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Newest arrivals

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New Release! UNBITE- Fang - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge First album by Noise-Rock band from Stuttgart/Germany, featuring two ex-members of BUZZ RODEO. Contains 10 songs, pressed on black vinyl, hard-rocking in an extremely harsh and biting metallic sound, ugly and dirty, contrasted by the tenderly soft and sometimes almost ethereal vocals of bassist Daniela.

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New Release! GOOD COP- World Piss - LP - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge First album by Punk-Rock threepiece from Vienna. LP contains 11 songs and comes with download-code included. Scorching and snotty, short and to the point, fresh and vital, catchy and snappy Garage-Punk.

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New Release! VOILER- 000 - MC+MP3 - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Limited edition of 100 pink cassettes, with download-code included. New project of Ana Threat resp. The Boiler, delivering the soundtrack for the post-industrial deserted wasteland. Electronic landscapes made with synths and metallic beats. Cassette contains 3 tracks with a full playing-time of almost 14 minutes.

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New Release! SPECIAL INTEREST- The Passion Of - LP

click to enlarge New full album by this exceptionally great band from New Orleans finally and at last available as European pressing via Glasgow's NIGHT SCHOOL RECORDS. Fronted and centered around exceptional singer Alli Logout (and including a member of MYSTIC INANE), SPECIAL INTEREST create a frenetic revisioning of Punk and Electronica. Combining elements of No Wave, Glam, Noise-Punk and Techno/Electro into an aggressively raging sound. FLIPPER meets CHICKS ON SPEED? Or G.L.O.S.S. meets PRODIGY? Maybe something like this, but then again all of their own.
LP comes with colorprint innersleeve and huge poster included.

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New Release! CURRENT AFFAIRS- Object & Subject - LP(COL.) - TOUGH LOVE RECORDS

click to enlarge Back in stock again! Collection of previously released recordings by this awesome Post-Punk band from Glasgow, featuring members of SHOPPING and ANXIETY. Contains the tracks from their "Object" cassette, the first 7", and previously digitally-only available tracks. 9 songs in full. Limited edition of 500 copies on purple vinyl. Cheerful, bouncing and rousing!

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click to enlarge Split release in a limited edition of 500 copies. The CUNTROACHES from Berlin deliver frenetically wild and crazy destructive, punishing and full-frontal noisy blurring Speed-Punk. Their tracks are mastered by Weasel Walter, what may give you an idea in which territories this band is digging in... GUTTERSNIPE from Leeds/UK follow their debut-album "My Mother The Vent" (Upset The Rhythm) with two enormous tracks (total playing-time of 16 minutes), stretching the limits of Noise-Punk to even further extremes.

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New Release! FAITH- Live At CBGB's - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Limited edition on clear-blue colored vinyl. Soundboard recordings from FAITH's third show: Two sets (25 tracks in full) performed on December 26, 1981 at CBGBs, opening for the Bad Brains. Comes with printed innersleeve featuring detailed linernotes. Released on OUTER BATTERY RECORDS.

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New Release! LIIEK- 3Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge New EP by this Berlin based Post-Punk band, hailing from the Allee Der Kosmonauten/Flennen camp and featuring members of PIGEON, BENZIN and AUS. Contains 3 tracks of their crushing, energetic and angular Post-Punk, sounding like lost gems from the early 1980s, released on their own label imprint MANGEL.

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click to enlarge Here's now the superb new album by this band from Massachusetts, whose "Blatant" LP was one of best punk-related albums in 2018 (and many years). A highly political album reflecting the recent state of the USA and world. The worst times often result into the most innovative artistic expressions, and here's one of the finest evidences for this thesis! Lots of references and comparisons could be drawn while listening to this album, from MINUTEMEN to the VAN PELT, from SWELL MAPS and the FALL to LUNGFISH and SHELLAC or MY DISCO...
But overall and in the end, this is an unique and mesmerizing album that stands on its own. Comes with two inserts (lyrics & graphic art) and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Limited edition on citron-yellow vinyl, with insert and download-code included. Oakland's Post-Punk supergroup THE WORLD have split, but members Amber Sorreno and Andy Jordan (aka Human) have formed this new outfit, including Alejandra Alcala of PREENING, and it sounds even better than the World. Otherworldly, so to say. 10 tracks of infectiously cool and dub-infused No Wave with funky danceable rhythms.

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