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click to enlarge Debut-album by Ian MacKaye (FUGAZI, etc.) on baritone-guitar and Amy Farina (ex-WARMERS, etc.) playing drums, and they both sing. Not much of a surprise then, that the 12 songs here sound kinda like an acoustic and more fragile version of FUGAZI... (LP out of print. Only available as CD)

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EVENS- The Odds - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge 3rd album by the EVENS, Ian MacKaye plays baritone-guitar, Amy Farina plays drums, both sing. "The Odds" is their third album (6 years after "Get Evens"), featuring 13 songs recorded with Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios during summer 2012. LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Discography by E.F.A. from Munich, who only existed for a short period in 1986, but being one of the very first german Hardcore bands. This LP contains the 9 tracks originally released on the split-LP with CHALLENGER CREW, plus a compilation-track, a previously unreleased song, and 6 live-recordings. Limited edition of 200 copies on brown vinyl, with an extensive booklet included, featuring linernotes, band-history, photos, lyrics, and more!

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EWA BRAUN- Electromovement - 2XLP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Full album by this Noise-/Post-Rock band from Poland, originally released in 2000 as CD only. Now remastered and for the first time on vinyl, as a double-LP set in a gatefold-cover.

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click to enlarge The return of this DC-based female Rock trio, five years after the release of their first album. Made up of Betsy Wright and Laura Harris (previously in Dischord band THE AQUARIUM), and of course Mary Timony, best known for her work with HELIUM, and having been a member of AUTOCLAVE, whose discography LP got released on Dischord now as well.

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EX MODELS- "Raw Wild Love" - split with the SECONDS - 7" - X-MIST

click to enlarge The SECONDS should be known from their brilliant LP, right? Totally hot neo-punk-no wave smashers from New York, just like the EX MODELS, also from NYC, sounding like the missing link between JESUS LIZARD and ARAB ON RADAR... Features 2 exclusive tracks each by both bands!

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click to enlarge Previously known as NERVEN, but now with an EX to avoid confusions with this other german band called DIE NERVEN... So this is the follow-up to their "Die Die Die" LP, featuring 11 more tracks of their energetic, Noise-Rock infused Post-Punk. LP with poster and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Cassette from the solo-project by a member of german punk band RUSSE. 9 tracks of weirdo Garage-Trash-Punk with a geeky sense of humor.

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EXEK- Ahead Of Two Thoughts - LP - SUPERIOR VIADUCT

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this Post-Punk band from Melbourne/Australia. 8 songs, sound- & stylewise somewhere in between PIL and BIRTHDAY PARTY... Released on SUPERIOR VIADUCT's imprint-sublabel W.25th, with download-code included.

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EXEK- Some Beautiful Species Left - LP - SDZ RECORDS

click to enlarge New and third full album by this band from Australia. A totally interesting kind of Post-Punk, defying any easy categorization. In similar vein as the POP GROUP, PIL, or Brian Eno used to work, EXEK use elements of Dub and Krautrock influences to create a postmodern sound. OUTHUD come to mind as well as a good comparison!

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