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SOCCER TEAM- Volunteered... - CD - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The SOCCER TEAM are Ryan Nelson (ex-MOST SECRET METHOD, BEAUTY PILL, ROUTINEERS) and Melissa Quinley. On their first CD they offer 14 songs continuing the musical legacy of BEAUTY PILL, and also being comparable to the EVENS! Really beautiful!

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SOULSIDE- A Brief Moment In The Sun - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The full new album of the reformed SOULSIDE from Washington DC. All orignal line-up, in all it's original glory. Perfectly picking up where they had left off in 1989 with "Hot Bodi Gram", with 12 new songs recorded and produced by J. Robbins.

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SOULSIDE- This Ship - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The band's first new music since 1989, recorded during their European reunion shows in late 2019 at Jamor Studio in Prague. Coming almost exactly 30 years after their final testament, the "Bass/103" single, this one picks up exactly where they had left off.

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SOULSIDE- Trigger + Bass/103 - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Reissue of the "Trigger" 8Song-EP (1988) combined with the "Bass" 3Song-EP (1989) on one LP, pressed on yellow vinyl, with download-code included. Singer Bobby Sullivan left the band in 1989, and the remaining members continued as GIRLS AGAINST BOYS then!

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THREE (3)- Dark Days Coming - CD - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Another longtime out-of-print CLASSIC from Dischord re-issued now again!!! When drummer Dante Ferrando left GRAY MATTER, the other 3 remaining members recruited Jeff Nelson (MINOR THREAT, TEEN IDLES), and changed the name to THREE aka 3. "Dark Days Coming" was their only release from 1989, in the same vein and with the same quality as RITES OF SPRING, ONE LAST WISH and of course GRAY MATTER!
Vinyl is out of print, but CD (including bonus-tracks) still available!

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click to enlarge BOX-SET including 3(!) CD's plus a huge 134-page booklet! 50 tracks taken from various DISCHORD-releases from all periods, and 23 previously unreleased(!!!) tracks - plus 7 video-tracks as special bonus! Too many bands to be mentioned here... but everybody should know anyway?! and even if you happen to know most of the label's releases, this AMAZING box is still a wonderfully great thing!

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click to enlarge Remastered, re-cut and repressed on RED vinyl, incl. a download-coupon!!! The CLASSIC HARDCORE compilation from 1982, featuring 32 songs by 11 DC-area bands, including TEEN IDLES, MINOR THREAT, VOID, S.O.A. and more! This new edition features the DC Flag stars and bars (on a red field) on the cover, an image so associated with DC-Punk that many mistake it for a made-up symbol for straight edge...

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click to enlarge THE CLASSIC DC-HARDCORE compilation from 1982, including TEEN IDLES, S.O.A., MINOR THREAT, VOID, GOVERNMENT ISSUE and more!

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click to enlarge Repressed now again, on yolk YELLOW VINYL! This compilation collects four 7"s from 1980/81: "Minor Disturbance" by the TEEN IDLES, "No Policy" by S.O.A., GOVERNMENT ISSUE's "Legless Bull", and the "Possible EP" by DC's YOUTH BRIGADE. 36 tracks in full true HardCore classics!!! (And in other words: Since the MINOR THREAT 7"s are still available anyway, this LP makes the Singles-Boxset somewhat useelss and a waste of money anyway...)

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click to enlarge Compilation originally released in 1989, including songs by Scream, Ignition, Soulside, Fugazi, Rain, One Last Wish, and more!

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