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click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl, printed innersleeve and download-code included. RATTLE from the UK are a female duo, Katharine Brown and Theresa Wrigley, focussing almost only on the use of drums, vocals, percussive effects and more drums. So in each and every aspect, instantly this makes think of the legendary NOH MERCY! And yes, yes, yes, there are similarities (of course), even though RATTLE are not as excessivelly raging as NOH MERCY WERE... but being equally as highly inventive with a totally stripped-down minimalistic approach.

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click to enlarge Limited edition on thick 180g-vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included. The 2nd album by this drumming duo from Nottingham/UK. And it's amazing what these two ladies are achieving with such a minimalistic line-up, two drum-sets and occasional vocals. The LP contains 4 extensively long explorations in rhythm, varying percussive patterns with interchanging tensions. Maybe this could be reminiscent of CAN, but there's really noone else and nothing like RATTLE...

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click to enlarge Erstes Solo-Album der österreichischen Noise-Rock Ikone, v.A. bekannt durch das Trio BULBUL, aber auch durch sein Mitwirken in Bands wie BROKEN HEART COLLECTOR, MUSCLE TOMCAT MACHINE, u.v.m.! Die Stücke sind ein eigentümlich originelles Gebräu aus Rock-Versatzstücken, Noise, Electronica, Austro-Pop Bizarre und HipHop. Kurz g'sagt: Irgendwo zwischen BULBUL und ATTWENGER. Mega abgefahren und scheißcool. LP inklusive Download-Code.

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click to enlarge New album by French musician (singing in English) with 11 songs of really cool Minimal-Pop pearls. For fans of JULIE RUIN, CATE LE BON, BLONDE REDHEAD or PJ HARVEY, and yes, she's really that good! Some of her songs made me think of TWO TON BOA (if anyone can remember this great band on KILL ROCK STARS from around 10 years ago) or like "AIR MIAMI with female vocals".
Limited edition one-sided vinyl, with laser etchings on backside.

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click to enlarge 2 british bands sharing this 7“: RAYS OF HELIOS play Emo-Hardcore, that could be influenced by FUGAZI. Tight, rhythmic and dynamic! AIRSTRIPONE are musically pretty much in the same vein, but having more of a melodic element...

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RED HARE- Lexicon Mist - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD

click to enlarge New 3Song-EP by this DC band, formerly known as SWIZ, following their "Nites Of Midnite" debut-album. Raging DC-Hardcore, delivered with the same fiery and fierce intensity as SWIZ was known for back in the days... YELLOW vinyl pressing, with download-code!

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RED HARE- Little Acts Of Destruction - CD - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The second full-length by RED HARE from Washington DC, who are Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, and Dave Eight - all former members of SWIZ - and drummer Joe Gorelick (ex-GARDEN VARIETY). The record includes 14 songs and was recorded and mixed by J. Robbins. The CD version includes three extra tracks from the band's previously released "Lexicon Mist".

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RED HARE- Nites Of Midnite - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge New band featuring Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell and Dave Eight - all former members of SWIZ - and drummer Joe Gorelick (ex-BLUE TIP, GARDEN VARIETY). And even though these guys had played in various bands like SWEETBELLY FREAKDOWN, BLUE TIP, RETISONIC and more, comparing the 8 songs here to SWIZ comes actually the closest! Blue vinyl, incl. download-code.

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RED HERRING- Faster Moving Forward - LP - IRRK

click to enlarge First full album Portland/Oregon, including Alex Yusimov, founder of the MISSISSIPPI RECORDS label. Contains 9 tracks, recorded and released in 2008.

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RED MONKEY- How We Learned To Live Like A Bomb - LP - OUR VOLTAGE

click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies on red vinyl, with a 20-page booklet and download-code included! Posthumous compilation by one of the finest british bands from the 90s, part of the SLAMPT UNDERGROUND, along with bands like YUMMY FUR, MILKY WIMPSHAKE or PUSSYCAT TRASH. Contains all 16 tracks from their 7"s, released from 1997 to 2003 on Slampt, Troubleman Unltd., Kill Rock Stars, etc... But remastered for your listening pleasure! Released on the new OUR VOLTAGE label.

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