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GAYBEAST- Charm/We Keep Our Victims Ready - 7" - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Brandnew single with the band's first new recordings since the release of their highly acclaimed “Second Wave” album. Noise-Art-Punk, somewhere in between DEVO, SCISSOR GIRLS, ARAB ON RADAR and RESIDENTS... Released in a limited edition with hand-silkscreened covers!

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GAYBEAST- Multi Purpose Anti Form - 7"

click to enlarge Limited edition with 3-color silkscreened sleeves, released on GILGONGO RECORDS. Features one older song by this band, and 2 cover-versions on the backside, all exclusively on vinyl on this EP! Noisey and spastic, much more complex than on their LPs, and rocking with a punch!

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click to enlarge Available on CD, or as limited vinyl edition with silkscreened gatefold-sleeves(!) and insert! Drawing influences from the more experimental side of New York No Wave (MARS, DNA), Math-Rock like GOD IS MY CO-PILOT, and mixing it thru' a modern-day Noise-Rock blender, Minnesota's premier agit-prog queer band cuts a careening groove between the prickly corners of tunefulness and musical density, danceability and controlled chaos... Eccentric, but not pathetic!

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GAYBEAST- To Smithereens - CD - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge New full album by this trio from Minneapolis! Features 11 new tracks of their oddly skronking and electronically spiced-up No Wave Noise-Rock! Hard to describe with words, and hard to compare, but think of something in between DEVO, DNA, ARAB ON RADAR and CAPTAIN BEEFHEART... LP packed in a full-color silkscreened sleeve with a booklet included!

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Second EP with 6 more songs by this band from Olympia/Washington, featuring ex-members of VEXX (singer MaryJane und guitarist Ian). Crushingly KBD-styled, fast, furious and female-fronted Punk-Rock. Comes with lyric-sheet insert and download-code included.

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GEN POP- On The Screen - 7" - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge First EP (with 5 songs) by new band from Olympia/Washington, featuring singer MaryJane and guitarist Ian from the now defunct VEXX! Crushing Power-Pop, fast and in a smashingly noisy sound!

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GENETIKS- Schwarzbuch Deutscher Postpunk - CD

click to enlarge Neues Album (10 Songs) der Nürnberger Band. Genauso mitreissend und catchy wie die Vorgänger, aber mit einem erhöhten Wave-Faktor. Die Band bewegt sich im selben Fahrwasser wie z.B. TELEMARK oder TREND, aber man könnte ihren Sound auch als FEHLFARBEN und DEVO treffen auf NOMEANSNO beschreiben!

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click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl. Contains two new tracks of their BIG BLACK alike sounding Post-Industrial New Wave crush. Btw. "Kein Mensch" is not a coversong of the german NDW classic from 1981, but actually there's quite some similarities with the sound and style of that band!

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GEWALT- Szene Einer Ehe/Pandora - 7" - IN A CAR / SLOWBOY RECORDS

click to enlarge First single by this new band featuring former SURROGAT singer/guitarist Patrick Wagner. Aggressive Noise-Rock, with extremely distorted guitars, lots of feedback, shouted vocals, and harsh electronic beats.

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GEWALT- Tier/So Geht Die Geschichte - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO / IN A CAR

click to enlarge New single from this Berlin based power-trio! Shredding guitars, harsh electronic beats and shouted vocals combined to an intense and aggressive Noise-Rock sound, with references to BIG BLACK, YOUNG GODS and GODFLESH.

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