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click to enlarge First full album by this classic DC-Emo-Hardcore band, released in 1985! Now reissued on COLORED VINYL again, including a download-coupon as well!

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click to enlarge Finally repressed on vinyl again! This record ranks up there with the RITES OF SPRING and ONE LAST WISH LPs, and if this music doesn't move you, then you're probably dead. To top it off, DISCHORD re-cut this piece of vinyl, adding the 4 songs from their double-7" released in 1991 as bonus-tracks, and naturally it comes with a download-coupon included as well! Definitely a MUST-HAVE for any record-collection.

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click to enlarge The GREXITS are a band from Munich, led by the greek Nikos Papadopoulos. Their music is a combination of Rembetiko (the original Folk-music style of Greece) with Surf-/Post-Punk! Amongst the 10 songs on this LP, there's Rembetiko classics spiced up with Surf-and Punk-elements, as well as their interpretations of songs like "A Hard Days Night" (BEATLES) and "Attitude" (MISFITS). LP comes with printed innersleeve (lyrics & linernotes) and download-code.

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New Release! GROTTO TERRAZZA- Stumpfer Gegenstand - MC+MP3 - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Limited edition blue cassette in a beautifully custom-made and risograph printed cardboard-box, with download-code included. GROTTO TERRAZZA is the moniker of artist, poet and musician (and member of BLEIB MODERN) Thomas Schamann from Munich/Germany. The tape features an eclectic stream of 10 tracks, ranging from soundscapes filled with samples, to dark New Wave, and back again to CABARET VOLTAIRE post-industrialism. Avantgarde Folk Noir meets with Musique Concrete.

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GROW GROW- Am Kalten Markt - LP

click to enlarge Das zweite Album des Berliner Trios, das sich im Spannungsfeld zwischen Post-Hardcore und Indie-Rock bewegt. Das erinnert einerseits an die Dischord Bands der 90er (FUGAZI, GIRLS vs. BOYS, SOULSIDE, etc.), wie auch andererseits an deutsche Bands wie z.B. TELEMARK, OMA HANS oder auch die BOXHAMSTERS... Limitierte Auflage von 200 Stück, im Klappcover mit Textblatt, Aufkleber und Download-Code als Beilagen. (Anspieltipp "Deine Mutter Und Dein Vater")

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GROW GROW- Buffet d'Or - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Self-released debut album by Berlin-based band, playing 90s style Noise-Rock with Post-Hardcore/Punk influences, german lyrics. With their sound they fit pretty well in a line with bands like TELEMARK, STORNO or ENIAC. Pretty convincing! Recommendable! Limited edition of 200 copies on black/white-marble-colored 180g-vinyl, lyricsheet and download-code included!

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GRÜNER STAR- Durch Die Zukunft Richtung Nacht - LP+CD - DIAN

click to enlarge Neue Hamburger Band mit alten Bekannten. Der Grüne Star setzt sich zusammen aus Mitgliedern von SCHNELLER AUTOS ORG., DIE CHARTS, GRAF ZAHL, GRÄTENKINDER (um nur ein paar der Namen zu nennen). Folgerichtig bewegt sich ihre Musik auch zwischen flottem Indie-Rock, schrägem Punk und alter Hamburger Schule, mit deutschen Texten. 11 Songs auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, mit der CD-Version und Textblatt als Beilagen. Produziert wurde die Platte passenderweise von Rick McPhail (TOCOTRONIC).

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click to enlarge Newest full album. A Funk-Punk-NoWave-Art-Rock-Disco affair. A fun-filled booty bouncer, bringing to mind the SLITS and ESG, as much as MADONNA or GRACE JONES. It's like LIZZY MERCIER DESCLOUX meets GANG GANG DANCE... Pop bizarre galore! LP comes with fullcolor-print innersleeve and download-code.

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click to enlarge newest album by this infamous Garage-Rock trio from JAPAN!!! 17 tracks, loudly blasting and full of energy! NOW finally also available on LP, as a limited edition of 1000 copies on golden-colored vinyl and VERY special cover-artwork!

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GULAG BEACH- Apocalyptic Beats - LP - PHANTOM

click to enlarge The 2nd full-length album from this Berlin based Punk band, with 9 new tracks of their fast-paced rocking and tuneful Hardcore-Punk. Recorded and produced by SPERMBIRDS guitarist Steve Wiles, which may give you an idea of their sound as well... LP comes with poster included.

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