perfect balance of experiment and constancy.

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click to enlarge Full album (11 songs) released in 2015. Always sticking to their own sound, but never becoming a cliché of themselves! On WIRE's long way from angsty Art-Punk (à la 12XU) to sophisticated Guitar-Pop, they've always sounded undeniably like WIRE, but constantly evolving and sounding as contemporary as any modern young band these days.

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click to enlarge Neue Wiener Band, ein Projekt hinter dem Clemens Denk steckt, der schon ein paar Veröffentlichungen auf dem Vorgänger-Label TOTALLY WIRED hatte bzw. in Bands wie DOT DASH, KRAFFTMALEREI, RABE mitwirkte. Man nimmt sich hier das Genre "Rock" vor, dekonstruiert es und lässt es als Experiment wiederkehren, versetzt Stil-Elementen aus Noise, Post-Punk, Jazz und Weill'scher Folklore. Die Musik so zerstümmelt und neu zusammengefügt wie die Texte. Instinktiv fühlt man sich vom ersten Ton an die GOLDENEN ZITRONEN erinnert und im Endergebnis klingt das Ganze (zumindest für mich) viel spannender als eine Band wie HUMAN ABFALL, die einen ähnlichen Ansatz verfolgt... LP kommt mit Download-Code.

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WOLF MOUNTAINS- Birthday Songs For Paul - n/a

click to enlarge Garage-Rock/LoFi-Trash-Punk band from Stuttgart, featuring members of DIE NERVEN, MOSQUITO EGO, KARIES and LEVIN GOES LIGHTLY. 13 Songs in the tradition of artists like LINK WRAY, CRAMPS, and the likes... Recorded, produced and mastered by Max Rieger and Ralf Milberg (DIE NERVEN, HUMAN ABFALL, etc.!). Previously released as a cassette in 2014, now available as limited edition on green vinyl.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 324 copies with download included! First 4Song-EP by an obscure band from Vancouver/Canada. Supposedly the 5 guys here are longtime scenesters, having been involved in various bands already. And listening to their songs, all this could be surely true, since they sound like a punchy rocking and heavy rumbling crosstake between the Touch&Go classics MULE and the MINUTEMEN!

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WORKERS COMP- Pressure Today/When I'm Here - 7"+MP3 - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge First 7inch by this band from Baltimore after two tape releases. One side: The Velvet Underground meets Springsteen-working class lyrics, sung by a young Lou Reed. You're right, as good as it gets! And on the flipside "When I'm Here": Thinking of a young Kris Kristofferson doing something like "Sunday Morning Coming Down". Or David Berman's late SILVER JEWS in peak form. Punk-spirited Alt-Country. Nonchalant, cool and plain brilliant! Exquisitely packaged as well, incl. download-code.

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