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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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ATAMINA- Sycophantic Friends - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge Another discovery from Ghana#s Kologo music scene, and Atamina is one of its most radically socio-critical and political protagonists. He had already a collaborative track with KING AYISOBA on "This Is Kologo Power!", and one of his songs was featured as well on MOJO magazines "Revolution Blues" compilation. Stripped-down hypnotic beats and obnoxious rants.

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ATOL ATOL ATOL- Koniec Sosu Tysiaca Wysp - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New exciting No Wave Post-Punk project from Wroclaw/Poland, featuring members of well-known bands: Lukasz Plata (UKRYTE ZALETY SYSTEMU, PRZEPYCH), Artur Soszynski (U.K.Z.) and Hubert Kostkiewicz (KURWS), powered by vocalist Agata Horwat. "Koniec sosu tysiaca wysp" (The End of the Thousand Island Sauce) is an angular, stimulated, rhythmically tight, yet freedom-hungry punk thing, pretty much in the vein resp. inspired by the MINUTEMEN. LP comes with full color print fold-out insert, featuring lyrics in Polish and with Wnglish translations.

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click to enlarge Full-length album by member of KING AYISOBA's band. 9 tracks of modern (Afro-Beat) interpretations of Ghanas traditional Kologo music. Featuring collaborations with AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, PRINCE BUJU, Frafra-Gospel singer FLORENCE ADOONI, and more.

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COOLHAVEN- Rode Pruik - 10" - RED WIG

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies, 10"vinyl combined with a 24-page comicbook, featuring artwork by Johannes van de Weert, former singer of RONDOS. Rotterdam's COOLHAVEN performing cover-versions of the RONDOS and TANDSTICKORSHOCKS, combining the minimal Punk style of the late 70s with Gabber-Hardcore-Beat, typical for Rotterdam in the 90s. And it works brilliantly! Not only a great tribute resp. homage to their hometown, doing more than justice to the originals. Couldn't find a link to listen to, so you just have to believe me, it's not only an enormously enjoyable record, but also highly educational!

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click to enlarge From Leipzig/Germany, featuring members of MARAUDEUR and others. Features 10 tracks of funky No Wave meeting early 80s tape-artist DaDa experimentation. Dissonant and grooving with a high-energy level at the same time. Lyrics sung in french and german, sometimes reminiscent of STEREO TOTAL, but with a crazier sound. Pretty unique and stimulating!

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click to enlarge Limited edition on transparent vinyl. Features 5 tracks with a full playing-time of about 25 minutes by this highly intense instrumental band from Lisboa/Portugal. It rarely happens, but here it is: A unique blend of Noise-Rock, Post-Rock, Post-Punk and Free-Jazz, that's urgent, energetic and fierce, and could be described „like being a mix of Black Flag and Soft Machine”. Lyrics and singing are contributed by guests, one of them being former THE EX member G.W. Sok, and actually THE EX can serve as well as a good reference to the sound of dSCI.

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DUDS- Immediate - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge The 2nd album by this fantastic band from Manchester/UK, following their already amazing debut "Of A Nature Or Degree" (released on CASTLE FACE). 12 new tracks with a more honed and refined sound. Still based on the caustic Post-Punk (like early 80s greats such as the FIRE ENGINES), combined with the No Wave Funk-Punk hybrid of LIQUID LIQUID and/or the BUSH TETRAS. And reminiscent of legendary british band THE HIGSONS from the early 80s (or Bristols SOEZA from the 90s). After all a really unique take on Post-Punk, with a definite dancefloor appeal! And a perfect addition to the RED WIG label-roster, alongside similarly minded bands like MASSICOT and O.T.P.M.D. -

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click to enlarge Another album from DO IT YOUSSEF (as split-release with RED WIG) featuring Moroccon artists from the High Atlas mountains with a modern interpretation of Chaabi, the traditional folk music, adding the sounds of electric guitars and synthesizers to it.

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click to enlarge New full album by this alternative modern troubadour from Glasgow/Scotland. Contains 13 songs, mostly recorded solely with his fantastically excellent bassplaying and vocals only, but also with collaborators contributing guitar, keyboards, harmonica, cello and vocals.

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HOWIE REEVE- Not So Secret Garden - n/a - RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album (14 songs) from Glasgow based musician (ex-TATTIE TOES), released in 2017. With his acoustic bass-guitar, simple percussions and vocals, he's making songs that somehow combine the music of Elliott Smith and Mike Watt...

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