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click to enlarge Traditional music from the High-Atlas mountains in Morocco, in a minimalistic modern style. Lahcen Akil playing on a primitively selfmade lute-guitar (DIY in the best sense of the word) and singing, accompanied by his friends on standup-bass, clarinette, accordeon and percussions.

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click to enlarge First album (11 songs) now available on vinyl! LAKE ME are a duo from England - two girls singing, playing guitar and drums. Beautifully constructed and performed Indie-Rock with a melancholic note, and some Blues- or Folk-influences added. File in between PJ Harvey and SLEATER-KINNEY...

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LAKE OF DRACULA- Sinraft Live 1996 - CD - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Legendary Chicago No Wave Noise from 1996/97, featuring members of FLYING LUTTENBACHERS, COUCH, SCISSOR GIRLS and U.S.MAPLE! Features 4 songs recorded live at the Fireside Bowl in Chciago, and as bonus the 16 tracks from their self-titled studio-album!
NOTE: This CD contains exactly the same 20 tracks as the other one, but comes with radically different artwork!

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LAMPS- Under The Water... - LP - IN THE RED

click to enlarge Five years after their 2nd album, here's 11 new songs by this Garage-Noise/Art-Punk trio from Los Angeles. Catchy tunes buried in walls of distortion, fuzz and a massively noisey, over-amplified sound. Reminds me of the early A FRAMES, but put into a whacky and wildly fucked up way. Highly impressive and pretty cool! LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Biggest surprise discovery of the year, and an instant classic!
LANDOWNER from Massachusetts play their very own(!) brand of Post-Punk! It's pumped up and punchy, reminiscent of the early MINUTEMEN and the BIG BOYS, with references to the JESUS LIZARD, and maybe a modern updated reincarnation of THE PROLETARIAT... Who knows. After all their songs and sound can't be really compared to anyone else. Be sure to check it out, it's absolutely awesome! LP comes with a printed innersleeve, and btw. great lyrics as well, limited edition of 300 copies only!

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click to enlarge LARDO from Chicago are back with their 2nd album, filled with 11 tracks that will absolutely and fully satisfy fans of SHELLAC, JESUS LIZARD, SIX FINGER SATELLITE and other greats of Noise-Rock! But the best thing about them is that they're actually adding something of their own to style. Not just imitators, but making it sound LARDO!
LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Due to popular demand, a re-issue of the sold-out EP, but NO vinyl, only as a tiny 3"CD! JESUS LIZARD-like Noise-Rock meets Post-Punk with a GANG OF FOUR-like groove, and german lyrics.

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LARS FINBERG- Moonlight Over Bakersfield - LP - IN THE RED

click to enlarge First release of Lars Finberg, former member of the Post-Punk legend A FRAMES and mastermind of the INTELLIGENCE, under his own personal name. Of course there are similarities to INTELLIGENCE, or as well to THEE OH SEES (another band he's involved), but a step more into the world of psychedelic underground-pop. 10 songs with Lars Finberg on vocals and lotsa instruments, assisted by Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Coady Willis, Shana Cleveland (LA LUZ) and more! Black vinyl, including download-code.

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LASSIE- Just A Couple Of Dudes - MC

click to enlarge Second cassette by these Synth-Trash-Punk weirdos from Leipzig/Germany, who surprised and graced the world with their amazing "Yes! Like The Dawg" tape last year! This tape contains 5 more songs, like a totally crazed-out and punked-up version of DEVO... Big fun, maximum entertainment, and with download-code included! (Btw. ex-members of ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH)

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New Release! LASSIE- Yes! Like The Dawg - MC - PHANTOM

click to enlarge First cassette, reissued in a limited edition of 100 copies. Weirdo-Synth-Trash Punk at itís best and most ridiculously bizarre. All fun, kinda like a manic version of DEVO meeting the TRONICS...

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