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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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GOOD LOOKING SON - Fantasy Weekend - 12"+MP3 - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut of Keith Harman, singer of THE COWBOYS, and excellent songwriter (in the vein of Ray Davies or Brian Wilson)! The record contains 7 songs of catchy, late 60s/early 70s inspired Garage-Pop-Rock, recorded with the help of fellow COWYBOYS drummer Jordan Tarantino, and other friends from Cincinatti, Ohio. Comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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click to enlarge 22 free-jazz inspired tracks by this band featuring members of DEERHOOF, SICBAY and FLYING LUTTENBACHERS (and actually having been formerly 3/4ths of COLOSSAMITE)!

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click to enlarge Following the collaboration with BRUCH, here's the solo-debut by GRAN alias Florian Tremmel from Vienna. 6 songs combining the style of early-80s homerecording-artists and minimal No Wave sounds to crisp and rugged, but at the same time very appealing LoFi-Pop songs.

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click to enlarge The GREXITS are a band from Munich, led by the greek Nikos Papadopoulos. Their music is a combination of Rembetiko (the original Folk-music style of Greece) with Surf-/Post-Punk! Amongst the 10 songs on this LP, there's Rembetiko classics spiced up with Surf-and Punk-elements, as well as their interpretations of songs like "A Hard Days Night" (BEATLES) and "Attitude" (MISFITS). LP comes with printed innersleeve (lyrics & linernotes) and download-code.

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click to enlarge Second full album, with 11 songs by American Noise Rock power trio from Connecticut. Limited edition of 200 copies only on black vinyl. The sound of misanthropic doom and destructive rage, that can be described in short as a mean and evil version of SHELLAC or the JESUS LIZARD...

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GROTTO TERRAZZA- Kalte Köstlichkeiten - LP - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Following the cassette (released in 2019), now the first full alum on vinyl: 12 delicate Pop songs between Cold Wave, experimental "Neue Deutsche Welle" (remember ATA TAK...), and sleazy EBM Funk beats, in a sound enriched with field recordings and Musique Concrete elements. A modern and urban sounding trip in Art-Pop.

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click to enlarge Another album from DO IT YOUSSEF (as split-release with RED WIG) featuring Moroccon artists from the High Atlas mountains with a modern interpretation of Chaabi, the traditional folk music, adding the sounds of electric guitars and synthesizers to it.

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GROW GROW- Buffet d'Or - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Self-released debut album by Berlin-based band, playing 90s style Noise-Rock with Post-Hardcore/Punk influences, german lyrics. With their sound they fit pretty well in a line with bands like TELEMARK, STORNO or ENIAC. Pretty convincing! Recommendable! Limited edition of 200 copies on black/white-marble-colored 180g-vinyl, lyricsheet and download-code included!

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GROW GROW- Lichterloh - LP

click to enlarge New album from Berlin Post-Hardcore band. The mighty powerful sound on this LP has grown away from the Noise-Rock style of their previous releases, and developping something that's somewhere in between the 90ies era Dischord/Touch&Go Post-Hardcore and similarities to MAULGRUPPE/YASS. Limited edition of 150 copies, pressed on black 180g-vinyl, with lyricsheet and download-code included.

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GRÜNER STAR- Hauptsache Es Bleibt Friedlich - LP - DIAN

click to enlarge Zweite LP der Hamburger "All-Star Band" (ex-SCHNELLER AUTOS ORG, DIE CHARTS, GRAF ZAHL, etc.). 12 neue Songs, treibend und harmonisch, zwischen Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk und Hamburger Schule. Perfekt in Szene von Mense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN, u.v.m.). LP-Pressung auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, inklusive einem super-stylish chicen 24-seitigen Booklet (im Format 23x23cm) mit Texten und Artwork. Gratis-Download gibt's auch.

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