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Newest arrivals

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New Release! MONPLAISIR- The Agreement - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge First album by band from Lyon. Playful and sometimes melancholic Indie-Rock in the vein of SONIC YOUTH, UNWOUND, SLINT, RODAN, and the likes... As you can see or hear: Despite being from France, their sound and style is very American. LP contains 8 tracks and comes with a lyric-booklet included.

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New Release! NOSEHOLES- Ant And End - LP - CHU CHU RECORDS

click to enlarge Following the "Danger Dance" Mini-LP, here comes the first full-length album from Hamburg's Punk-Funksters. Features 9 new tracks, marking a definite step forward for the band. Tighter, less experimentation, more focussed on groove, songwriting and catchyness. Furious, dynamic and danceable! A sound and style in the tradition of great bands like PYLON, BUSH TETRAS, or the AU PAIRS, updated for the 21st century.

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New Release! LASSIE- Just A Couple Of Dudes - MC

click to enlarge Second cassette by these Synth-Trash-Punk weirdos from Leipzig/Germany, who surprised and graced the world with their amazing "Yes! Like The Dawg" tape last year! This tape contains 5 more songs, like a totally crazed-out and punked-up version of DEVO... Big fun, maximum entertainment, and with download-code included! (Btw. ex-members of ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH)

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New Release! YC-CY- beton brut - LP - ORDER05RECORDS / X-MIST

click to enlarge The third full album from Switzerland's YC-CY, going even further and deeper into the most ferocious Noise-Rock territories. An outstanding, incomparable, fierce and monstrously furious attack, where sinister post-Industrial thunder meets with Hardcore roots, infected with some of the most infernal and terrifying noise-sounds ever put onto vinyl, that'll make your speakers blast and your ears bleed...
You can check it out here:

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New Release! FUN- Death Star - 12"+MP3 - KAOS KONTROL

click to enlarge New release from finnish Noise-Rock unit! Their sound is very much influenced by SHELLAC/JESUS LIZARD, and with a small touch of Bleach-era NIRVANA infused... A thunderous heavy affair! If you dig a band like TRIGGER CUT/BUZZ RODEO, then this is right up your alleay! Vinyl contains 6 songs, comes with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Split-LP zweier Bands die durchaus Ähnlichkeiten haben und gut zusammenpassen. Sowohl B'SCHISSN aus Halle, als auch die Berliner PONYS AUF PUMP erinnern stark an den Wave-Punk der frühen 80er Jahre, an Bands wie HANS-A-PLAST, ÖSTRO 430 oder die ÄTZTUSSIS. Limitierte Auflage von 300 Stück auf weissem Vinyl, mit Posterbeilage.

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New Release! DIÄT- Positive Disintegration - LP - BLACKEST EVER BLACK

click to enlarge *PRE-ORDER – Note: Release date delayed until 31.May 2019*
The long-awaited and highly anticipated (and for some more weeks delayed...) follow-up album resp. companion to the "Positive Energy" album from 2015. Contains 8 new songs, picking up where the band left off then. Available as UK/Euro-pressing in a limited edition of 500 copies in reverse-board jacket, with lyric-sheet, poster and download-card included.

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New Release! EUROMILLIARD- Eleve Modele/Indolore - 7"+MP3 - POLLY MAGGOO RECORDS

click to enlarge First single by new french band featuring ex-members of CHEVEU and VOLT! Cool and catchy tunes, sounding like a long lost pearl from the very earliest days of Punk en France. A sound comparable to Chairs Missing-era WIRE, early FLYING NUN bands, but most of all to LES OLIVENSTEINS... Limited edition of 400 copies!

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New Release! GAD WHIP- Ward 24/Trademark - 7"+MP3 - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS / X-MIST

click to enlarge New limited edition single by Yorkshire's GAD WHIP. A one-time pressing of 150 copies only, on thick 180g-vinyl, with two inserts and download-code included!
Ward 24 video:

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New Release! HANBA!- 1939 - 12"+MP3 - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge New third release by this band from Krakow/Poland, re-intepreting traditional eastern European folk-music (like Klezmer) from the 1930’s in a punk style and context. This vinyl features 5 new songs, and probably their best to date.

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