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NO AGE- An Object - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge Exquisitely styled vinyl-version of their new album: Packed into a special die-cut folding sleeve, with various inserts and a download-coupon included! 11 new songs, sounding far more complex and structured and less noisy than on their previous releases. Actually they're sounding almost tame(d) now, more than ever influenced by WIRE, with the addition of lots of instrumental effects and modernized sounds. In a similar way like JAPANTHER could be the 21st century version of the RAMONES, NO AGE are the same to WIRE.

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NO AGE- Everything In Between - CD - SUB POP

click to enlarge Full album with 13 tracks of their fuzzed-out and psychedelically deranged Noise-Pop.
NEW still sealed/shrinkwrapped copy!

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NO AGE- Glitter - 12" / 7" - SUB POP

click to enlarge "Glitter" is a song taken from their upcoming album "Everything In Between". The 12" has on the B-side the tracks "In Rebound" and "Vision II", while the 7" features "Inflorescence" on the backside. Both formats with download-coupons included!

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New Release! NO AGE- Goons Be Gone - CD / LP - DRAG CITY

click to enlarge New full album by this guitar and drums (and samples) duo. Contains 11 songs.

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click to enlarge Newest album by this Noise-Rock/Punk band from Barcelona/Spain in the vein of JAWBOX/BURNING AIRLINES, and definitely their most aggressively rocking to date! 10 tracks/25 minutes.

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click to enlarge Full album by the truly incredible San Francisco legends NOH MERCY! More than 30 years after it was recorded, now at last offered to the world. 2 of these songs had been published on the "Earcom #3" 2x7" compilation, but all other 8 tracks, recorded by Fluxus artist and electronics genius Tommy Tadlock (TUXEDOMOON), remained to be unreleased until now!
Formed in San Francisco in 1977, NOH MERCY was comprised of only two women: Esmeralda (vocals) and Tony Hotel (drums). The band's motto was "no boys on guitars", as a reaction against male-dominated Rock'n'Roll. They didn't need boys (and only a few more instruments on some of the songs here). They harnessed the angularity of DEVO, the Punk-poet attitude of PATTI SMITH and LYDIA LUNCH, and the art-spectacle of ROXY MUSIC, all ground down to a minimalist core of voice and drums. Those knowing their 2 previously released songs, consider them to be as essential within Post-Punk/No Wave as the SLITS, RAINCOATS, LILIPUT, etc... and NOH MERCY preceded the defiant queer rebellion of Riot Grrrl and the frenetic art-punk minimalism of the early 21st century by decades!
NEW still sealed/shrinkwrapped copy!

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NON BAND- s/t - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Non was part of the first Japanese Punk generation back in 1978 (not to be confused with Boyd Rice, who also used the pseudonym NON), and in 1979 she formed her NON BAND, being in some ways then Tokyo's equivalent to New York's Lydia Lunch. This was their first studio-release in 1982 on Japanese Label TELEGRAPH RECORDS, now reissued (on german label TAL) for the first time ever on vinyl again! 6 tracks of unique No Wave (in a similar vein like e.g. DNA), with a definite Japanese touch to it! Insert with linernotes and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Debut-EP by this band from Hamburg (feat. ex-das eNDe, a.o.), and it's No Wave Fake-Funk Post-Punk! Non-pretentious and regardless of any rules and regulations. Minimalistic and free, and in this sense it reminds of the same approach that once bands like the CONTORTIONS, RAINCOATS or BUSH TETRAS had... Not exactly similar, but in the same vein. And it's alright if you like saxaphones.

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click to enlarge Following the "Danger Dance" Mini-LP, here comes the first full-length album from Hamburg's Punk-Funksters. Features 9 new tracks, marking a definite step forward for the band. Tighter, less experimentation, more focussed on groove, songwriting and catchyness. Furious, dynamic and danceable! A sound and style in the tradition of great bands like PYLON, BUSH TETRAS, or the AU PAIRS, updated for the 21st century.

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click to enlarge First full album by this band from Hamburg/Germany. Following their debut EP from early 2017 (also a split-release from CHU CHU, IN A CAR and HARBINGER), this LP contains 7 new tracks from these funky Post-Punk No Wavers! Highly improved and a step forward! The minimalism and the musical approach of the NOSEHOLES reminds of bands such as BUSH TETRAS, CONTORTIONS, AU PAIRS, or LiLiPUT, resp. will surely appeal to fans of SHOPPING, NACHTHEXEN or THE WORLD.

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