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click to enlarge The second album by the EVENS alias Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina! 10 new songs, with a tighter and more complex appeal than on their first album – almost sounding like a reduced and stripped-down version of FUGAZI!

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EVENS- s/t - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Debut-album by Ian MacKaye (FUGAZI, etc.) on baritone-guitar and Amy Farina (ex-WARMERS, etc.) playing drums, and they both sing. Not much of a surprise then, that the 12 songs here sound kinda like an acoustic and more fragile version of FUGAZI... (LP out of print. Only available as CD)

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click to enlarge 3rd album by the EVENS, Ian MacKaye plays baritone-guitar, Amy Farina plays drums, both sing. "The Odds" is their third album (6 years after "Get Evens"), featuring 13 songs recorded in 2012.

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FAITH- split with VOID - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge DC-HARDCORE CLASSIC!!! Remastered, repressed and with download-coupon included.

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FAITH- Subject To Change/First Demo - CD / LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge This re-issue contains the 9 songs from "Subject To Change" Mini-LP, originally released in 1983 and out of print since many years. Additionally it contains the 10 tracks recorded for their first demo in 1981. All remastered from the original tapes. DC-Hardcore classic! Current LP pressing on CLEAR vinyl.

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FARAQUET- Anthology 1997-1998 - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Compilation of 10 rare recordings from this DC band, active 1997-2001, post-SMART WENT CRAZY and pre-BEAUTY PILL resp. MEDICATIONS. Including songs originally released on various 7”s and unreleased recordings. This LP was originally released in 2008, now remastered, repressed and with download-code included!

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FARAQUET- The View From The Tower - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Re-mastered and re-issued on LP, including mp3-download coupon! The only full album (9 songs) by the forerunner to the MEDICATIONS, originally released in 2000. Current pressing on GOLDEN colored vinyl!

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click to enlarge After two CDep’s, here’s now the full album by this band featuring James Canty (ex-NATION OF ULYSSES/MAKE-UP) and Jerry Busher (ex-ALL SCARS/FUGAZI)! 12 Songs in between fragile Minimalist-Pop and punked-up Indie-Rock.

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FRENCH TOAST- Ingleside Terrace - CD - DISCHORD

click to enlarge 2nd full album by FRENCH TOAST alias James Canty and Jerry Busher, now with bassist/guitarist Ben Gilligan as a constant member to their line-up. 12 new songs of their modern eclectic Alternative-Pop music. Rocking, funky swinging, atmospheric and catchy!

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click to enlarge Contains the tracks from the first & "Margin Walker" 12"s!

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