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click to enlarge The second tape (6 songs) from this Berlin-based band, featuring members of CULT VALUES, IMPOSITION MAN, and fronted by singer Eva. Sounding like a noisy and dirty hardcore-version of Death Rock. Maybe like a rowdy and rude mutation of 45 GRAVE...

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click to enlarge After a whole bunch of singles during the last few years, the first full album (with 10 new songs) by this Berlin Noise-Rock band. After more than a one-months delay, it's finally really available and in stock here with us. Contains 10 new tracks of their Electro-Beats und Industrial-Sounds fuelled teutonic marches, somewhere between BIG BLACK, SUICIDE, YOUNG GODS, LAIBACH and APHEX TWIN...

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click to enlarge Wieder eine neue Single, inzwischen schon die Neunte, des Berliner Brachial-Noise-Rock Trios. Hier zu hören: - und hier zum sehen:

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GEWALT- Tier/So Geht Die Geschichte - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO / IN A CAR

click to enlarge New single from this Berlin based power-trio! Shredding guitars, harsh electronic beats and shouted vocals combined to an intense and aggressive Noise-Rock sound, with references to BIG BLACK, YOUNG GODS and GODFLESH.

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GIRLS- Transfer Station/Elephant Trick - 7" - MILK&CHOCOLATE RECORDS

click to enlarge SPECIAL OFFER! Exclusive single by the GIRLS, who are all boys from Seattle. Pop-Punk with a Dance-Wave flavor, kinda like "DEVO meets the CARS". Nice'n'catchy.

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click to enlarge Reissue of their fourth album, released in 1996.

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GIRLS AGAINST BOYS- Venus Luxure No.1 Baby - LP - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Released in 1993, "Venus Luxure..." was the 3rd record by GvsB and their first one on TOUCH&GO RECORDS! 11 songs, including the smash-hit "Bullet Proof Cupid", produced by Ted Niceley. LP including download-coupon!

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GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Arterial Movements - 7" - IN A CAR / X-MIST

click to enlarge *The VERLY LAST COPIES available (a warehouse find...)*
Exclusive EP featuring three previously unreleased songs by UK's newest Riot-Punk sensation! From 2019, and NOT on their "Pre/Post Collection 2016-2018". Limited edition of 500 copies with lyric-sheet included. Killer stuff for fans of the IDLES, BIG BLACK, CRASS, or whatever.

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click to enlarge Exclusive new vinyl release from Londons riot-punk sensation. On side A the 9:30 minutes lasting live favorite "Pulling Teeth" for the first time on vinyl! A monumental beast of a song. And 4 more awesome new tracks on side B. Going slightly into a different direction, with more electronics, beats and keyboards in their sound, but still undoubtedly being G.I.S., in all their dark brutalism and aggression. Limited edition of 500 copies. Actually already sold out on pre-orders with the label/band! So grab it while you can!

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GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Now Here's An Echo From Your Future - CD / LP(COL.) - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge The highly anticipated first full album by this outstanding Riot-Punk band from London! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS have advanced their sound, exploring a wide range of sensations and subtle shifts. In equal parts frantic, smart, ear-splitting and melodic. Rage and destroy! Furious killer stuff! If you need any fucking comparisons, how about: Imagine the angriest Black Flag interpreted in a Big Back-ish sound by Killing Joke... Catch GIS now and witness the rise of one of the most original and unique underground bands around these days! LP pressed on white vinyl.

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