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In Erinnerung an Armin Hofmann / In memory of Armin Hofmann
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LE SINGE BLANC- Gol-Goth Attack 3 - 2XLP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this band from Metz/France comes as double-vinyl set, featuring 9 extensive tracks recorded in collaboration with lots of friends. Their Avant-DaDa-Noise-Rock is experimental in a non-pretentious style, bizarre in a charming way. Something in between PRIMUS and the RESIDENTS.

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click to enlarge Repressed! The classic brilliant debut-album of Kathleen Hanna's electro-punk band, following BIKINI KILL! 12 tracks originally reelased in 1999, now finally available on vinyl again, with printed innersleeve, and download-code included now as well!

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LENZ- Frozen Touch/Airplane Firetruck - 7" - VOLAR RECORDS

click to enlarge NEW unplayed copy! Features two exclusive songs by this Bay Area band, following their releases in 1-2-3-4-GO! resp. TICTACTOTALLY. The band calls their music "ice-pop", what mean it's upbeat Pop-Punk with a strong New Wave touch.

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click to enlarge Debüt-Album der Münchner Sängerin & Multi-Instrumentalistin Leonie Felle. 12 Stücke, kein Solo-Album, sondern mit Band (Bass, Schlagzeug und Akkordeon). Obwohl es sich um eine Sängerin handelt, fallen mir stilistisch und atmosphärisch zuerst Tom Waits oder Nick Cave als Vergleiche ein... Vielleicht auch diverse französische Chanteusen, obwohl Frau Felle (meistenteils) auf Englisch singt. Eine Verortung zwischen den Label-Kollegen MAMA ROSIN und KOFELGSCHROA passt auch nicht schlecht. Sehr schöne und charmante Platte, auf 180g-Vinyl, im Klappcover, inklusive Download-Code.

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click to enlarge First album by this band from Hamburg/Germany. 13 songs, all sung in English. Upbeat melodic Rock-music with a Pop-appeal. LP comes with download-code included.

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LEUKEMIA- ?zenetek A T?resvolnarol - LP - TROTTEL RECORDS

click to enlarge Reissue of the second album by Hungarian Hardcore legend. Originally released in 1995, remastered and re-released in a limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies.

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LEUKEMIA- Close To The Headbender-Machine - LP - TROTTEL RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 250 copies. Remastered version of the first album by this original Hungarian Hardcore band. First released as a CD in 1993.

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LIANNE HALL- Energy Flashback - MC - RED WIG

click to enlarge A collection of 11 songs written and recorded by Lianne Hall from 2017 to 2022, who was most lately involved in the amazing LAVENDER HEX. Produced and mastered by Arnold de Boer (THE EX). And it's music that's as urgently beautiful and intimately beguiling as it can get!

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click to enlarge 6 new tracks by LILLAYELL from Italy - excellent Post-Noise-Rock, technically high-standard value, and delivered with punch and energy! And 6 tracks as well by VELMA from Lausanne/Switzerland. Avantgardistic Post-Rock with a more psychedelic, ambientesque approach and sound. The CD has a full playing-time of almost 62 minutes!

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LIME CRUSH- Sub Divide - n/a - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge First full length by this female-fronted band from Vienna. Limited edition of 150 copies only, on opaque-pink vinyl! Contains 12 tracks of their super-charming Sixties-sounding Garage-Pop pearls and crushing Punk-Rock ditties. Amongst guest-musicians on these recordings are Adrienne Berry (DOWNTOWN BOYS) and Calvin Johnson. And actually LIME CRUSH could have been as well a perfect addition to the K RECORDS roster.

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