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click to enlarge Limited edition tape (60 copies) by this twopiece from Brighton. MAP 71 is a collaboration of poet and artist Lisa Jayne on vocals with drummer Andy Pyne. A minimalistic sound, but highly inventive! Truely great! The closest comparison to their music is definitely the legendary female duo NOH MERCY from San Francisco, but as well the CREATURES (Siouxsie & Budgie), or if you will, like a poetic Abstract-Industrial-Avantgarde version of the TING TINGS, eh!
Cassette with 7 tracks, 29 minutes playing-time. CD-version contains previously released bonus-tracks, 13 in full.

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click to enlarge Colored vinyl LP including download-coupon! The 2nd full album by these guys from Madrid, with 10 new tracks. While on their first album they offered some crazy Noise-Post-Punk in the vein of BAD DUDES or INTELLIGENCE, they have now added some psychedelic and spacey elements to their sound. Maybe comparable to ABE VIGODA now. Not as noisy and raging as before, but still as playful, joyous and energetic as they used to be.

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MARGARITA- Parque Magico - CD / LP - BCORE

click to enlarge First full album by this Dada-Punk band from Madrid, following their 7" and the split-LP with GRABBA GRABBA TAPE! 11 raging tracks that sound as fresh as the early FUSES, as playful as the BAD DUDES, and as oddly cool as the DIPERS or INTELLIGENCE!

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click to enlarge VINYL-reissue (including download-coupon) of this early DISCHORD classic from 1983 (catalog-no.13)! MARGINAL MAN formed in 1983, including ex-members of Flex Your Head band ARTIFICIAL PEACE. They were like DCís musical link between MINOR THREAT on one side, and SCREAM/G.I. on the other. "Identity" was their first record, containing 9 songs.

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MARK DEUTROM- Brief Sensuality & Western Violence - LP+7" - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge New full album by Mark Deutrom, ex-CLOWN ALLEY, MELVINS and SUNN O))). A combination of heavy Math-Rock and progressive Metal with psychedelic moments. 5 tracks on LP (black 180g-vinyl), plus 2 tracks on purple-colored 7Ēvinyl, packed in a gatefold-cover, and with download-code included. Limited edition of 258 copies.

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MARK DEUTROM- Ruckus Juice - 12" - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Available on RED or WHITE vinyl, limited to 100 handnumbered copies each. Single-sided pressing, with graphics etched into the vinyl-backside! Features 3 exclusive tracks, recorded in 2012 by former CLOWN ALLEY and MELVINS member Mark Deutrom with his new band. Heavy psychic Math-Rock!

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MARK DEUTROM- The Value Of Decay - n/a - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Limited edition of 400 copies, with 15 tracks on 3 sides of vinyl, and etched graphics on side 4, nicely packed into a gatefold-cover with inlays enclosed. Ex-MELVINS/CLOWN ALLEY member Mark Deutrom and his collaborators delivering a collection of audio collages, bluesy drones, gritty heavy rockers, and progressive metal.

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MARK WYNN- 'A Tenner? - I'll Do It Myself' - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / IN A CAR

click to enlarge Exclusive EP containing 5 new songs as a follow-up to the fantastically great LP on HARBINGER SOUND! And this new EP is no less fantastically great!!! He's like the "Patrik Fitzgerald version of the SLEAFORD MODS". Like an English Jacques Dutronc, with the best british sense of humour and irony galore, or (as someone else has put it so aptly) the "King of Brit-Anti-Pop"!

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click to enlarge The 2nd vinyl-album by the incredibly and exceptionally amazing Mark Wynn. As baffling as enjoyable! Utterly brilliant! Fact. 18 songs and lots more (LP comes with a 20 pages A4-size booklet) to enlighten your life! Or as the official info would say: York singer-songwriter, lo-fi acoustic punk, poetic nonsense, noisy-pop, humour, spoken word, etc... typically perfect for fans of The Fall, Patrik Fitzgerald, Jacques Dutronc, Iggy Pop, Donna Summer.
Go figure out yourself.

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click to enlarge The DIY punk aesthetic is ALIVE, right here and now in 2016! And at its best, when comparisons fall short (here maybe to the FALL, Patrik Fitzgerald, Wreckless Eric, etc.) and turn out be irrelevant! A compilation of 18 tracks, awkward but smart lo-fi songs, with first-class british sense of humor. If you're into the SLEAFORD MODS or CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, not (only) for the music, but for what it means and is all about, then this one's for you as well! This 2nd pressing comes with four(!) A3-sized posters featuring texts, flyer and artwork. Check out the links for more info:

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