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New Release! MY IDEA- Cry Mfer - CD / LP(COL.) - HARDLY ART

click to enlarge Lily Konigsberg (PALBERTA, etc.) and Nate Amos (WATER FROM YOUR EYES). Originally Lily had contacted Nate for producing her next solo-album. But then it turned into a collaboration, and they named it MY IDEA. The final result are 13 wonderful songs, featuring all aspects of what's great and inspiring about pop music. A beautiful album being a pleasure and fun to listen to.

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click to enlarge Brandnew single featuring two exclusive songs from one of our current favorite bands! Captivating, exciting and energetically grooving (with "Noe" being a dancefloor hit). Just brilliant and awesome! Limited edition of 500 copies.

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New Release! PORRIDGE RADIO- Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky - CD / LP / LP(COL.) - SECRETLY CANADIAN

click to enlarge The previously two LPs by this band around singer/songwriter extraordinaire Dana Margolin were already highly impressive, and this new one is no let-down. The band even pushes everything a little further. 12 deeply emotional and heartfelt songs about desperation, vulnerability, pain, fear and love, relief, comfort and joy.
LP standard edition on black vinyl, limited edition on forest green vinyl, both with download-code included, or compact-disc.

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New Release! PORTRON PORTRON LOPEZ- Ice-Cream-Soufi - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge French band mixing Beefheartian Rock with Afro-Beat styled sounds and rhythms. The creation of a really unique, original and exciting music, where Psychedelic Garage-Rock and Tuareg Blues collide into songs with hypnotic grooves. Limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies with silkscreened sleeves.

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click to enlarge Repressed again!!!
This is THE "Emo-Hardcore" CLASSIC! If you don't know this record, you know nothing about "emotional hardcore"... Remastered and re-cut repressing, including a download-coupon!

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New Release! SARI- A U Se - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on crystal-clear vinyl! First vinyl-release of the new solo-project by former member of NECRONOMIDOL. But her 6 songs on this beautiful piece of vinyl have no "Metal" touch at all. Instead it's genuinely bizarre, playful and joyful, multi-facetted music, in between classic J-Pop and experimentally orchestral Synth-Pop.

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New Release! SOPHIA DJEBEL ROSE- Metempsycose - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge First album by French Folk singer/songwriter, somewhere in between Canadian First Nations Folk singer Buffy Sainte Marie and chanteuse Nico (or a crosstake of both), influenced by Leonard Cohen. The 9 odes on this LP sound both minimalistic and with an almost baroque abundance, a combination of these extremes. The atmosphere is psychedelic, maybe even esoteric, shamanic and mystically bewitching.

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click to enlarge Contains 13 tracks by the STICK FIGURES from Florida, recorded during 1980. A band that was influenced by the likes of DELTA 5, THE FALL, LOUNGE LIZARDS and XTC. But with enough potential giving their New Wave Disco and Punk-Funk amalgam an original sound of their own! Actually they were favorites of John Peel back then, and that was always a sign of high qualities! That's what I call a release of archival recordings, that REALLY makes sense altogether! An awesome records, no matter if you heard of them before, or if it's all a fresh and new discovery. Limited edition of 500 stamped and handnumbered copies. Lovingly packaged with two colorprint inserts, featuring linernotes, lyrics and more, sticker and download-code included as well!

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click to enlarge New full album by this Australian Indie-Pop/Rock band from Melbourne. Contains 10 songs, with a sound reminiscent of XTC, New Zealands classic Flying Nun bands, and mostly the simply strcutured but instantly effective catchiness like with early WIRE's songs. A classic formula, with a unique touch of their own.

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New Release! TRUST ISSUES- Timekeeping Starts Right Now - LP - LAST EXIT MUSIC

click to enlarge German Hardcore-Punk band, featuring two members (singer Gurke and guitarist Guschtel) of CROWD OF ISOLATED. So of course there are similarities to the (DC-influenced) sound of C.O.I., but packed into a fast-paced, upbeat Punk style. An album filled with 14 strong and energetically raging songs. Limited edition of 200 copies only!

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