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Raris & Cheapos

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DES ARK- Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker - CD - LOVITT

click to enlarge The 2nd full-length album by Aimee Argote & her friends! 8 songs, ranging from softly sweet ballads with acoustic instrumentation to fully-orchestrated and rocking songs. Actually pretty much in the same vein as MIRAH or THAO... NEW sealed/still shrinkwrapped copy!

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click to enlarge First full album by italian Noise-Rock band from 2004. Key-references here are FUGAZI, KEPONE and most of all SHELLAC – but with their own identity and character in their sound (and not only because they use a saxophone as an additional element).

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click to enlarge First album by Californian band (and not to be confused with a british band by the same name). Contains 12 raging tracks, that sound like a terrific mix of classic, raw and snotty 77-Punk (think of bands like the KILLJOYS or early STIFF LITTLE FINGERS), with early American Hardcore (NAKED RAYGUN maybe...), blistering Garage-Rock, and armed with a high potential for catchy songwriting! Limited edition on splattered multi-colored vinyl, and packed into a nice gatefold-cover!!! During transport vinyls bounced against the top of the sleeves, and sliced it up for about 6cm... Returning it back to the USA doesn't make sense, so we're trying to sell these at a bargain.

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EL GUINCHO- Pop Negro - CD

click to enlarge 2nd full album by EL GUINCHO alias Pablo Diaz-Reixa, who is also a member of the great band COCONOT from Barcelona. 9 tracks of Tropical Dance-Pop! Think of something in between MANU CHAO, MICHAEL JACKSON and VAMPIRE WEEKEND, with a strong afro-latino flair! Filed in our stocks here next to the EL GUAPO LPs, which fits pretty well.
NEW unplayed copy!

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click to enlarge 2nd album with 8 great songs presenting ENIAC better than ever before, both musically as well as soundwise! Highly energetic Noise-Rock with catchy melodies (like LES SAVY FAV...)
CD contains the songs from their SOLD-OUT single in remastered versions as bonus-tracks!
Last remaining copies NOW at SPECIAL OFFER PRICE!!!

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click to enlarge Post-Punk/New Wave from Bielefeld/Germany. Based on influences ranging from the SOUND and ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN to the WIPERS, these guys create their pretty unique style, always upbeat and intense, with pumping rhythms. A sure treat for fans of DIÄT and the likes. LP comes with printed cardboard-innersleeve and download-code!

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click to enlarge From the same label that brought us the first LP by MATTRESS and an assorted selection of 7"s (like the recently released G.GREEN EP), comes as well this pretty unique EP: This band from Eugene/Oregon plays some THE FALL/COUNTRY TEASERS inspired Post-Punk, in a crushingly loud sound, with buzzsaw-like surf-guitar and organ, and a cool crooner on vocals! Limited handnumbered edition of 300 copies. (Seems like the band meanwhile changed its name to CLANGING DOLPHINS)

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HELL NO- Adios Armageddon - CD - X-MIST

click to enlarge 2nd full album - Totally awesome and incredibly emotional Hardcore/Noise-Rock! Killer stuff!!!
CD contains the full album, and as bonus the 3 tracks from their first EP "Superstar Chop"! (Features ex-members of CITIZENS ARREST...)

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HUMONGOUS- Miniature Pinschers - LP

click to enlarge Who the fuck are HUMONGOUS? A band from Louisville, Kentucky. And what do they sound like? I don't know, they do not sound "like" anyone else. It's Weirdo-Rock, Post-Punk, Garage or something, for sure it's totally original and unclassifiable. In some ways they remind me of TH'INBRED, or as well of DEERHOOF and maybe HALF JAPANESE... Before passing on and overlooking this album, do yourself a favour and check out some of these links, to be at least a little bit in the know about this record:
LP comes with a download-code included!

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JUMP OFF A BUILDING- Bird Watching In New Zealand - 7" - LENGUA ARMADA

click to enlarge Another new Bay Area band in the style of early-80s US-Hardcore! 6 songs on this EP, sounding like being influenced by early BLACK FLAG and DC-bands like TEEN IDLES, S.O.A. or FAITH! Really well-done, but not exactly totally original...

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