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click to enlarge Solo-Project of Nick Vicario (PUBLIC EYE, a.o.), delivering a fun-filled and perfectly constructed Punk-Rock gem. Like bridging the gaps between early LA-Punk (as from Dangerhouse Records), the "Bloodstains" compilations, and early WIRE, with traces of DEVO – or like a more punk-rocking TY SEGALL... LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! LUBOMYR MELNYK- Three Solo Pieces - MC - DISASTER PLAN

click to enlarge Officially licensed (hence the relatively high price) and professionally dubbed cassette version of these recordings (full playing-time over 35 minutes). Originally released in 2013 on the UNSEEN WORLDS label from New York. Lubomyr Melnyk is a composer/pianist, and one of the most outstanding figures in the "modern classic" music genre. He calls his compositions "continuous music", fusing elements of Classical music, Jazz and Minimal. With his revolutionary piano playing, he can be regarded as a modern times Franz Liszt.

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New Release! ATLANTIKSCHWIMMER- s/t (ZickZack) - 12" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Reissue of the 12" originally released in 1985 on ZICK ZACK. Following their KASSETTO FIX tape, the 6 songs on this 12" were going even more for a cold, dark and depressive Wave-Sound, similar to bands like the CURE, COMSAT ANGELS or THE SOUND. A special element on these recordings was the use of an accordion.

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New Release! SPERMA- s/t - 12" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Official reissue of Swiss Punk classic! Originally released in 1979 on ANOTHER SWISS LABEL, with 3 songs ("Schmier", "No More Love" & "Radio") from these Züri Punx, recorded and mixed by Etienne Conod at legendary Sunrise Studio in Kirchberg. Comes with a 20-page booklet in A4-size, featuring lots of photos, flyers, and extensive linernotes.

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click to enlarge First album by band from Philadelphia. Coming from a Hardcore background (members having been in bands like SALVATION , CULT RITUAL and MERCHANDISE), but progressing into a Post-Rock vein, this band is capturing both: The intensity and fury of Hardcore, combining it with a complex virtuosity. Sometimes like a Hardcore variant of NOMEANSNO and VICTIMS FAMILY, or even SLINT and TORTOISE, and for sure they're reminding me of HELL NO! Definitely an unconventional, challenging and highly recommendable album!
Pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet included.

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click to enlarge 2nd album by this amazing band from Brooklyn/New York, including two members of PALBERTA. Not really new (released already in November 2019), but only in here with us now. Their stunning and surprising first album was one of the most notable releases in 2017, and this one is no less of a discovery. Frantic, noisy and dissonant No Wave Art-Punk/Pop, breaking all barriers and disregarding all genres borders.

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New Release! TUNIC- Exhaling - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge A collection of new songs and previous releases by this awesome raging Hardcore-Noise-Rock band from Winnipeg/Canada. This LP contains 22 tracks, taken form their sold out "Complexion" LP (released in 2019 on SELF-SABOTAGE RECORDS), the equally sold out EPs "Disappointment" (2016) and "Boss" (2017), plus 4 songs for the first time on vinyl. Limited first pressing of 500 copies on yellow vinyl, on ARTOFFACT RECORDS.

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New Release! DRY CLEANING- New Long Leg - CD - 4AD

click to enlarge *LP currently out of stock - repress expected late MAY!*
The highly anticipated first full album by this band from London. Another Avant-Post-Punk band, but an outstanding one, sounding like no others. It's feverish and dry cold at the same time. The AU PAIRS may come to mind as a reference (or "Songs Of The Free" period GANG OF FOUR, and a touch of G.vs.B.), but there's more to DRY CLEANING, with a sound, style and charm of their own.

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New Release! GRÜNER STAR- Hauptsache Es Bleibt Friedlich - LP - DIAN

click to enlarge Zweite LP der Hamburger "All-Star Band" (ex-SCHNELLER AUTOS ORG, DIE CHARTS, GRAF ZAHL, etc.). 12 neue Songs, treibend und harmonisch, zwischen Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk und Hamburger Schule. Perfekt in Szene von Mense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN, u.v.m.). LP-Pressung auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, inklusive einem super-stylish chicen 24-seitigen Booklet (im Format 23x23cm) mit Texten und Artwork. Gratis-Download gibt's auch.

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click to enlarge From the Munich electronic art underground. One one side 4 tracks from "pcn" (alias Christian Nothaft aka pcn AMBILOCO, DEMONUM), ranging from weird Electro-Post-Rock (reminding me of BRAINIAC) to experimental Kraut-Scapes and soundcollages. On the other side, Pöschl (founder of the electronic label ECHOKAMMER) reconstructing and editing obscure music pearls in a Bastard-Pop manner (inspired by the MINIATURES compilation on CHERRY RED RECORDS). LP comes with insert and CD-version included.

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