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click to enlarge Now finally also available on LP, as a limited edition pressing on orange-colored vinyl!
The highly-anticipated third full album by this amazing band from Australia, blending all kinds of styles and sounds into their fascinating music. Fucking brilliant!

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click to enlarge This album is the unique take by Australian Art-Punk band on the "covers record" concept. Over the course of 36 minutes, TFS puts their deranged spin on classics by Jimi Hendrix, Middle Aged in the Middle East in the Middle Ages, Men Men Menstruation, Compliments to the Chef, and The Stooges! (Well, except for two, these are fake names/bands...). Limited edition worldwide of 1000 copies only on aqua-blue clear swirl vinyl.

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TROTTEL- The Final Salute In The Name Of Human Misery - 2XLP - TROTTEL RECORDS

click to enlarge Reissue of this double-LP, previously released in 1991 on X-Mist Records. Most probably the masterpiece of this Hungarian band, back then still with singer Ildiko. Complex structured, non-conventional music, with a psychedelic and experimental sound, breathing the spirit of Punk. Slightly comparable to similarly minded bands from that era, like VICTIMS FAMILY, RHYTHM PIGS or NOMEANSNO.

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TRUST ISSUES- Timekeeping Starts Right Now - LP - LAST EXIT MUSIC

click to enlarge German Hardcore-Punk band, featuring two members (singer Gurke and guitarist Guschtel) of CROWD OF ISOLATED. So of course there are similarities to the (DC-influenced) sound of C.O.I., but packed into a fast-paced, upbeat Punk style. An album filled with 14 strong and energetically raging songs. Limited edition of 200 copies only!

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TSCHILP- Whole Days In The Trees - CD / LP - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge First full album by this female trio from Hamburg. Indie-Rock in a soft melancholic way, fragile and and minimalistically reduced. Songs ranging from minor-key Guitar-Pop to Post-Rock and Noise. Their onomatopoetic songtitles like "Terrterrterr" or "Swir-ir", as well as the bandname itself associate an affinity to birds. The beautifully bittersweet twitters of birds... LP comes with a poster included, CD contains the tracks from the previous single as bonus!

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TUBERS- Anachronous - LP(COL.) - NO IDEA

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! From Florida, ex-members of TWELVE HOUR TURN, TRUE NORTH, etc. 12 songs of fresh rocking and emotional Post-Hardcore in the vein of bands such as DRIVE LIKE JEHU, OBITS, MILEMARKER and mid-80s Dischord-era bands! Green-grey-marble-colored vinyl variations, with a download-coupon included!

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click to enlarge First release for both, the label and the band, released as limited edition one-sided 12" of 100 copies only! TUMORTUMOR is a Noise/Dark Ambient duo from Switzerland, consisting of a drummer and Mike Saxer (guitarist in YC-CY) on bass and all sorts of self-made instruments! Combining dark harmonies with multiple layers of strange sounds, building up a unique tension. Inspired by horror and surrealist film composers and Italian Prog-Rock band GOBLIN, their music could be the soundtrack to a post-industrial horror movie as well.

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TUNE-YARDS- Nikki Nack - CD - 4AD

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! New, sealed copy! Totally cool and great album by Merrill Garbus aka TUNE-YARDS. Excellent Electro-Indie-Pop, incredibly inventive and filled with fun and inspiration, lotsa afro-caribean rhythms and amazing vocal work.

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click to enlarge A collection of new songs and previous releases by this awesome raging Hardcore-Noise-Rock band from Winnipeg/Canada. This LP contains 22 tracks, taken form their sold out "Complexion" LP (released in 2019 on SELF-SABOTAGE RECORDS), the equally sold out EPs "Disappointment" (2016) and "Boss" (2017), plus 4 songs for the first time on vinyl. Limited first pressing of 500 copies on yellow vinyl!

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click to enlarge New album by this band from Winnipeg/Canada. Limited edition first pressing on solid blue vinyl. Features 11 new tracks of their brutally intense, raging wild and hard hitting, filthy punked-up Aggro-Noise-Rock. Impressive!

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