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FAMILY 5- Ein Richtiges Leben In Flaschen - LP+CD - TAPETE RECORDS

click to enlarge Neues Album der Kult-Band um Peter Hein und Xao Seffcheque. Bei den 14 Songs dieser Platten haben sie ihren Soul-Punk nochmals aufgefrischt, variiert und erweitert, z.B. mit Streichern, oder auch mit dem Einsatz von Querflöte, Klarinette und einer Sitar. Das Cover-Artwork erinnert also nicht von ungefähr an Sergeant Pepper's... LP kommt mit bedruckter Innenhülle (texte und mehr!), sowie der CD-Version des Albums als Beilage.

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FARAQUET- Anthology 1997-1998 - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Compilation of 10 rare recordings from this DC band, active 1997-2001, post-SMART WENT CRAZY and pre-BEAUTY PILL resp. MEDICATIONS. Including songs originally released on various 7”s and unreleased recordings. This LP was originally released in 2008, now remastered, repressed and with download-code included!

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FARAQUET- The View From The Tower - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Re-mastered and re-issued on LP, including mp3-download coupon! The only full album (9 songs) by the forerunner to the MEDICATIONS, originally released in 2000. Current pressing on multi-colored vinyl!

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click to enlarge Pop-affine Experimental-Musik (oder gerne auch experimentelle Pop-Musik, jedenfalls so schön wie spannend) aus München. Fehler Kuti alias Julian Warner hat zusammen mit Markus Acher und dem Produzenten Tobias Siegert ein Album erschaffen, das musikalisch wie wie textlich (mit seinen politisch antirassistischen Botschaften) auf der Höhe der Zeit ist. Limitierte Vinyl-Pressung von 300 Stück inklusive Download-Code.

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FERAL TREES- The Animal/Greed - 7" - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Features two new songs from this polish band (incl. members of Punk-band HIDDEN WORLD), fronted by American singer/guitarist Moriah Woods. A forcefully dark and atmospheric melange of Alt-Folk with elements of psychedelic Sludge Rock.

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click to enlarge 3Song-EP from Californian band, fronted by the former MAYYORS drummer Julian Elorduy. Upbeat jangle pop with Surf-Rock guitars, and deep vocals, almost Ian Curtis alike...

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click to enlarge Fantastic album by this band from Alberta/Canada, and a perfect addition to the line of great bands having come lately from that region (MYELIN SHEATHS, SHARP ENDS). Totally ripping Riot-Punk, sounding kinda like as if BIKINI KILL had been more into New Wave, WIPERS and Surf-Punk. Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies, with CD-version of the album included, packed in screenprinted covers!

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FIX- s/t 7Song-EP - 7" - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Not to be confused with early T&G Hardcore band THE FIX, this is raging hot shit punk hailing from the same camp as bands like EX-WHITE, RUSSE, SCHIACH, etc... Sounds like totally shredding Garage-Punk with a healthy dose of an industrial Minimal Synth madness. Limited edition of 300 copies in silkscreened covers!

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FIX, THE- The Speed Of Twisted Thought - LP - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Re-issue collecting their early releases, plus demos and live-tracks! The FIX were one of the first Hardcore bands in Midwest-USA and one of the first bands on TOUCH&GO back in 1981! This album contains all songs from both their super-rare 7”s, the track from the “Process Of Elimination” compilation, plus 3 demo-versions and 12 songs recorded live in 1981!

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New Release! FLACCID KNOB- Mit Schwung In Die Zukunft - LP - QUALITY MUSIC

click to enlarge First LP by this Berlin based project, and the second release on the QUALITY MUSIC label, following the JOHN PAUL GEORGE RINGO & RICHARD/VICTOR Split-LP – and similarly minded bizarre stuff. Weirdo-Minimal-Electronics, somewhere between the RESIDENTS, der PLAN and FELIX KUBIN, experimental in a joyously and non-pretentious way. Limited edition of 175 copies, with insert and download-code included.

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