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New Release! HONKAS- Lied Für Fritz - 7" - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Originalgetreue Nachpressung des deutschen Punk-Klassiker! Erstmals veröffentlicht wurde die 5Song-EP 1982 auf POGAR, dem Label des Berliner VINYL BOOGIE Ladens und Mailorders. Die HONKAS kamen aus Wolfsburg und Sänger Max Müller wurde später bekannt mit CAMPINGSEX und MUTTER...

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New Release! JENNY PULSE- Marmalade - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge New album by Chicago based musician, previously known as SPA MOANS.
The change of pseudonym also indicates a change of direction: 7 tracks experimenting with influences from Synth-Pop, New Wave and Chicago House, melting it into dreamy Techno-Dance-Pop jams with tenderly breathy vocals.

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click to enlarge New record from this Belgian trio with 5 tracks of their Synth-Punk. No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals. Same line-up as the YOUNG GODS, but definitely more in a punk-rocking style, maybe comparable to bands like the SCREAMERS or UNITS. It's punchy, crunchy and catchy! Perfectly sounding like a long-lost gem from the early 80s...

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New Release! LANDOWNER- Impressive Almanac - MC+MP3

click to enlarge The "Blatant" LP was undoubtedly one of the best Post-Punk related albums on 2018, and here's now finally with us as well, the previously released cassette! 15 songs on this tape, adding up to exactly what the title suggests: An impressive almanac of excellent modern Post-Punk! And it comes with a download-code included as well!

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New Release! LE SINGE BLANC- Arrebato - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this noisy experimental trio (two basses, one drummer/singer) from Metz/France. 10 tracks of avantgardist Weirdo-DaDa-Prog-Rock. Psychic and bouncy. Almost impossible to describe... Take a listen here:

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New Release! MUTTER- Ich schäme mich Gedanken zu haben die andere Menschen in ihrer Würde verletzen - LP - D.E.G.

click to enlarge Nachpressung des ersten Albums der unvergleichlich großartig genialen Band aus Berlin, die seinerzeit (in den späten 80ern) aus CAMPINGSEX hervorging. Erstmals veröffentlicht 1990 auf DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS SCHALLPLATTEN, jetzt endlich wieder als Vinyl neu aufgelegt und erstmalig auch mit einem Download-Code als Beilage.

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New Release! NIGHT BURGER- Burnin' Fast - LP - DROP MEDIUM

click to enlarge Previously released in 2012 as a cassette only on NOT NOT FUN, now available as a remastered limited edition vinyl. NIGHT BURGER is Noah Anthony (also in PROFLIGATE), a leading figure in the American modern Post-Industrial scene. The 8 tracks on this album are abstract Industrial soundscapes, intertwined with Post-Punk dub grooves (in the vein of PIL or Mark Stewart).

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New Release! REMA REMA- Fond Reflections - 2X12" / 2XCD - 4AD

click to enlarge Short-lived band from London, existing only around 1978-79, and having released just one official 4Song-EP ("Wheel In The Roses", 4AD/1980). But one of the first bands fusing Post-Punk with Industrial- & Tribal-Noise sounds. Guitarist Marco Pirroni joined ADAM AND THE ANTS, while drummer Dorothy "Max" Prior worked with Genesis P.Orridge then, and later on became a member of PSYCHIC TV. This album is a collection of demos, rehearsals and live-recordings.
10 tracks on double-vinyl, packed in a gatefold-cover, with linernotes and download-code included. The double-CD set comes with booklet included, and contains 7 more tracks (actually the original versions of the "Wheel In The Roses" EP, plus 3 more live-tracks).

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New Release! SCHWUND- Technik & Gefühl - LP - HARBINGER SOUND / PHANTOM

click to enlarge Previously released as a cassette, now also available as limited edition vinyl of 200 copies! At least partially: The cassette had a full playing-time of 81 minutes, while the LP features 12 tracks in 49 minutes. Good enough. Experimental Electro-Post-Punk, avantgardistic Krypto-Synth-Wave, or Static-Dada-Synthgore-Shockabilly-Hard-Tech-Boogie... or whatever? From Berlin, that's for sure.

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click to enlarge The SLEAFORD MODS have parted their ways with ROUGH TRADE, and their fifth studio-album (12 new tracks) is now released on their own newly founded EXTREME EATING label. Vinyl comes with download-code included.

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