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PRZEPYCH- Regresarabas - n/a - RED WIG

click to enlarge A twopiece (bass resp. guitar and drums) from Wroclaw/Poland, hailing from the same camp as bands like KURWS, U.Z.S. and PUSTOSTANY. With a similar approach like the KURWS, but more use of samples, they are stretching the typical forms of Rock music. Highly rhythmic, with minimally reduced instrumentation trying to reach the maximum of expression. A kind of Jazz-Core reminiscent of THIS HEAT or the Avant-Prog bands called "Rock in Oppsition" in the late 70s.

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click to enlarge First album by French Folk singer/songwriter, somewhere in between Canadian First Nations Folk singer Buffy Sainte Marie and chanteuse Nico (or a crosstake of both), influenced by Leonard Cohen. The 9 odes on this LP sound both minimalistic and with an almost baroque abundance, a combination of these extremes. The atmosphere is psychedelic, maybe even esoteric, shamanic and mystically bewitching.

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SUMSHAPES- Cabin Biscuits - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Debut album (9 songs) by this band from Glasgow/UK. Not really "newcomers", since actually it's the very same people who've been in DAWSON in the late 80s/early 90s. New band, new music. Their music sounds stylistically kinda like a mixture of NOMEANSNO and MINUTEMEN, but with this certain british Post-Punk flair!

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TRESPASSERS W- Koala And Other Metamorphoses - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge TRESPASSERS W is a personally fluid collective since the early 80s, around dutch author and singer Cor Gout. On this latest album the musicians are Lukas Simonis (a.o. MORZELPRONK, DULL SCHICKSAL, STATIC TICS, COOLHAVEN) on guitars and electronics, and multi-instrumentalists Frans Friederich (DULL SCHICKSAL and more), with contributions from clarinetist Henk Bakker (a.o. DULL SCHICKSAL, STATIC TICS), and cellist Nina Hitz. Features 10 songs with the character of avantgardistic compositions with lyrical narratives.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 250 copies in handmade sleeves, with booklet included, poster-sized insert, sticker and two postcards. A multicultural document and a statement of diversity and DIY politics, recorded live at OCCII resp. at their RPM studio in Amsterdam. Features one song each by ZEA with AFEWORK NIGUSSIE (from Ethiopia), LES FILLES DE ILLIGHADAD (Niger), KING AYISOBA (Ghana), KURWS (Poland), CINEMA SOLORIENS feat. MARSHALL ALLEN (global), DROP DEAD (USA), ROOIE WAAS (Netherlands), and dutch LÄRM playing two RONDOS covers with their former singer Johannes van de Weert on vocals.

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click to enlarge The latest project by former THE EX singer G.W. Sok. This LP contains 14 tracks, recorded along with cellist Nina Hitz, guitarist Lukas Simonis (COOLHAVEN, former member of MORZELPRONK, DULL SCHICKSAL, a.o.), and drummer Cor Hoogerdijk (ex TRESPASSERS W). Progressive Avant-Punk (or whatever label you may attach to this). Fans of THE EX, MEKONS and the likes won't be disappointed here. Comes with download-code included.

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