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New Release! SCREAM- Fumble - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Limited edition on yolk YELLOW VINYL! Remastered reissue of their fifth and final album, recorded in 1989, back then with Dave Grohl on drums. Comes with download-code included.

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SCREAM- Still Screaming - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Repressed again on vinyl, incl. download-coupon! The first full album by SCREAM, recorded in 1982 and one of the most important DC-Hardcore classics! The brilliant debut-album by a band that later became to be one of the most exciting live-act of the 80s (then with a young dude named Dave Grohl on drums)!

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SCREAM- This Side Up - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Another early DC-Hardcore CLASSIC from 1985, repressed again after having been out of print for many years! Re-cut and remastered, pressed on clear vinyl, with updated cover-artwork and a download-coupon included!

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SCREENSAVER- Expressions Of Interest - LP - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge UK/Euro pressing of the album by this Australian band, including Chris Stephenson, former guitarist of SPRAY PAINT, and Krystal Maynard (ex BAD VISION) on vocals. The 10 tracks are paying homage to the late 70s/early 80s New Wave and dark Post-Punk, taking their inspiration from bands like the BANSHEES, the CURE, and JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER. Gripping vocals, dissonant guitar, melodic basslines, waves of synths and motorik drumming, combined to a dystopian yet danceable sound. Each one out of the ten songs comes with a catchy hit-appeal, and the LP comes with a printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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SECONDS- "Raw Wild Love" - split with EX MODELS - 7" - X-MIST

click to enlarge The SECONDS should be known from their brilliant LP, right? Totally hot neo-punk-no wave smashers from New York, just like the EX MODELS, also from NYC, sounding like the missing link between JESUS LIZARD and ARAB ON RADAR... Features 2 exclusive tracks each by both bands!

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click to enlarge Third full album with 9 contorted tracks of warped punk madness, full of inventiveness and each song filled with new discoveries. Less hectic and chaotic than on their previous album "Psychosymplastic", more like a well arranged album. Perfectly bridging the gap between early New York No Wave and the british style of Art-/Post-Punk as originated by the likes of the POP GROUP, FAMILY FODDER, resp. THE EX (dutch, not british).

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click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! Features 2 songs each by HONEY FOR PETZI from Lausanne/Switzerland and SEIDENMATT from Berlin/Germany. Released in a limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies!

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click to enlarge Sorry to say so: Absolutely completely totally sold out already!
Maybe (not sure yet) a repressing may come later this year (2021)...

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SEIZURES- Party At Napalm Beach - LP

click to enlarge The SEIZURES from Nuremberg/Germany deliver a high-octane mixture Garage, Punk, Surf and all things that rock. This brings to mind bands like the CRAMPS and OBLIVIANS, blasting full-on loudly with total energy! A DIY self-released LP from the band, with download-code included.

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SELVHENTER - Motions Of Large Bodies - LP

click to enlarge Full album (10 songs) by this excellent experimental all-female Post-Punk band from Denmark. Brilliant music for fans of O.T.P.M.D., MASSICOT and the likes... Released in 2014 on EGET VAERELSE.

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