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SMARTS- Who Needs Smarts Anyway? - LP(COL.) - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge *Repress on orange-colored vinyl, limited to only 100 copies!*
Stunning debut-album by this band from Melbourne/Australia. They’re like easily bridging the gap between quirky American New Wave (like DEVO or GEZA X) and rapidly fast-paced and frantic Punk (think of ANGRY SAMOANS). Maybe in a similar vein to what's being called "Egg Punk" (from labels like LUMPY RECORDS, TOTAL PUNK, etc.), but lot more refreshing, and with an original extension to that style and sound. LP comes with insert and download-code included. The SMARTS are playful, frenetic and fun, smart and a class of their own.

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click to enlarge Solo-Project of Nick Vicario (PUBLIC EYE, a.o.), delivering a fun-filled and perfectly constructed Punk-Rock gem. Like bridging the gaps between early LA-Punk (as from Dangerhouse Records), the "Bloodstains" compilations, and early WIRE, with traces of DEVO – or like a more punk-rocking TY SEGALL... LP comes with download-code included.

currently out of stock

SMIRK- Material - n/a - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge The first proper full-length album by SMIRK from Los Angeles. As on previous releases, it's sharp, pulsating and fast hit tunes. But here with a new guitar sound, having this sort of vintage Sixties twang feeling. Great album, a modern punk thing that's fresh and fun!

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SOUL PATROL- Mara/Take Back The Night - 7"+MP3 - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Originally recorded and released in 1979 in a limited edition of 50 copies only. The first single by the SOUL PATROL from Louisiana, a Proto-Punk/Hard-Rock band in the Bloodstains/KBD spectrum. Equally influenced by the STOOGES as well as by the SEX PISTOLS. Restored, remastered, and reissued with download-code included.

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click to enlarge A duo from Baton Rouge/Louisiana, that instantly reminds of the SWEEPING PROMISES. Not only because of the line-up (female and male), but also with a similar musical approach. The LP contains 15 tracks, being an exciting kaleidospcope and panopticum of all kinds of sounds and styles incorporated into their always joyous, freaky funky and artful songs. A true treasure, filled with effects and surprises, and a full listening pleasure. They call it "next level music", and that's not even exaggerated. Until now one of the best albums of the year!

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click to enlarge The second album by Chicago's high-energy Post Punk rockers. The band around and centered by singer Briana Hernandez (ex-NEGATIVE SCANNER) delivers 10 new tracks picking up where they had left off with the first LP, and taking their formula even further, more forceful and catchier! If you need comparisons, maybe think of something where PYLON meet MELT BANANA meet BIKINI KILL... Available on black vinyl, or limited edition (150 copies only!) coke-bottle clear vinyl, both with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Aptly named band from Chicago (incl. ex-NEGATIVE SCANNER), spreading joy with the 10 songs on their first LP! Quirky and funky No Wave Post-Punk, fronted by expressive vocalist Briana Hernandez. Their music is like a minimalistically reduced and perfect distillation of "Pink Flag" era WIRE with the sound and style of bands like PYLON and LILIPUT.

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click to enlarge Back in stock again! Brilliant debut album by this duo. Perfectly balanced and bouncy anthemic tunes. Combining Post-Punk angularity and instantly catchy New Wave Pop. Absolutely charming and gorgeous. If you need references, let's say somewhere in between the influences of AU PAIRS/PYLON and GIRLS AT OUR BEST...

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U-NIX- Nuke Portland - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their 7" on LUMPY resp. cassette on DROP MEDIUM, the first longplayer (8 tracks) by this furious band from Portland, incl. John Cardwell of NASA SPACE UNIVERSE. A manically psychotic Hardcore attack, raging at full speed. Comes with insert and download-code included.

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WASTE MAN- One Day It'll All Be You - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge First LP by this band from New Orleans. Delivering a pretty cool and strong brand of Punk, whose sound draws influences from mid-80s SST-bands like the MEAT PUPPETS and SACCHARINE TRUST, dragged thru' the psychic swamps of Louisiana. And it also reminds me of bands like LIFTER PULLER or the REPLACEMENTS...
LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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