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click to enlarge Reissue of the fourth album by this legendary Hungarian experimental Post-/Avant-Punk band. Originally released in 1993. Remastered, with lyric-sheet and large booklet included. Limited pressing of 200 handnumbered copies.

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TSCHILP- Gelbe Mit Rosa Punkten/Der Tümmler - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge First release by these 3 ladies from Hamburg/Germany! Fragile and softly melancholic Guitar-Pop, comparable to bands like ELECTRELANE!

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TSCHILP- Whole Days In The Trees - CD / LP - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge First full album by this female trio from Hamburg. Indie-Rock in a soft melancholic way, fragile and and minimalistically reduced. Songs ranging from minor-key Guitar-Pop to Post-Rock and Noise. Their onomatopoetic songtitles like "Terrterrterr" or "Swir-ir", as well as the bandname itself associate an affinity to birds. The beautifully bittersweet twitters of birds... LP comes with a poster included, CD contains the tracks from the previous single as bonus!

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TUBERS- Anachronous - LP - NO IDEA

click to enlarge 3rd full album by these guys from Florida, including ex-members of TWELVE HOUR TURN, TRUE NORTH, etc. 12 songs of fresh rocking and emotional Post-Hardcore in the vein of bands such as DRIVE LIKE JEHU, OBITS, MILEMARKER and mid-80s Dischord-era bands! Actually this band keeps getting better with each record. This one coming on green-grey-marble-colored vinyl variations, with a download-coupon included!

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click to enlarge First release for both, the label and the band, released as limited edition one-sided 12" of 100 copies only! TUMORTUMOR is a Noise/Dark Ambient duo from Switzerland, consisting of a drummer and Mike Saxer (guitarist in YC-CY) on bass and all sorts of self-made instruments! Combining dark harmonies with multiple layers of strange sounds, building up a unique tension. Inspired by horror and surrealist film composers and Italian Prog-Rock band GOBLIN, their music could be the soundtrack to a post-industrial horror movie as well.

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TUNIC- Exhaling - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge A collection of new songs and previous releases by this awesome raging Hardcore-Noise-Rock band from Winnipeg/Canada. This LP contains 22 tracks, taken form their sold out "Complexion" LP (released in 2019 on SELF-SABOTAGE RECORDS), the equally sold out EPs "Disappointment" (2016) and "Boss" (2017), plus 4 songs for the first time on vinyl. Limited first pressing of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, on ARTOFFACT RECORDS.

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click to enlarge Features 2 exclusive songs by this trio from Boston/USA. Heavy organ-fuelled, buzzsaw Garage-Punk smashers, released in Germany, limited edition of 500 copies.

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TV ON THE RADIO- Desperate Youth... - 2XLP / CD - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Vinyl repressed again in 2019!
First full-length album with 9 tracks in 47 minutes! Brilliant Post-Rock from New York, with electronics, and a lot of Soul– and Jazz-influences...
NEW sealed/shrinkwrapped copy!

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click to enlarge Following the IDLES and SHAME, here's the debut-album of Britains next big new thing in raging Post-Punk. All pretty cool, with quite a brilliantly satirical and (self-)ironic sense of humour, and a musical offering that's more diverse and multifaceted than the two previously named bands...
LP contains 12 songs on heavy 180g-vinyl, and comes with huge poster included!

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TWO BIT DEZPERADOS- Macumba Para Exu - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge 4Song-EP on their own label SHIT MUSIC FOR SHIT PEOPLE! Limited edition of 300 copies on colored vinyl, incl. download-coupon, and packed into beautifully silkscreened envelope-sleeve!

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